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September 7th | Patch v3.5

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Posted 07 September 2015 - 10:10 AM

[ General ]

  • Merged Leika with latest Hercules, this includes countless emulator-related fixes and improvements. Be on your watch for bugs though!
  • Dispel now works while in a duel
  • Added even more status icons
  • You can now use Teleport skill while on Mado Gear or riding a Warg


[ Monsters & Maps ]

  • Monster's spells no longer deal 1 damage under certain circumstances
  • Implemented new NPC_WIDE skills for future use
  • Added visual effects for certain monster specific skills, such as NPC_STONESKIN, NPC_ANTIMAGIC, NPC_MAGICMIRROR and all BREATH skills
  • All breath skills now cause status effects
  • Tao Gunka had its loot table updated, now drops Gelerdria (1414)
  • Doppelganger had its loot table updated, now drops Ebon Armor (15014) and Tjungkuletti (1416)
  • Dracula had its gear drop chances increased


[ NPCs ]

  • General update to many scripts, bringing countless small fixes
  • Mission Board was revamped, party EXP share now fully works, all quests were revamped and a dozen of new ones added. Quests now award Proofs of Effort
  • Lazy Quartermaster next to the Mission Board will exchange Proofs of Effort for various rewards
  • Nurse now buffs characters below level 100 with Increase Agility and Blessing
  • Updated Eclage and Malangdo quest scripts
  • Added Kagerou/Oboro Job Change Quest (report bugs!)
  • Added Eclage Interior "instance" (part of a quest)
  • Finishing Encounter in a Strange Land quest chain now awards 75 Splendide Coins
  • Fixed the Mysterious Robbery quest chain (Eclage)
  • Whole party will be teleported to the member entering the 7th floor of Thanatos Tower
  • Whole party will be teleported to the member triggering WoE SE Guild Dungeon Event
  • Corrected an issue with Malangdo coin exchange machine sometimes giving you no coins at all for your Silvervine Fruit
  • Mysterious Rocks on Manuk fields no longer get you suck with a cast time and can't be looted unless you're on a quest requiring them
  • You can now get Part of a Report upon killing a monster from Splendide fields as long as you're on the quest
  • Added a warper NPC that moves you to Byalan Dungeon level 3, she's next to Viewt and Archie


[ Classes ]



  • Corrected the duration of Burning status

Soul Linker:

  • Kaite now correctly increases damage taken from physical melee attacks

Rune Knight:

  • Giant Growth now grants the correct amount of ASPD
  • Stonehard Skin now correctly consumes Max HP instead of current

Royal Guard:

  • Moon Slasher now correctly roots affected monsters for 1~3 sec
  • Pressure now correctly triggers autocast effects
  • Shield Chain had its elemental interaction corrected
  • Shield Boomerang had its damage formula corrected
  • Smite now correctly takes element


  • Fire Pillar's damage formula was corrected, again
  • Gravitation Field now follows official behavior! It can trigger autocast effects but stops your damage from sources other than the autocast effects and the field itself. You can cast other skills while it is active and multiple fields can be placed, range is 14 cells and cast time was reduced to 2.5 sec
  • Ganbantein had its range corrected to 14 cells and cast time reduced to 1.5 sec


  • Warg Bite now correctly prevents the use of concealing skills and has its correct range of 14 cells


  • Cart Revolution now pushes in the correct direction
  • Stealth Field now correctly behaves like camouflage, affected allies can't be targeted
  • Flare Launcher no longer incorrectly requires Lv.3 Vulcan Arm to unlock

Guillotine Cross:

  • Pyrexia now applies unremovable Blind and modified Hallucination that only distorts damage numbers
  • Dark Claw's debuff now lasts for 15 seconds and correctly increases damage from all sources
  • Weapon Blocking no longer incorrectly blocks monster's spells when in melee range

Arch Bishop:

  • Epiclesis now behaves correctly and heals at a consistent rate
  • Renovatio is no longer castable on Boss flagged monsters except Barricades and Guardian Stones to avoid confusion


  • Wall of Wog now correctly blinds enemies standing inside


  • Cart Revolution now pushes in the correct direction
  • Lif's Mental Change no longer fully restores HP/SP but now has no cooldown

Shadow Chaser:

  • Double Strafe can now be plagiarised


  • Eternal Chain is now correctly cancelled if weapon is removed
  • Howling Mine explosion area is now 9x9 cells and if the charge isn't detonated in time, Projection Landmine will drop to the ground
  • Mass Spiral had its damage formula updated
  • Hammer of God impact area is now 7x7
  • Tracking now has 1 sec fixed cast time
  • Magic Bullet had its elemental interaction corrected
  • Quick Draw Shot had its damage formula and SP costs adjusted


  • Happo Kunai had its damage formula corrected


[ Items ]

  • Autocast effects that trigger renewal statuses such as Burning, Deep Sleep and Crystallization now have correct duration
  • SP Increase Potions now increase Max SP by the correct amount
  • Kagerou/Oboro and Rebel now receive Green Apple Ring upon job change
  • Hill Wind, Red Ferus, Pitman, Laurell Weinder and Death Word cards now grant +5% Magical Damage done to the correspondent element
  • Skeggiold Card now grants +5% Magical Damage done with Holy spells
  • Centipede Larva Card now grants 1 INT and 15 MATK
  • Ancient Dagger can now be used by Kagerou/Oboro
  • Ballista can now be used by Rogues
  • Dragon Manteau and Dragon Vest can now be worn by Extended Jobs
  • Added six new articles to Headgear Connoisseur, Black Feather Beret (18561), Black Musang Hat (18613), Drooping Dolor of Thanatos (5563), White Musang Hat (18612), Despero of Thanatos' Mask (18530) and Odium of Thanatos' Mask (5789)
  • Added Kunai Boxes to Ninpou Dealer
  • Added Special Ammo Boxes (Rebel) to Ammunition Dealer
  • Explosive Kunai is now equippable again (still not required to be equipped for Bakuretsu Kunai skill, just in the inventory)
  • Corrected cooldown reduction script to accept large values
  • Corrected Coat and Mink Coat's DEF values
  • Added our custom MvP misc items to OBB and OPB tables

On a side note, this update kept me very busy even though it isn't "mega" enough so I will be working on content and kawaii headgears during the following weeks. The changes will be applied instantly and this list updated to keep track of everything.

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