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July 26th | Item Database and Card Revamp | Patch v15.0

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Posted 26 July 2021 - 04:41 PM

Since we've had many small, on-the-go patches since the last post and over the past months, those will be documented as well.

If you find an unknown "apple" item then contact me whenever possible!



[ General ]

  • The Idle Timeout for EXP and loot is no longer canceled by moving, only attacking or using a skill.
    In the case of Alchemist, a self-cast or Homunculus skill will not work, only a targeted one.
  • Combat State (logout prevention) is now triggered by both attacking and taking damage.
    It is removed by not attacking or taking damage for 10s.
  • Alchemist's Ranking had all the players who have been inactive for years removed.
  • Added security measures to prevent ITEML links from crashing the client.
  • Spanish, Portuguese and Russian language channels are now available in game.
  • The Status Resistance Formulas no longer include Base Level in their calculations.
  • Friend requests have been disabled in GvG.
  • @mobinfo/@mi command now shows the required HIT/FLEE values for 100%/95% to hit/dodge.
  • Website's Monster Database will include those values soon.
  • The Item Database (in game and website) has been revamped entirely and so were the item descriptions.
    The improvements include:



[ Monsters & Maps ]

  • Monsters now need 160 in a stat to achieve immunity to the corresponding debuff.
  • Endgame MVPS (Uber Tier) now only take a percentage of their Maximum HP in damage per hit.
    This value goes from 40% and down to 10% depending on the MVP.
  • Added MD_SLAVE mode which flags slave monsters. This serves multiple purposes such as:
    The addition of new item bonuses which affect slaves.
    Exclusion of them from certain bonuses.
    New slave tags on the Website's Monster Database.
  • The issue of dead monster's sprites being stuck on the map is now most likely dealt with. Don't jinx it.
  • Barricades and Guardian Stones now block the cells their occupy in GvG mode.
    This means that it isn't possible to move onto those cells by any means.
  • Archangelus (The Pope) was remade and doesn't overlap with Castigatio anymore (when she must be kited).
  • Cards from MVPs outside of instances had their drop rate doubled to 0.02%
  • MVPs below level 125 now drop their Kawaii Coin Bags at a 20% chance too.
  • Mime Monkey now spawns in ayo_dun01.
  • Ant Larva and Soldier Andre now spawn in anthell02.
  • Corrected an issue with monster's skills which spawn slaves or other monsters in an area around.



[ NPCs ]

  • Added Training Dummies option to the Sylph Cartographer.
  • Job Genie now asks you if you're really sure about switching to Third Job without going through Rebith first.
    Also provides Gunslingers with a starting gun of every kind.
    Will give you back Platinum Skills if those were somehow lost.
  • Removed incorrect IDs from the Disguise Event.
  • Mission Board's Quest Cooldown have been reduced to 23h.
  • Crescent in the Noon:
    Muddy Mirror was added to the instance's beginning. It lets you disable the Pope Mercenary's help for the run.
    Medgga's script no longer freezes the whole NPC when somebody abnormally terminates the interaction.
    The confirmation for skipping the Pope fight is now mashing-proof.
  • Mayomayo added the following Weapons to his list:
    Sorrow Painter (18135), Hongjun's Sword (13420), Old Parasol (13442) and Exorcist's Scripture (28602)
  • Seiyablem now can also slot the following Armor pieces:
    Fricca's Circlet (5124), Jeweled Crown (5002), Grand Circlet (5007) and Vital Tree Shoes (2450)
  • Headgear Connoisseur now recolors the following Headgears:
    Dragon's Skull (5292 > 5460), Jaty Crown (18520 > 5519), Magic Eyes (5138 > 5523), Fish in Mouth (5403 > 18936) and Drooping Eddga (5497 > 18856)



[ Skills and Classes ]

  • Target Change (NPC_CHANGETARGET) now displays a visual animation on the new target.
  • Archangelus (NPC_ARCHANGELUS) was remade:
    Halves all direct damage taken and retaliates with Holy Punishment as long as the monster is moving.
    The duration is greatly decreased.
  • Monsters summoned through skills can no longer be stacked on the same cell. This includes:
    Bio Cannibalize, Sphere Mine, FAW - Silver Sniper and FAW - Magic Decoy.
  • Added proper motion animations to skills which completely lost them once instant cast was achieved.
    These include Hell's Plant, Demonic Fire, Fire Expansion and Spore Explosion.
  • Certain skills which deal hybrid ATK/MATK damage are no longer affected twice by racial reductions.



  • Provoke's forced target change state is now correctly removed when a successful attack is made by the monster.


Rune Knight:

  • Joint Beat now deals x2 damage with a Two-Handed Spear.
  • Gloomy Day now correctly applies its slowing debuff only when a target is dismounted.
  • Phantom Thrust now works in @duels.


Royal Guard:

  • Shield Spell's buffs are no longer removed when one of the offensive or healing effects is triggered.
    The buffs are now removed upon swapping too, not just shield's removal.



  • Offensive Land Protector has been corrected to work properly.
  • Elemental Shield no longer incorrectly blocks Falcon Assault and Blitz Beat.
    Self Destruction is now correctly blocked.



  • Falcon Assault is of Neutral property once again. No longer visually double-hits plant-flagged monsters.
  • Warg Skills no longer incorrectly double dip on Tooth of Warg.
  • Tooth of Warg now grants a bigger bonus.


Minstrel & Wanderer:

  • Corrected certain Songs/Dances not being dispellable.
  • Frost Joke and Scream had their After-cast Delay reduced to 1s and received a 3s Cooldown.
    The success chance has been greatly increased.
  • Musical Strike and Throw Arrow deal greatly increased damage with performing.
  • Reverberation and Severe Rainstorm now correctly benefit from Mastery ATK.
  • Reverberation now consumes an arrow and both portions follow its element when used with a Whip/Musical Instrument.
  • Sound of Destruction now correctly cancels the male version of performance (Singing state).
  • Voice of Siren no longer incorrectly affects allies.
  • Saturday Night Fever now correctly forces the affected targets to sit upon its expiration.
  • Chorus Songs now have a separate success chance per target instead of it being global.


Arch Bishop:

  • Lex Divina's success chance past level 5 has been reduced to 5% per level as monsters are now easier to silence.
  • Basilica no longer leaves a permanently stuck "dead" cell on the priest's spot upon its normal expiration.
    Now also triples HP/SP Regeneration of all targets inside.
  • Adoramus was corrected to apply Decrease Agility equal to the skill's level.
    The duration was corrected as well.
  • Clearance no longer removes Song/Dance effects if the target is standing inside of that Song/Dance area.
  • Castigatio now correctly goes before Triple Attack in the order of on-hit skills.



  • Palm Push Strike now deals 1.5 damage with a Knuckle.
  • Chain Combo and Combo Finish had their SP Costs reduced.
  • Dodge grants up to 20 FLEE.
  • Finger Offensive now has 6 levels and the last level uses all the available Spirit Spheres.
    The damage is now 350% of ATK at all levels.
    Cast Time was corrected to scale with the amount of spheres. Which is now 0.3s per.
    Increased the SP Cost.
  • Pressure Point: Cure no longer affects Bosses.
  • Howling of Lion no longer incorrectly removes Performer-specific debuffs like Song of Despair, Sinking Melody or Warcry from Beyond.
    Song effects are removed only if the skill actually connects.
  • Lightning Walk is able to refresh itself now.
  • Cursed Circle is now canceled if the Sura is disabled by White Imprison or Manhole.



  • Weapon Refine's SP cost was removed.
  • FAWs now have a fixed duration of 60s at all levels.
    Corrected the skill level based MATK and HP scaling of Magic Decoy.
    Silver Sniper has higher DEF and uses Tracking more often.



  • Blood Sucker no longer consumes its catalyst upon a failed cast.
    The application limit of 3 is now correctly decreased when the status is canceled.
  • Thorn Trap no longer incorrectly causes some monsters to rude teleport.
  • Banana Bomb's chance to make a target sit is now 100%


Guillotine Cross:

  • Meteor Assault now has a True Fixed Cast Time of 0.1s. The Cooldown is reduced to 0.4s.
  • Weapon Crush cannot miss and goes through guarding effects now.


Shadow Chaser:

  • All Divest checks have been cleaned for complete accuracy.
  • Gangster's Paradise now has 5 levels and in addition to its original effect also:
    Increases the damage of Double and Triple Attack.
    This bonus scales with Base Level past 100.
  • Intimidate now deals largely increased damage and received a HIT bonus.
    Can be used on maps with teleportation disabled to inflict damage.
    Has a 1s Cooldown.
  • Backstab now follows Bow's normal range when used with one equipped.
    Skill's name is changed to Backshot in that case.
    The maximum level was trimmed to 5.
    The SP Cost was increased.
    Now usable from Chase Walk.
  • Raid's base damage formula was boosted.
    Now ignores FLEE when striking a target from behind.
    Debuff's counter is now only removed if a hit actually connects.
    Now usable from Chase Walk.
  • Chase Walk now refreshes its special buff, which was revamped:
    No longer grants STR, now increases damage of the next two (four with Soul Link) skills by up to 50%
    This bonus is doubled in the case of Backstab.
    The activation delay is reduced to 5s and the duration to 15s.
  • Reject Sword now correctly only deals 1 damage to plant-flagged monsters.
  • Deadly Infection's application of Leech End now correctly recovers HP.
  • Invisibility now voids After-cast Delays from autocast bonuses while active.
  • Triangle Shot's skill requirement was lowered to level 5 Double Strafe.
  • Fatal Menace no longer has a HIT penalty and now ignores half of Hard DEF.
  • Body Painting's own debuff success chance is now 100%
    Blind is automatically applied when the main debuff lands.
    The main debuff also increases the damage taken from Raid, which scales with Base Level above 100.
    The debuff's duration is 10s at all levels.
  • Auto Spell Mastery has been added as a new passive skill:
    Has 10 levels and requires Auto Shadow Spell level 5 to unlock.
    Increases Weapon MATK and reduces After-cast Delay triggered by on-attack autocast bonuses while Auto Shadow Spell is active.


Kagerou & Oboro:

  • Throw Kunai no longer pierces DEF.
  • Shadow Slash's cast range is now correct when used by a Rogue.
  • Bakuretsu Kunai now has Base Level/100 scaling (up from /120).
  • Charm Summon Skills now have a True Fixed Cast Time at level 2, and none at level 1.
  • Kyogaku was corrected to always show its name and cast motion.
  • Genwaku now works in @duels.


[ Items ]

  • Slave-flagged monsters are no longer affected by any item bonus which adds a chance of getting loot upon killing a monster.
    They're also are no longer affected by leech/drain effects. This includes both item bonuses and skills.
  • Corrected an issue where the Shocking Sphere status was being removed upon equipment swap.
  • Call Spirits triggered by autocast effects no longer incorrectly caps the maximum amount of Spirit Spheres to 1 unless the skill is learned.
  • Reduced and normalized the weight of all +1~10 stat foods.
  • Multihits triggered though bSplashRange (Baphomet Card, Shotguns, Grenade Launchers, etc) now display the correct total damage in a single bundle.
  • Butterfly Wing is now usable inside of the WoE castles but only when out of combat.



  • Most of the cards which never saw much use, have been either entirely revamped, or largely buffed!
    This includes the card sets.
  • MVP cards have been rebalanced across the board!
    Make use of our website's database and the @id command to check the new stats.
  • New cards were added:





  • Telos kai Arche (22142) now suspends skill-induced buffs which increase Max SP.
  • Erde (16000) now grants +30% Healing Done to Alchemists, and +10% to everybody else.



  • Battleground Weapons have been revamped and many received buffs and/or identity.
  • Port Malaya Armor.
  • Holy Avenger (1145)
  • Holy Guard (2110)
  • Red Square Bag (16001)
  • Pole Axe (1417)
  • Rapture Rose (1963)
  • New Oz's Ring (2988) and Igu's Floral Bracelet (2989)
  • Ancient Cape (2507/2525)
  • Krieg (13046)
  • Weihna (13047)
  • Tracker's Dagger (13038)
  • Balor's Evil Eye (18877)
  • Astro Circlet (18938)
  • Many old Accessories which never saw much use.
  • Old Heagears dropped by MVPs.
  • A bunch of other gear pieces I probably forgot to mention.



  • Dragon Wing (1724) now forms a set with Dragon's Breath (2527).
  • Holy Avenger (1145) now forms a set with Holy Guard (2110).
  • Black Rosary (2898) now forms a set with Spiritual Ring (2677/28432).
  • Parade Hat (5225) finally had its autocast bonus corrected.


Cash Shop:

  • Added the following Headgears:
    Praying Cherry Blossoms (20047)
    Buddhist Priest's Crown (20033)
    Alchemist's Square Bag (31687)
    Survivor's Orbs (19139)
    Great Dracul's Horns (31422)
    Neev's Barrette (31424)
    Trick Hat (20324)




Once again, Alice is responsible for the new status and skill icons!

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