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Allow Despair Song to effect MVPs like Hunter's trap

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Posted 17 July 2022 - 08:23 AM

-- IDEA --


Hunter Traps can be used to gain some breathing room or distance while MVPing and I don't see why Wanderers and Minstrels trap can't be allowed to assist or even be more competitive in MVPing. I understand it would have to be LESS THAN the minimum duration of the traps since even higher level MVP's would still be stuck for awhile, but I also wouldn't mind it lasting a second or 2 longer than the Hunter's trap since the Performers generally have much less damage than Hunters. I'm all for the Performers having a little breathing room and potentially a kiting method for MVPing. Here is the way Hunter's traps work for MVP's below, I'd simply want to know if Despair Song's trap can "perform"(hehe) the same way. /heh

  • MVP monsters are trapped normally by Hunter's traps and the minimum duration of those is applied, they do not rude teleport or do anything strange. However, they will use Trample if they're trapped and being
    actively damaged, which has a 15 second Cooldown. This means that using traps to snipe down MVPs is pretty tricky, but if you just want to gain distance or breathing room, there are no issues.


This is the math for the Despair Song trap...

  • Immobilization duration: (6 + 2 * Skill Level) - {(Target’s Base Level / 50) + (Target’s Job Level / 10)} seconds.

-- WHY --


This simple change wouldn't "break" any metas, in fact it might just make Wanderer/Minstrel have the ability to kite or even stall 2 or 3 seconds to move back and reposition. It will also open up some possibilities for kiting Mvps with Reverb/Deminion Impulse or Severe Rainstorm. Make the performers less slave like  /no1


This could potentially open the door to a different gimmicky solo/duo kiting methods for Performers and possibly encourage building and playing a different style of Performer which is what really makes this server shine, THE VARIETY  /?? 

Also I am not sure if this forum is used anymore, but I wanted to post this just in case and because it takes me back and felt great to feel apart of the community even if I'm just asking for a trap change for Performers  /rice  

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