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July 16th | Megapatch v3.0

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#1 Terpsichore



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Posted 16 July 2015 - 04:47 PM

[ General ]

  • Extended Jobs can now reach level 175/60, this includes 130 stat cap and additional Job Level stat bonuses
  • Implemented many status icons, both newest official ones and some custom
  • Many skill, item and status icon descriptions were corrected and/or updated
  • Improved the quality of screenshot logo
  • Removed the spam messages when killing monsters in Endless Tower


[ Monsters & Maps ]

  • Implemented Nightmare Old Glast Heim, it can be accessed through Munin and his Steward offers White Knight card set
  • Expanded both Old Glast Heim modes with missing elements, such as traps, on-map Dark Grand Crosses and monster spawns during the final fight
  • Updated Nightmare Pyramid, this includes new cards, drops, monster stats, EXP values and quests. First floor is for level 120-40 range and second for 140-160
  • You can now choose which Guild Dungeon to enter
  • Memory of Thanatos was beefed up and now drops two new items, Crimson Poncho (2597) and Byeollungum (1140)
  • Egnigem Cenia (MvP) now drops Critical Ring (2616)
  • Takun now drops Tomahawk and Ankaa drops Kaiser Knuckle
  • Sage Worm now drops Small Book Pendant and Cendrawasih drops Quill Pen Ring (new accessory set)
  • Moved Baphomet to gl_cas02
  • NPC_STONESKIN now correctly reduces all kinds of physical damage
  • NPC_STOP no longer roots the caster


[ NPCs ]

  • Fixed Mailbox not working in some towns
  • Added new NPCs to Ninja's Hideout that craft and enchant gear
  • Alchemy Dealer now sells Throwing Bottles
  • Mission Board now offers 3 new quests, Nightmare Pyramid Level 1, Thor's Volcano and Cursed Abbey Level 3
  • Suspicious Cat inside Nightmare Pyramid Level 1 now rewards with increased EXP
  • Greedy Cat took residence inside Nightmare Pyramid Level 2 and offers EXP quests
  • Eden Board's (141-150) Nightmare Pyramid quests now grant increased EXP
  • Headgear Connoisseur now offers six new headgears and a new section, Recolored Headgears!
  • Prontera Princess now offers four new headgears!


[ Classes ]

  • Updated HP and SP tables of all jobs to reflect the latest, post-rebalance values
  • Kagerou/Oboro and Rebel can now learn Full Throttle and had their weapon ASPD penalties corrected
  • Super Novice/Extended Super Novice now correctly receives HP bonuses at level 99 and 150 as well as additional SP bonuses
  • Corrected ASPD bonuses and penalties from all passive skills (Riding, Dragon Riding, Advanced Book and Single Action)
  • Fixed some skills hitting twice under certain circumstances

Rune Knight:

  • Dragon Breath is now correctly reduced by DEF
  • Frenzy no longer removes Concentration
  • Refresh now correctly grants immunity to Leech End

Royal Guard:

  • Shield Spell is now properly cancelled upon unequipping shield


  • Fire Pillar's damage formula was corrected
  • Ice Wall is no longer attackable as a temporary workaround for the dead cells issue


  • Falcon Assault and Blitz Beat now correctly ignore DEF and Demihuman reductions
  • Falcon Mastery is now an active skill, much like Warg Mastery and requires Falcon Flute
  • Keen Nose now ignores flee and correctly reveals hidden targets
  • Camouflage now correctly makes the Ranger untargetable by non-area skills and is cancelled by all revealing effects
  • Warg Strike and Warg Bite now correctly ignore Demihuman reductions and no longer benefit from ranged % damage bonuses
  • Warg Dash now correctly benefits from Tooth of Warg ATK bonus


  • Axe Tornado received a new animation, you will now spin just as nature intended
  • Arm Cannon is now properly affected by Demihuman reductions
  • Neutral Barrier no longer blocks skills that can't miss
  • Hovering no longer requires the respective accessory equipped, just in the inventory
  • FAWs can no longer be damaged by allies or yourself

Guillotine Cross:

  • Status window no longer shows the additional crit from wielding a katar
  • Venom Splasher now correctly carries weapon's element

Arch Bishop:

  • Recovery now correctly removes Stasis debuff


  • Increased base stats of Elemental Spirits
  • Elemental Action now inflicts various status ailments based on the Elemental Spirit and its level


  • Metallic Sound now correctly deals x1.5 damage if the target is under Sleep or Deep Sleep status (this stacks with Deep Sleep's own effect)
  • Assassin Cross of Sunset now correctly increases ASPD


  • Smoke Powder now correctly affects both enemies and allies
  • Fire Expansion Level 1 and 2 now deal correct damage
  • Cart Cannon is now properly affected by Demihuman reductions
  • Alchemy can now be used to brew Condensed Blue Potions (31196), the recipe is documented in the respective book
  • Twilight Alchemy was revamped!
  • Special Pharmacy was expanded! You can now brew four new potions, recipes are documented in the existing Genetic books
  • Change Material was updated to include recipes for throwing versions of all Genetic items, scell + moth dust recipe was fixed and you can now purchase a book documenting all recipes from Alchemy Dealer

Homunculus Changes:


Shadow Chaser:

  • Reproduce and Plagiarism will now display a visual animation upon succesfully memorizing a new skill
  • Shadow Form is now correctly cancelled by all revealing skills at a chance equal to 90% -10% per skill level
  • Renovatio can now be Reproduced
  • Ignition Break can now be correctly used with bows


  • Flash Combo now correctly grants its ATK bonus and Tiger Cannon executed through it no longer benefits from the combo bonus
  • Earth Shaker now correctly deals additional damage to Camouflaged players
  • Rising Dragon no longer blocks HP/SP regeneration


  • All skills that lacked visual and sound effects now have one!
  • Tracking had its fixed cast time reduced, now ignores Flee and has a new visual effect
  • Piercing Shot now correctly deals additional damage when used with a rifle
  • Desperado now correctly benefits from ranged % damage bonuses
  • Flip the Coin can no longer fail once you've learned Rich's Coin
  • Increase Accuracy now lasts for 4 minutes
  • Rich's Coin now has its intended 3 sec cooldown
  • Platinum Alter now reduces damage taken from Demon and Undead monsters by 3% per skill level, can be refreshed, doesn't go away upon swapping weapon or ammo and requries at least one coin
  • Heat Barrel is now cancelled only upon swapping weapon and requires at least one coin
  • Eternal Chain now requires at least one coin
  • Round Trip had its DEX based part of the damage formula corrected
  • Quick Draw Shot had its DEX based part of the damage formula corrected
  • Banishing Buster now correctly dispels without a failure chance
  • Hammer of God now correctly requires at least one coin and consumes all available coins to deal increased damage accordingly
  • Fallen Angel now consumes the correct amount of bullets, has proper cooldown at all levels and Desperado triggered by this skill correctly benefits from bullet's ATK bonus. Updated SP cost.
  • Fire Dance had its damage formula corrected and now properly benefits from ranged % damage bonuses. Updated SP cost.
  • Slug Shot now correctly stuns monsters


  • Kagehumi now correctly stops movement, blocks all concealing skills and received a cooldown
  • Happo Kunai now properly carries element and benefits from kunai ATK bonus
  • Oboro Gensou should no longer cause crashes and now reflects magical damage in a correct way
  • Zanzou is no longer attackable by the caster or allies
  • Bakuretsu Kunai is now properly affected by Demihuman reductions
  • Throw Zeny and Mucha Nage are now properly forced neutral, ignore DEF and deal half damage to players and bosses


[ Items ]

  • Quill Pen Ring (2799) is now dropped by Cendrawasih
  • Small Book Pendant (2714) is now dropped by Sage Worm
  • STR Supplement Device (15110) now has a slot
  • AGI Supplement Device (22043) now correctly gives 1 ASPD per 4 refine levels instead of 1%
  • Critical Ring (2616) is now dropped by Egnigem Cenia (MvP)
  • Crimson Poncho (2597) is now dropped by Memory of Thanatos
  • Byeollungum (1140) is now dropped by Memory of Thanatos
  • Improved old weapons that autocast/grant spells (such as Ice Falchion and Zephyrus), they now have a base MATK and are a bit better
  • Improved most of old level 4/3 weapons
  • Improved Bloodied Shackle Ball's (2655) set bonus
  • Chrome Metal Sword (13431) and  Ruber (13421) can now be used by Thieves
  • Ixion Wings (1737), Double Bound (1736), Nepenthes Bow (1740) and Creeper Bow (18111) can now be used by Rogues
  • Explosive Kunai, Full Metal Jacket, Projection Landmine and Dragon Tail are now correctly misc items and had their descriptions updated to reflect it
  • Genetic-made potions, Poison Bottles and Holy Waters now carry the maker's name
  • Rebalanced and improved Rebel guns so higher level ones aren't worse than the cheap stuff
  • New cards!
  • New headgears from Headgear Connoisseur!
  • New headgears from Prontera Princess!
  • New headgears from Cash Shop!

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#2 Syncope



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Posted 16 July 2015 - 05:44 PM

I love how youre still dedicated despite the fact that the server pretty much got fucked over

#3 Psor


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Posted 16 July 2015 - 05:59 PM

I love how youre still dedicated despite the fact that the server pretty much got fucked over

Just play insetad of complaining about population. The only reason server is fucked is low pop.
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#4 Terpsichore



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Posted 16 July 2015 - 06:28 PM

I love how youre still dedicated despite the fact that the server pretty much got fucked over

Some people don't really want to play or are burned out, and you can't really do much about it. Instead I am working for those that do enjoy playing even if they aren't many.
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#5 penciltea


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Posted 16 July 2015 - 06:56 PM

These updates look awesome! Can't believe that you've updated so much stuff in a month! Thank you c:

#6 Herbalistar


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Posted 16 July 2015 - 10:01 PM

Recolored headgears sounds great! 



I love how youre still dedicated despite the fact that the server pretty much got fucked over

Just play insetad of complaining about population. The only reason server is fucked is low pop.


I totally agree~! Leika gets enough care and offers much content it deserves regular population hundreds times bigger! 
We need PR guys now, whiners go home, play wow or something.

#7 Scias


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Posted 16 July 2015 - 10:25 PM

Burnt out describes me pretty well. But RO is the only game that always brings me back eventually.

#8 Singularity



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Posted 16 July 2015 - 11:03 PM

For what it's worth, seeing that the server is not completely dead is very reassuring to me, as someone who just joined.  The fact that you're still updating makes it such that my wife and I are likely to stick around and recommend it to any that would join us, and I'm sure we're not the only ones.


On the whole, I'm fairly impressed with this server so far; everything (to date... not done everything yet, of course!) seems "just right" overall.  Thanks to the admin here for your dedication to your server!  Keep it up and I'm certain population will  come back up in due course.

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#9 Vadertan



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Posted 17 July 2015 - 07:43 AM


  • FAWs can no longer be damaged by allies or yourself
  • Neutral Barrier no longer blocks skills that can't miss
  • Extended Jobs can now reach level 175/60, this includes 130 stat cap and additional Job Level stat bonuses

Good stuff.

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#10 Terpsichore



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Posted 19 July 2015 - 02:32 AM

I'll be disabling posting in this section from now on as it always turns into offtopic. Feel free to use Questions & Support, Feedback & Suggestions and Server Discussion subforums.

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