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November 9th | Patch v4.5 | Halloween's End

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Posted 09 November 2015 - 09:58 PM

[ General ]

  • Halloween Event is over and all Cash Shop specific seasonal and promotional headgears have been removed
  • Lowered Global Timer Interval to 20ms down from 50ms, this should result in an overall smoother experience
  • Made Prontera and KvM maps less bright
  • Added new elemental ammo for Rebel, proper illustrations and sprites will be added later
  • Ice Pick/Thanatos Card effect now properly work with critical hits
  • Corrected looter mobs sometimes getting stuck in a loop on certain spots
  • Plant flagged mobs can no longer be damaged for more than 1 by any source, multihit skills now correctly miss
  • Bard/Dancer song visual effects should no longer linger on map
  • Corrected dozens of skill, status icon, item descriptions and names
  • Cleaned up and corrected msgstringtable
  • Added status icons to: Speed Potion, Deadly Poison, Concentration, Sacrifice, Frenzy, Gospel's debuff, Fling, Mysterious Powder, Warg Bite, Soul Link, Venom Splasher, Spore Explosion, Tear Gas, Wall of Wog, Blood Sucker, Memorize, Amplify Magic Power, Fury, Hallucination Walk's debuff, Mind Breaker, Paralyzing Needle, Overawe, Flash Combo, Howling Mine, Reverse Orcish, Epiclesis, Pneuma, Safety Wall, Emergency Avoid and Bulwark
  • Added subtle visual effects to Odin's Power and NPC_WIDESOULDRAIN



[ Monsters & Maps ]

  • Expanded Prontera's Dummy Area with varied dummies, they can no longer be knocked back
  • Baphomet now drops a new misc item used by Headgear Connoisseur



[ NPCs ]

  • Headgear Connoisseur offers a new headgear: Rolf von Ziegen (18832)
  • Prontera Princess offers a new headgear: Red Under Rim Glasses (20286)
  • Job Genie now gives Rebel and Kagerou/Oboro job change headgears
  • Administrator Michael now also offers Eden Group Shield I and II (enchantable)
  • Added Muramasa [2] (21003) to Malangdo enchant list
  • Third Job Supply Dealer now sells Blank Scroll (7433)



[ WoE and Battlegrounds ]

  • Disabled Sunday's WoE until further notice
  • GvG flagged maps now have slightly increased damage reductions (iRO style), 50% for skills and 25% for regular attacks
  • Battleground maps now have old GvG style reductions, 40% for skills and 20% for regular attacks
  • Eira's Overboost is now reduced by GvG Flee reductions, capping at 400
  • Slotted Temporal Boots can now be worn under GvG settings (not a definite change)



[ Classes ]
Rune Knight:

  • Aura Blade no longer incorrectly boosts Dragon Breath's damage
  • Concentration now correctly triggers level 7 Endure
  • Dragon Breath is no longer incorrectly reduced by Smoke Powder
  • Rune Making now displays the proper visual animation


Royal Guard:

  • Banding's Overawe status now actually works
  • Ray of Genesis now fully benefits from Lex Aeterna



  • Fire Pillar is no longer incorrectly attackable
  • Storm Gust, Meteor Storm and Lord of Vermillion had their area placement mechanics corrected (interaction with Land Protector and such)
  • Water Ball was reworked to have a consistent hit timer, prevent the caster from moving and to pause if the target goes out of sight (resumes if the target comes back)
  • Release (Spheres) now display's the skill's name instead of !!



  • Arrow Shower received its official splash range of 3x3~5x5 and 0.5 sec after cast delay
  • Warg Bite now displays a visual indication upon success


Arch Bishop:

  • Expiatio received a subtle visual effect



  • Ki Translation and Power Velocity no longer consume spirit spheres upon a failed cast (targeting a Gunslinger or someone with maximum amount of spheres for example)
  • Flash Combo had its behavior corrected, added proper timers between skills, caster can no longer use items and move during the execution, now shows the proper skill's name over your head
  • Tiger Cannon now deals full damage from combo to all targets in area and not just one
  • Rampage Blaster had its damage formula corrected (bonus from Fury and Spirit Spheres)



  • Acid Demonstration had its formula corrected and interaction with Demihuman reductions normalized
  • Fire Expansion (Level 2) received a subtle visual effect
  • Crazy Weed is now correctly treated as a physical ranged attack
  • Sera's Paralyzing Needle now correctly reduces Soft MDEF


Guillotine Cross:

  • Venom Dust had its splash area corrected to be 5x5
  • Soul Breaker had its formula adjusted again, interaction with Demihuman reductions normalized and is now fully boosted by Lex Aeterna


Minstrel and Wanderer:

  • Gloomy Day is now only castable on enemies, party members and self, no longer castable on bosses
  • Harmonize is no longer castable on bosses



  • Ground Drift was updated to work with new grenade spheres (nevermind the funny animation, no way around it for now), has 5x5 area, does 50% ATK damage per skill level, properly benefits from ranged % damage effect and is no longer incorrectly blocked by Auto Guard/Parrying and reduced by Defender, Wall of Fog and Smoke Powder
  • Dust is no longer incorrectly reduced by Defender, blocked by Pneuma, reflected by Shield Reflect and item effects, now properly benefits from ranged % damage effects and is blocked by Safety Wall
  • Bind Trap is no longer boosted by Lex Aeterna, can't be attacked anymore
  • Crimson Marker now correctly reduces Flee by 10%, movement speed decrease no longer works on boss flagged mobs (but Flee reduction does)
  • Fire Rain had its damage formula (DEX part) corrected
  • Hammer of God now properly deals additional damage from coins to all targets in area and not just one, corrected damage formula (coins bonus), now has an updated animation!
  • Howling Mine's detonation now correctly inflicts Burning on all affected targets and not just the main one, corrected Burning application chance
  • Quick Draw Shot had its damage formula (DEX part) corrected
  • Round Trip had its damage formula (DEX part) corrected
  • Heat Barrel and Eternal Chain had their visual effects updated
  • Flicker now reveals hidden targets in a 5x5 area


Soul Linker:

  • Kaahi now has a proper timer between heals, heal is now done before damage happens and heals are no longer randomly lost



[ Items ]

  • Paradise Bird Cage (5932), Drama Clockwork Spring (5946), Black Under Rim Glasses (20115), Scratching Cat (20195), Amistr Ears Beret (20197) and Mukade Armor (15108) have been added to Cash Shop
  • Angelic Ring (2743) had its trigger chance doubled to correct value and now properly can proc from Sanctuary

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