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April 1st | Patch v12.0 | Easter Event

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[ General ]

  • Easter Event is active for one week, until April 9th. Quest-giving NPCs reside in Prontera and Morroc.
    Watch out for those sneaky Thieving Rabbits which can appear in random places, they carry stolen treasures!
  • EXP rates are set to x20 during this period.
  • Daggers and Books now deal 75% of damage to Large targets.
  • Corrected Soft DEF and MDEF calculations to match their actual values.
  • The new Alternative Sprite for Rune Knight was added to Stylist.
  • Implemented the framework required for the addition of the Doram race and Summoner class.
  • Revamped the descriptions of all Cards.
  • @whodrops command got @wd shortcut.



[ List of Goodies Available During the Easter Event ]

  • Easter Egg Shell (5852) - Rina's quest and Rina's Little Helper's crafting.
  • Costume: Egg Crispinette (31398) - Rina's quest and Rina's Little Helper's crafting.
  • Spring Rabbit Egg (9031) - Heavy Festive Egg from Thieving Rabbits and Rina's Little Helper's crafting.
  • Costume: Red Bunny Band (31209) - Heavy Festive Egg from Thieving Rabbits.
  • Costume: Yellow Bunny Band (31210) - Heavy Festive Egg from Thieving Rabbits.
  • Costume: Pink Bunny Band (31211) - Heavy Festive Egg from Thieving Rabbits.
  • Costume: Green Bunny Band (31212) - Heavy Festive Egg from Thieving Rabbits.
  • Costume: Orange Bunny Band (31213) - Heavy Festive Egg from Thieving Rabbits.
  • Costume: Violet Bunny Band (31214) - Heavy Festive Egg from Thieving Rabbits.
  • Costume: Blue Bunny Band (31215) - Heavy Festive Egg from Thieving Rabbits.
  • Costume: Silver Bunny Band (31216) - Heavy Festive Egg from Thieving Rabbits.
  • Costume: Aqua Bunny Band (31217) - Heavy Festive Egg from Thieving Rabbits.
  • Costume: Maroon Bunny Band (31218) - Heavy Festive Egg from Thieving Rabbits.
  • Costume: Golden Bunny Band (31219) - Heavy Festive Egg from Thieving Rabbits.
  • Costume: Gray Bunny Band (31220) - Heavy Festive Egg from Thieving Rabbits.



[ Monsters & Maps ]

  • All damage over time status effects no longer affect the EXP granted by monsters in any way, this includes those dealing visible damage, like Burning or Leech End.
  • Coma status taps all the EXP it consumes, even when triggered by an item. This means that no EXP is lost.
  • Monsters that use a skill on specific conditions (targeted by x skill, hit by a ranged/melee/magical attack, etc) no longer unlock their target, which makes tanking smoother.
  • Monsters from Nightmare Clock Tower had their skill sets and conditions revamped to be more fair, especially on the fourth level.
  • Splendide and Manuk Fields had their monster spawn amounts increased.
  • Parus drops Eagle Wing (2515).
  • Leak drops Wing Staff (1616).
  • Laurell Weinder drops Costume: Sakura Cap (20284).
  • Joker drops Costume: Spare Card (5536).
  • Valkyrie drops Costume: Angel's Headphones (20493).
  • Samurai Specter drops Costume: Tipsiness (31439).
  • Detardeurus drops Elemental Sword (13414)
  • Knight of Windstorm had its Eagle Wing (2515) drop chance doubled.



[ NPCs ]

  • Rebel's Job Change Quest is now active, it's given by the Suspicious Man (moc_fild12 261,318) at level 99/70. Completing the quest awards Costume: Drooping Gunslinger (20434) and Flame of Freedom (13119).
  • Eden Group now correctly grants Daggers to Baby Novices, and also offers multiple weapon choices to Super and Extended Novices, this includes Mace, One-Handed Sword, One-Handed Staff and Dagger.
  • Warlock's Job Change Quest no longer asks for special Bradium Golem and Nagas, the normal kind counts instead, and those special ones were removed from the maps.
  • Prontera Princess added Black Straight Long Hair (31436) to her list of articles.
  • Headgear Connoisseur now offers Black Kitsunemimi Ribbons (31435) and Costume: Yellow Sakura Cap (31437) through the Recolor section.
  • Alchemy Dealer in the Item Mall now sells the Dye Creation Guide (31440).



[ Classes ]

  • Direct healing skills no longer carry a variation based on MATK, the amount is always maximized and fixed. Refine and Equipment MATK bonuses are now added in correctly.
  • The handling of all effects that grant concealing effects (Cloaking, Invisibility, Chase Walk, etc) was improved to avoid position bugs in some cases.
  • Third Job status effects can be correctly stacked with the base statuses, Deep Sleep overrides Sleep, Chill overrides and blocks Burning.
  • Deadly Poison correctly zaps 15% (monster) or 10% (player) of Max HP upon its application and can no longer be refreshed to trigger this over and over.
  • Deep Sleep and Bleeding received a visual animation upon their application.
  • Confusion effect from Genwaku and Chaos Panic that forces monsters to drop their targets, now has its status icon and triggers the /? emotion upon application, just like base Confusion.
    The status uses the same resistance formula as Confusion, but Chaos Panic still disregards those checks.
  • Bleeding's formula was changed, one portion is based on target's Base Level and another is 0.5% of Max HP. Players below 99 take less flat damage, while monsters take more.
  • Party-based buff skills no longer show any sort of animation on concealed targets for consistency, since only a few did that.
  • NPC_ AoE skills granted by item bonuses (such as Hell's Judgement and Vampire's Gift) are now correctly considered ranged when cast by players.
  • Odin's Power no longer drops DEF and MDEF below 0.
  • The Overweight System was revamped as following:




Rune Knight:

  • Hundred Spears was changed to behave like a real multi-hit skill, each subhit benefits from Concentration/Enchant Blade and gets reduced by Soft DEF.



Royal Guard:

  • Banding now persists through map changes!




  • Firewall had its hit limit per level corrected to match the description.




  • Endow skills no longer break the weapon upon failure but unequip it instead. Can be overriden and refreshed.




  • Striking can be used on Sorcerer's own Elemental Spirit or those belonging to party members. The bonus is calculated as if they're using a level 4 weapon. The SP upkeep was corrected to match description.
  • Elemental Spirits in Offensive Mode no longer pause for a few seconds upon killing a monster, they instead pick a new target right away, and no longer they try to chase targets outside of Sorcerer's vision range.




  • White Imprison removes the Base Level portion of Gravitation Field's damage for balancing purposes, the skill deals its base normal damage to imprisoned targets.



Clown and Gypsy:

  • Sheltering Bliss no longer works in Towns.



Minstrel and Wanderer:

  • Sound of Destruction only works with Deep Sleep caused by Deep Sleep Lullaby and Charm caused by Siren's Voice, not any other sources.
  • Deep Sleep Lullaby, Circle of Nature's Sound and and Siren's Voice no longer splash onto self or incorrect target types, such as self (excluding Circle of Nature's Sound) or skill units.
    The casting animation and skill's name shout now always show up, while only targets actually affected by those affects display an animation on themselves.
  • Warcry from Beyond and Sinking Melody now can affect Monsters, Homunculus, Mercenaries and Elemental Spirits. Bosses obviously remain immune.
  • Circle of Nature's Sound shows up the green mist animation on all affected targets and not only the caster.
  • Chorus Songs with a failure chance, still display the casting animation and skill's name shout even if they don't succeed.




  • Analyze no longer incorrectly reduces Soft DEF and MDEF.




  • Pharmacy can be used to brew Counteragent, Mixture and all Dyestuffs. The required book is sold by Alchemy Dealer.




  • Wall of Thorns correctly transforms into a set of Firewalls of same level, with correct duration, intervals and hit limits.
    They're no longer attackable or can be knocked around, and the Genetic doesn't scream skill's name upon a hit.
  • Howling of Mandragora displays an animation on targets upon success once again, altough it's a different one.
  • Crazy Weed's animation was cleared, removing the white "bash" effect, the Genetic no longer screams the skill's name upon a hit.
  • Dieter's Lava Slide can be recasted now, with the new unit replacing previous. Each effective cell can inflict up to 5 hits and then disappears, instead of the whole unit.
  • Sera's Paralyzing Needle had the white "bash" animation removed.



Guillotine Cross:

  • Cloaking Exceed had its hit limit corrected and no longer cancels with one hit remaining.



Shadow Chaser:

  • The invisibility effect from Fatal Menace and Feint Bomb no longer causes position glitches upon expiration.
  • Chaos Panic had the duration of it's Confusion effect corrected, it no longer uses the unit's duration but its own.



High Priest:

  • Assumptio no longer doubles up negative DEF or MDEF, if that ever becomes the case.




  • Asura Strike had its flat ATK bonus per level corrected to match the description.




  • Fling no longer incorrectly reduces Soft DEF.



Kagerou and Oboro:

  • Jyusatsu applies its Curse status at a 100% unreducible chance, and with a fixed duration.
  • Genwaku is no longer useless under GvG settings, the Confusion effect still works even though the swap doesn't, it is now applied at a 100% (target) and 25% (self) unreducible chance.



[ Items ]

  • All Two-Handed Spears received a +25% Hard DEF bonus.
  • Wig-type cosmetic headgears were changed to occupy lower slot.
  • Gentleman's Staff (1629) had its drop rate boosted.
  • Jolly Roger (18847), Assassin's Skull Mask (18868), Long Tongue (18616) and Samurai's Mask (5767) were slightly buffed.
  • Upgraded Sword (31111), Upgraded Spear (31110), Upgraded Wand (31112), Upgraded Mace (16019), Upgraded Bow (18112), Upgraded Two-Handed Sword (21000),
    Upgraded Two-Handed Axe (1394), Upgraded Lance (1491), Upgraded Staff (2015) and Upgraded Shield (2151) had their stats increased and/or were given unique, class-based bonuses.
  • Dusk Cloak (20769) received Refine Level based bonuses.
  • Gelerdria (1414/1446) received innate MATK and increased weight.
  • Tjungkuletti (1416) had its ATK slightly increased and weight lowered, can be slotted by Seiyablem (3 slots) and enchanted by Mayomayo.
  • Wing Staff (1616) had its bonuses boosted, can be slotted by Seiyablem (2 slots) and enchanted by Mayomayo.
  • Heavenly Maiden's Robe (2513) and Eagle Wing (2515) received new base and Refine Level bonuses.
  • Wickebine Tres Card (4348) autocasts level 2 Strip Armor.
  • Costume: Drooping Gunslinger (20434) and Flame of Freedom (13119) are available through the Rebel's Job Change Quest.
  • Cash Shop had the following articles added to the list: Gryphon Feather Ears (20270), Fairy Feathers (20482) and Striped Cap (31438).

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