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March 14th | Minipatch v1.8.1

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#1 Terpsichore



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Posted 14 March 2015 - 06:07 PM

[ General ]

  • Fixed WoE timer
  • Added a temporary solution to the spell damage issue under GvG setting, should do the trick until a proper fix is implemented
  • Halved the cooldowns of Endless Tower and Nidhoggur's Nest


[ Monsters & Maps ]

  • Added most of old Guild Dungeon monsters to normal maps, in small amounts, the list is:
  • 30x Creamy Fear to ra_fild06
  • 30x Caterpillar to ve_fild04
  • 30x Zombie Master to odin_tem01
  • 30x Giant Hornet to hu_fild07
  • 30x Giant Spider to hu_fild02
  • 30x Leib Olmai to lhz_fild03
  • 30x Wraith Dead to nameless_n
  • 2x Skeleton General to pay_dun04 and moc_pryd06
  • 2x Am Mut to pay_dun04 and dew_dun02
  • 2x Killer Mantis to ein_fild08 and prt_maze03
  • 2x Gajomart to mag_dun02 and dew_dun02
  • x1 Maya Purple to anthell01
  • Note that they don't drop WoE Potion Boxes and the drop chances of Sound Amplifier and Glove of Sura have been made more reasonable
  • Vesper now drops Cores at doubled chance and its respawn timer has been increased by 2 hours. Vesper Gear crafter NPC is coming soon
  • Fixed MvP EXP value of Ifrit, he now also enjoys a bit more HP
  • Takun and his buddy Ankaa have been beefed up in preparation for the Underwater City update
  • Nightmare Baphomet will now spawn properly
  • Reduced by 20% the ATK of WoE SE Guild Dungeon monsters
  • Insects summoned be Sera's Legion should no longer loot stuff
  • Reduced HP of Barricade to 900k (1.5x of original)


[ NPCs ]

  • Removed randomization from Arch Bishop and Warlock Mora sets
  • Added announcers to PvP rooms
  • You can now change the ownership of your Guild at the Guild Manager NPC, for a price and it can't be done while WoE is active
  • Added Neko Mimi Kafra Band, Polar Bear Hat, Dragon Arhat Mask and Tiger Arhat Mask to Prontera Princess, note that descriptions weren't updated yet, Dragon Arhat Mask DOESN'T give +10% damage to Demihumans, 3% instead.


[ Items ]

  • Enriched White Potion Z now heals for 3k and weights 5 (description wasn't updated yet)
  • Lunakaleet now provides a more reasonable food drop chance (double the original)
  • Many script fixes

#2 Neri



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Posted 14 March 2015 - 11:45 PM

What's the logic behind the random DEX boosts to literally every MVP

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#3 Terpsichore



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Posted 15 March 2015 - 08:24 AM

So they can actually hit people, due to level 175 and 130 stats cap and stuff. Not really related to this patch though, it's been around for awhile.



Also, forgot to add:


15x Wraith Dead to nameless_n


2x Skeleton General to moc_pryd06


Will be added with a reload soon.

#4 Terpsichore



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Posted 15 March 2015 - 09:32 PM

Bump, just did another reload to remove AB and Warlock Mora gear randomization and the stuff from the post above.

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