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February 3rd | Patch v1.6

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#1 Byte



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Posted 03 February 2015 - 08:45 PM

[ General ]

  • Autotraders will now automatically be disconnected after 3 days


[ Monsters & Maps ]

  • MVPs will no longer immediately be respawned by @reloadscript
  • Several NPC skills have had their range increased to match up with Leika's increased vision and attack range
  • Increased experience gained from MvPs
  • Adjusted skills of certain monsters, this includes removal or toning down of Stoneskin and lowering the level of Waterball
  • Tendrillion and Hardrock Mammoth are now full-fledged MvPs, Tendrillion will now drop three horns to compensate (it has three anyway)
  • Many small Monster database fixes
  • Implemented anti portal cheese mechanics to endgame MvPs
  • Buffed droprates for Beelzebub and Detale


[ NPCs ]

  • Added 700 new colors to the Stylist
  • Added a skill point consistency check to the Reset Genie which will automatically fix any lost or extra skill points
  • Mora Coin gears now cost 10 Mora Coins down from 20
  • Added a new enchantment type for Temporal Boots (healing) and adjusted the Coagulated Spell price
  • Adjusted experience rewards from Mission Board and 150-175 Eden Board and added new quests to those
  • Pets will now gain 3 times as much intimacy per feeding


[ Classes ]



  • Fixed a bug with White Imprison that allowed the caster to become untargetable by monsters until they relogged


Arch Bishop:

  • Clearance can once again be used on monsters (no longer removes NPC exclusive buffs)



  • Cart Cannon and Demonstration will now correctly ignore Flee


Guillotine Cross

  • EDP no longer halves the damage modifier of Rolling Cutter
  • Create Deadly Poison no longer has a 5 sec ACD


[ Items ]

  • EXP Manuals no longer apply to Quest EXP
  • Various item script and item description fixes
  • Updated Mora sets, White Wing set will now require refines to unlock its full potential in order to tone down the early power spike, some other sets were improved a bit
  • Added new official items to various monsters (Nightmare Evil Druid, Nightmare Wanderer, Big Bell, Entweihen Crothen, Naght Sieger and Ifrit)
  • Improved "Upgraded" item pieces
  • Elven Bow can now be worn by Shadow Chasers


[ Upcoming Changes ]



  • More class-related fixes
  • Improving Mission Board
  • Nightmare Old Glast Heim mode and respective card set
  • Underwater City questline and items
  • Storage expansion
  • Character slot expansion
  • Gender-change NPC
  • Name-change NPC
  • More new content, from both kRO and jRO!
  • Updating monster's MATK formula
  • Eden (Paradise Group) Market
  • War of Emperium times
  • PvP updates


  • Client update to support new kRO features, such as in-game Achievement menu, slot machine, etc.

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#2 Rikter


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Posted 03 February 2015 - 09:02 PM

I'm currently having some issues connecting from my place (Italy) to our server (Washington), as I see internet status on that backbone is currently very bad.

I'll have to perform more maintenance on our server, and this will be done as soon as possible, so please be patient with any kind of bug/problems you may encounter for the next 24/48, as I'm currently unable to work on those fixes =\

Also, a special thanks to FlashCombo for some fixed maps we introduced with this update!

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