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May 14th | Patch v12.5

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Posted 15 May 2018 - 03:16 AM

[ General ]

  • Added a new dungeon, Illusion of Ice, which just like the previous two, features a wide array of new equipment and cards, quests and boss fights!
  • Arch Bishop now has two new skills, Convenio, which teleports all party members on the current map next to the caster, and Vituperatum which casts Lex Aeterna on enemies around the caster.
  • Reduced the costs of Bronze, Silver and Golden Keys in the Cash Shop.
  • Added status icons for all Bard and Dancer songs, dances and ensembles.
  • Removed the annoying system message which says "This player is not in your friend/guild list" which sometimes appears whispering someone.
  • Corrected many skill, item and status icon descriptions, as usual.



[ Monsters & Maps ]

  • Considerably decreased the occurrence of monster's dead sprites getting stuck on the screen.
  • Improved the handling of knockback mechanics when used against monsters, this reduces the chance of position bugs and "ghost walking", there are still issues with skills which stun and knockback at the same time though.
  • Corrected the chances and durations of effects and skills which divest or break equipment when used against Boss monsters.
  • Effects and skills which divest or break equipment can no longer be refreshed on monsters, this stops the /omg emotion spam with Meltdown and such.
  • Once a divest or equipment break effect wears off, the monster will perform the /omg emotion.
  • Ktullanux now drops slotted Sacred Mission (2128) instead of the base version.
  • Vassal of Flame, Vassal of Destruction, Vassal of Corruption and Vassal of Illusion now drop Vassal of Morroc Card (31443).
  • Gelid Specter (Illusion of Ice) drops Ancient Dragon's Jeweled Crown (19262) and Costume: Water Stream (20448) as custom loot.
  • Awakened Ktullanux (Illusion of Ice) drops Torrential Cloak (20713) as custom loot.



[ NPCs ]

  • Prontera's Mission Board had hunting and collection missions for Illusion of Ice dungeon added to the list.
  • Illusion of Vampire dungeon has a new npc, Alukah, who will reward you with a Vampire's Servant (28510) if you help him.
  • Unkept Artisan (Infinite Space) added these new articles to her list: Infinity Sarissa (26004), Infinity Huuma Shuriken (13323), Infinity Revolvers (13126),
    Infinity Shotgun (28218), Infinity Rifle (28217), Infinity Grenade Launcher (28216) and Infinity Gatling Gun (28215).
  • Sylph Cartographer and Kafras had the Krakatoa Volcano (dew_dun01) added to their teleportation list as long as you completed the quest.
  • Headgear Connoisseur added Lei Shen's Diadem (20011) to his crafting list and also offers Red Ancient Dragon's Jeweled Crown (31445) and
    Purple Ancient Dragon's Jeweled Crown (31446) through the Recolor section.
  • Prontera Princess added Galanthus Guard (19991) to her list of articles.
  • Lazy Quartermaster reduced his prices for Bronze, Silver and Golden Keys as well as Poring Box and Bloody Branch.



[ Classes ]

  • Barrier effects which block a certain amount of damage, no longer get that amount decreased by types of damage they do not absorb. Meaning that Kyrie Eleison's shield isn't decreased by magical or misc damage types.
    This includes Kyrie Eleison, Platinum Alter, Stonehard Skin and Elemental Shield.
  • Corrected all such barrier effects to only block the kinds of damage and skills they're meant to.
  • All bonuses which grant a chance to Double Hit now stack additively, and also work from off-hand weapon.
  • All status effects which increase Cast Time, now work on monsters! This includes Chill, Slow Casting, Paralyzing Needle, Masquerade: Laziness and the previously added Divest/Break Helm effect.
  • Chill now also slows Fixed Cast Time.
  • Crystallization is no longer a part of the "body" statuses such as Stun, Freeze, Petrification, Sleep and Burning, meaning they can stack with each other.
  • Burning is now overriden by the other "body" statuses, but can't override them.
  • Fear received a visual animation upon its application.


Lord Knight:

  • Aura Blade's damage bonus now scales past Base Level of 100 (4 per level).
  • Concentration's visual effect no longer lingers after the status wears off in some cases.



  • Grand Cross no longer inflicts status effects from equipment upon the caster ot triggers autocast when hit effects from its recoil effect. It is no longer incorrectly avoided by certain effects which block magical damage
    and skill's visual doesn't replicate itself on every target hit, doesn't show the white "bash" effect and doesn't flinch the caster.


Royal Guard:

  • King's Grace now ticks once instantly upon the application, meaning you get 5 healing ticks out of the entire duration instead of 4 due to a lost tick.



  • Hell's Inferno now shows it's skill shout when the cast is instant.



  • Charge Arrow no longer causes a long animation lock, still shows the bow though.


Bard and Dancer:

  • Loki's Veil now correctly affects the performers at all times and not just with Soul Link.


Minstrel and Wanderer:

  • Circle of Nature's Sound had its unused animation added (swarm of pixies).



  • Revised the list of statuses which mounting or removing Mado Gear cleanses, it now only affects statuses that the Mado Gear is immune to and those specific to Mado Gear.
  • Overheat Counter is now only increased by offensive skills (including Axe Tornado, Power Swing and Axe Boomerang), supportive skills do not increase the counter.
  • Pile Bunker had its missing attack motion restored and a custom attack animation added.
  • Knuckle Boost had its missing attack motion restored.
  • Vulcan Arm now hits thrice (visually), has a 5x5 area of effect and its attack motion was halved, making it very spammable, like the machine gun skill it should be, a custom animation upon impact was added.
  • Repair was corrected to show the healed amount.



  • Stein Wand (Bayeri) was changed to replace the previous instances of Safety Wall, meaning that only two can be active at a time, no more filling the map with walls.
  • Overboost (Eira) no longer affects the Homunculus at all as it only reduces her stats past very low levels. The ASPD bonus goes up to 190.
  • Paralyzing Needle (Sera) decreases Soft DEF and MDEF by 16% per level and Variable Cast Time by 5% per level.


Assassin Cross:

  • Enchant Deadly Poison no longer forces a portion of its EATK boost to Poison element and no longer halves the skill modifier of Sonic Blow.



  • Kyrie Eleison had its missing animation upon a block restored.
  • Sanctuary no longer consumes a Blue Gemstone (if present) when triggered through an autocast effect.


High Priest:

  • Meditatio now also boosts Sanctuary.


Arch Bishop:

  • Renovatio now has an additional recovery portion which is flat and scales with the caster's VIT x 8, but only when cast by an Arch Bishop.
  • Ancilla now grants a buff that lasts for minute, increasing Healing Done by 15% and SP Regeneration by 30%.



  • Ki Explosion now has custom animations for both the main impact and the knockback effect so it doesn't look and feel like nothing.



  • Dragon Combo's base duration of Stun is now the standard 5 seconds.



  • Platinum Alter now places a secondary buff; shield which absorbs physical and magical damage. This shield is independent from the skill's main effect, meaning that losing the shield won't cancel the main effect
    and casting Heat Barrel won't remove this shield even though it removes the main effect.



  • Throw Shuriken had its maximum level lowered to 5, damage bonus increased and now has a chance to cause Bleeding.
  • Mist Slash no longer triggers skill's name shout.


Kagerou and Oboro:

  • Setsudan and Jyumonjikiri had the white "bash" animation removed and Setsudan triggers attack instead of cast motion.



[ Items ]

  • Corrected the dual-wield sprites of Infinity Shiv, Tooth Blade [3], Desert Twilight [4], Eidolic Moonlight Dagger and Soul Cutter by shifting their item IDs.
  • Corrected the ranges of various weapons that weren't right.
  • All Eidolic Weapons now have unique set bonuses with various Eidolic Armor or Accessory pieces!
  • Eidolic Book of the Apocalypse (28612) gained a 100 MATK bonus.
  • Armor-piercing Shell (13215) was corrected to give its intended bonus.
  • Shadow Staff (1682) had its MATK slightly increased.
  • Red Silk Seal (2700) now has a slot and new stats.
  • Power of Thor (5495), Black Feather Beret (18561) and Katyusha Flower Band (5547) from the Headgear Connoisseur were buffed.
  • The following cards were buffed or their effects revamped:
    Bio Labs 3 cards: Seyren Windsor, Eremes Guile, Margaretha Sorin, Kathryne Keyron and Cecil Damon.
    Bio Labs 4 cards: Alphoccio Basil, Ilaria Trentini, Celia Alde, Randel Lawrence, Chen Liu, Flamel Emul and Gertie Wie.
    Miniboss/MVP cards: Naght Sieger, Doppelganger, Beelzebub, Desperate Morroc, Wild Rider and Mutant Dragonoid.
    Miscellaneous cards: Dimik, Obsidian, Egnigem Cenia, Venatu, Ancient Mimic, Sentinel Dame, Mistress of Shelter,
    Alicel, Aliot, Echio, Kavach Icarus, Remover, Odium of Thanatos, Despero of Thanatos, Yao Jun, Frus, Baphomet Jr. and Whisper.
  • Cash Shop had the following articles added to the list: Blinking Eyes (31441) and Sleepy Blinking Eyes (31442).

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