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Friend Referral Program!

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Posted 21 April 2015 - 09:24 AM





Leikans! It's time to bring your friends in to join us in our quest for greatness! What better way to help the server and have more fun than to bring everyone you know into the game and play together? With your friends, you'll have more people to kill MVPs with, more people to win WoEs with, and more people to talk with when you're idling in Prontera!


Here's how it works. Tell your friends to join LeikaRO. If you're going to refer anyone to the server, post your own REFERRAL THREAD in this subforum. Each person that you refer to the server must post under YOUR thread with a screenshot of their new character. This will enter them into the contest and ensure that we are awarding points for new players. Posting under your topic helps keep it organized so that we are giving the points to the right person. Once your friend reaches level 140, have them edit their post or make a new post, adding a screenshot of their character at 140! This may sound like a lot of work and hassle, but trust me, the prizes are definitely worth it!


In the case that you are new and want to referer someone who started to play with you, you're free to do so but keep in mind that both of you must reach level 140 in this case.


So again, the steps:


1. Make a thread in this subforum

2. Tell your friends to play!

3. When they make a character, have them post a screenshot in your thread

4. Once they reach level 140, have them post again or edit their original post with a new screenshot

5. ????



Each person you refer to the server earns you one point. The more points you get, the more prizes you earn! Any attempts to CHEAT will be met with instant disqualification, no ifs, ands, or buts [tee hee butts]. We will be keeping a very, VERY close eye on people who are referred to the server and their referrers to make sure there's nothing hinky going on.


We do NOT encourage bad behaviour here at Leika. Do NOT go to other servers or RMS or any other forum site and spam LeikaRO's website and ask people to say that you referred them. We will hand out punishments for this on a by-case basis.


Now for what everyone's waiting for, the PRIZES!


Each Referral earns:


For your friend:

5x - Battle Manuals
5x - Job Battle Manuals
1000x - Leika Coins
50x - Kawaii Coins


For you:

1500x - Leika Coins
1x - Silver Key
1x - Enriched Oridecon Box
1x - Enriched Elunium Box


Additional points earn:


For 4 referrals:


3000x - Leika Coins
1x - Golden Key
1x - Costume: Jack Castle Bat [animated] [account-bound] [ID: 20034]





For 7 referrals:


5000x - Leika Coins
1x - Golden Key
1x - Costume: Shiny Small Star [animated] [account-bound] [ID: 19777]





For 13 referrals:


9000x - Leika Coins
1x - Golden Key
1x - Costume: Twilight [animated] [account-bound] [ID: 18744]





More will be added if we need them!


Keep in mind that we will be hand-verifying each and every referral, so give us some time to send you your prizes. Keep an eye out for more goodies as we get together more stuff to reward our awesome players with.



Thank you all for your continued support!

-Leika Staff

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Posted 04 April 2016 - 05:06 AM

Razlen just managed to get the final referral tier!

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