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March 14th | Megapatch v6.0 | St. Patrick's Day

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Posted 15 March 2016 - 03:02 AM

[ General ]

  • St. Patrick's Event is up for the rest of the week! You can sometimes get Saint Patrick's Hat (18565) from Black Treasure Chest (12715)
  • Added @itemdesc/@id command that brings up the in-game description of the specified item (via ID)
  • Added @showsp/@ssp command, which makes party member's HP bars display their SP instead (this also applies to the party window's values)
  • Added @adopt command to circumvent the client's adoption issues, the command operates under the same requisites
  • Teleporting can no longer place you on top of a portal, no more getting screwed up on certain maps!
  • Corrected a visual desync related to disguised characters
  • Removed the overhead text of monster transformation effects
  • Revamped skill descriptions of Knight and Wizard branches
  • Added status icon to Magnum Break's bonus


[ Monsters & Maps ]

  • Added a new end-game boss monster, MRPD-0700. It spawns on Verus Central Square and drops two new items, Thunderclap (18133) and Laser Eye (19111) along with Tornado Axe (28101) and Robot's Mechanical Arm (16033) plus a new miscellaneous item, Amethyst Crystal (31291)
  • DEF and Flee can no longer be reduced below zero when more than 22 monsters are attacking a player
  • Corrected and adjusted the range, area and damage of many monster skills
  • Corrected the application chance and duration of status effects inflicted by certain monster skills
  • Monsters now correctly perform their rude attack skills in all intended cases
  • Monsters that change modes now correctly return to their default mode on idle
  • Monsters with Angry mode no longer react to Provoke if they're already locked onto a target
  • Evil Land now has its intended "charges" mechanic, the total amount of healing/damaging waves is limited by skill's level, now correctly ignores Pneuma and deals miscellaneos damage
  • NPC_ elemental change skills now correctly override each other
  • Updated the effects of NPC_KEEPING and NPC_BARRIER to renewal mechanics
  • NPC_GRANDDARKNESS now correctly Blinds
  • Repair Drones now use Decrease Agility instead of Marsh of Abyss
  • Recon Robots now use a lower level of Analyze
  • Removed junk loot from Infinite Space monsters
  • Doubled the spawn amounts of Guild Dungeon monsters on normal maps
  • Increased the spawn amount of Mobsters to 10
  • Removed Gazetis from the first floor of Ice Dungeon
  • Gullinbursti now drops Savage Meat (6249)
  • Champion Chen now drops Glove of Sura (2894)
  • Tirfing now drops Poison Knife (1239)
  • Executioner now drops Kitchen Knife (1229)
  • Gryphon now drops Bradium Stone Hammer (1385)
  • Ktullanux now drops Excalibur (1137)
  • Archangeling now drops Medical Boots (22100) (new item)
  • Errende Ebecee now drops Divine Glove (28323) (new item)
  • Doubled the drop rate of Kaiser Knuckle (1813) from Ankaa
  • Increased the drop rate of miscellaneous items from Undersea City monsters to 50%
  • King Dramoh now drops Saphien's Armor of Ocean (2346)
  • Big Ben now drops Claytos' Cracking Earth Armor (2350)
  • Repair Drone now drops Aebecee's Raging Typhoon Armor (2348)
  • Increased drop rates of certain items for Verus monsters
  • Fallen Bishop Hibram now drops Costume: Silver Strand of Commandment (20406) (new item)
  • Leak now drops Costume: Rainbow Feather Decoration (19650)
  • General Egnigem now drops a new miscellaneous item, Last Rites (31290)
  • Zmey Gorynych now drops a new miscellaneous item, Forest's Breath (31292)


[ NPCs ]

  • Expanded Seiyablem's slotting with jRO exclusive gear, this is the full list:


  • Updated Malangdo's Enchanting to include all the missing slotted versions of existing gear plus the new oned from the update above
  • Updated Hidden Enchanting to include iRO only gear: Angelic Protection (2355), Novice Breastplate (2340) and Valkyrian Armor (2357)
  • Istan now offers 5 new weapons! Onimaru (21019), Shadow Staff (1682), Aion Staff (2028), Meteor Strike (16043) and Giant Conch (1940)
  • Istan's crafting requirements have been toned down across the board
  • Added a vendor to Verus that sells a new item, Speed Amplifying Circuit (14504) to Mechanics, this is a consumable item that allows the use of self-cast Adrenaline Rush while on Mado Gear
  • Headgear Connoisseur now offers the following new headgears: Holy Klobuk (18757), Verdant King's Crown (19103), Dux's Tiara (19099), Mask of Bankruptcy (18824), White Abysmal Knight's Helm (20134), White Boy's Cap (18738) and Red Pirate's Bandana (5661)
  • Headgear Connoisseur's Noah's Hat (5759) recipe now requires a normal Holy Robe (2327) instead of a slotted one
  • Headgear Connoisseur's Jolly Roger (18847) recipe now requires 15 Treasure Boxes (7444), down from 30
  • Prontera Princess now offers a new headgear: Abysmal Knight's Helm (5363)
  • Fixed certain low-level steps of Eden Group's quests that gave final tier of gear instead of the intended one
  • The box in Buwaya's Cave now buffs you with the correct status effect
  • Doha's Secret Order's final step now also awards a Golden Lockbox
  • Garden Invasion's entry now dispells Auto Spell and Auto Shadow Spell
  • Updated many scripts that show item stats to use ITEMLINK


[ Classes ]

  • Skills that incorrectly hit through walls, no longer do that
  • The root effect from Fear status now correctly lasts for 2 seconds in all cases
  • Certain spells such as Metallic Sound no longer get incorrectly reduced by ranged damage reduction effects from items (Alligator Card and such)
  • Corrected the HP/SP costs and recovery of Wedding Skills
  • Freeze and Stone statuses now correctly cancel Lex Aeterna on the affected targets

Rune Knight:

  • Two-Hand Quicken now grants its correct 7 ASPD and provides additional CRIT and chance to avoid spell damage (not debuffs) based on skill's level
  • Brandish Spear's knockback was corrected to be 2 cells
  • Frenzy now grants its correct 14 ASPD
  • Frenzy now correctly drains HP every 15 seconds instead of 10 and no longer disables SP regeneration for 5 minutes after its expiration
  • Charge Attack now has its correct 14 cell range
  • Enchant Blade now correctly includes character's MATK into the formula
  • Wind Cutter now deals increased base damage and additional x1.5 damage with a two-handed sword
  • Sonic Wave now deals additional x1.5 damage with a two-handed sword

Royal Guard:

  • Shrink now only pushes away enemies in melee range
  • Spear Quicken's recast is now correctly blocked if you're affected by Decrease Agility, just like other quicken skills
  • Banding now correctly cancels and blocks Prestige
  • Cannon Spear had its animation and effective ranges corrected, no longer fails on target at the maximum distance
  • Shield Press had its Stun duration per level corrected


  • Heaven's Drive and Thunderstorm had their timer intervals corrected to be 100 ms
  • Releasing Elemental Balls was greatly improved (fixed timer intervals, faster execution, better animation, etc) and is more enjoyable to use
  • White Imprison's monster ignore state no longer lingers in certain situations
  • Sienna Execrate now has its correct animation
  • Stasis now has its correct minimum duration of 10 seconds


  • Heaven's Drive and Thunderstorm had their timer intervals corrected to be 100 ms
  • Soul Exhale and Dispel no longer go through Hiding


  • Claymore Trap no longer has cast time when used by a Hunter/Sniper/Ranger, Shadow Chasers still have to deal with the fixed cast time
  • Arrow Shower is no longer an unit skill and now has a more consistent knockback direction
  • Land Mine, Freezing Trap, Blast Mine and Claymore Trap now correctly ignore damage reductions
  • Land Mine, Freezing Trap, Flasher and Sandman had their status application chances corrected
  • Camouflage now has a status icon, the first 10 seconds timer will indicate the time span required to rack up the maximum bonus, after that the timer is over, the icon is permanent until the status is cancelled
  • Camouflage's ATK bonus now correctly caps at 300
  • Unlimit is no longer cancelled upon arrow swap or removal, only weapon
  • Fear Breeze is no longer cancelled upon weapon/arrow swap or removal

Minstrel and Wanderer:

  • Certain Songs no longer incorrectly affect Homunculus
  • Reverberation's physical part now benefits from ranged damage % increasing effects
  • Severe Rainstorm now works with instruments and you no longer get stuck in an animation with every hit

Arch Bishop:

  • Assumptio now correctly doubles Hard DEF/MDEF and doesn't affect VIT DEF/MDEF at all, no longer stacks with Steel Body
  • Sanctuary now has its intended "charges" mechanic, the total amount of healing/damaging waves is limited by skill's level, no longer makes undeads flinch and had its knockback corrected
  • Expiatio now also affects MDEF!


  • Ki Explosion had its Stun duration corrected
  • Dragon Combo can now be correctly chained into Skynet Blow even if you don't have Fallen Empire Learned
  • Corrected the ranges of Dragon Combo, Fallen Empire and Tiger Cannon to be the correct 1 cell (generic melee range)
  • Tiger Cannon's splash damage no longer bypasses certain protective effects
  • Tiger Cannon and Gate of Hell had their secondary damage portion's (neutral) formula and elemental interaction corrected
  • Cursed Circle can no longer be incorrectly refreshed
  • Earth Shaker had its Stun per level duration corrected


  • Adrenaline Rush and Advanced Adrenaline Rush now grant their correct 7 ASPD to self and 6 to party members
  • Research Fire and Earth now correctly provides VIT DEF instead of elemental damage reductions
  • Power Swing now correctly auto-casts Axe Boomerang only with an axe type weapon equipped
  • FAWs can no longer be knocked back or moved around with other effects


  • Thorn Trap's status effect is now cancelled if the unit is removed

Guillotine Cross:

  • Weapon Blocking can now correctly proc even if the attack was avoided
  • Oblivion Curse had its duration and application success chances corrected again

Shadow Chaser:

  • Intimidate no longer incorrectly teleports stationary targets
  • Fatal Menace was reworked entirely, the teleportation component is gone, area is increased to 5x5, damage is increased and you will instantly hide for 2 seconds upon impact (can follow-up with Raid), has a 1 second cooldown and no after-cast delay
  • Manhole now has a status icon
  • Manhole's status effect is now cancelled if the unit is removed
  • Manhole now applies a short duration post-effect during which you can't be manholed again to prevent chaining (similar to Vacuum Extreme)
  • Emergency Escape's Ankle Snare duration is now based on the skill level

Kagerou and Oboro:

  • Crimson Fire Formation had its mechanics such as time interval between hits and hit limit corrected, no longer incorrectly makes targets flinch
  • Dragon Fire Formation, Falling Ice Pillar and Lightning Crash are now correctly unit-based skills and thus fail on Land Protector, timer interval was corrected as well
  • Jyusatsu now correctly applies Curse status with full fixed duration and can no longer kill the target


  • Ground Drift now correctly scales with ranged % damage effects and ammunition's ATK
  • Crimson Marker no longer has after-cast delay.
  • Flicker no longer has after-cast delay but received increased cooldown
  • Platinum Alter now provides additional ATK per coins, received its proper cast time and the duration was corrected
  • Eternal Chain is no longer cancelled upon weapon/ammunition swap or removal
  • Heat Barrel's effects were updated and cooldown corrected
  • Bind Trap's damage was adjusted and is now based on the learned level and not used, slow status is now canceled by detonation. Now has correct status and unit durations per level
  • Shatter Storm no longer breaks equipment that can't be protected, just like all other similar effects, damage now correctly scales with base level. Gear breaking formula was adjusted and cooldown corrected
  • Banishing Buster's damage now correctly scales with base level
  • Anti-Material Blast's damage was correctly increased and the status duration was doubled. Fixed cast time was updated
  • Dragon Tail's variable cast time was corrected, fixed removed and after-cast delay increased
  • Fire Rain's damage formula was corrected, removed fixed cast time and corrected variable
  • Slug Shot's cast time, cooldown and after-cast delays were updated
  • Hammer of God's additional damage from coins was corrected, cast time and after-cast delays were updated
  • Howling Mine's fixed cast time was removed and cooldown for level 5 corrected
  • Mass Spiral had its fixed cast time slightly increased
  • Round Trip had its damage formula slightly corrected
  • Fallen Angel's after-cast delay was corrected


  • High Jump had it's diagonal range correct

Soul Linker:

  • Kaizel now correctly interrupts cast upon a succesful resurrection


[ Items ]

  • Corrected a myriad of item scripts
  • Fireproof, Coldproof, Earthproof and Thunderproof Potions no longer incorrectly stack status icons when reused and those do not linger after death
  • Cooked 10 stat foods now last for 30 minutes (and aren't removed upon death, just like before)
  • Splendide and Manuk Coins are now tradable
  • The following weapons now grant a ranged % damage bonus: Eden Group Bows, Eden Group Instruments and Infinity Instruments
  • Nab's Ring (2887) and Sapha's Ring (2886) are now slotted, with the latter now reducing the SP cost of Cross Impact
  • Ur's Plate (15036) and Peuz's Plate (15037) are now slotted and their bonuses were adjusted
  • Peuz's Set now increases the damage of Wind Cutter by 50% due to the skill's overall buff
  • Black Ribbon (5899) now grants slightly lower bonuses to Wind Cutter and Sonic Wave due to the overall buffs to those skills but reduces damage of Hundred Spears by a lesser amount
  • Added Onimaru (21019) to Istan's crafting
  • Added Shadow Staff (1682) to Istan's crafting
  • Added Aion Staff (2028) to Istan's crafting
  • Added Meteor Strike (16043) to Istan's crafting
  • Added Giant Conch (1940) to Istan's crafting
  • Added Thunderclap (18133) to MRPD-0700
  • Added Laser Eye (19111) to MRPD-0700
  • Added Divine Glove (28323) to Errende Ebecee
  • Added Medical Boots (22100) to Archangeling
  • Added Costume: Silver Strand of Commandment (20406) to Fallen Bishop Hibram
  • Added Costume: Rainbow Feather Decoration (19650) to Leak
  • Renown Archer's Glove (2667) now has a slot
  • Yggdrasil Ring (2993) has new, better stats
  • Moved Majestic Devil Horns (5584) from Cash Shop to Prontera Princess
  • Removed Fresh Fish (2791) from Cash Shop
  • Added the following new items to Cash Shop: Rosary of the Apostate (28386), Emerald Earring (28411), Alki's Necklace (28429), Bio Protector (19082), Eremes Guile's Scarf (20405), Black and White Temptation (20449), Bunny Headdress (20031), Lady's Feather Hat (20155), Memories of the Night Sky (20451), Glam Peony (20450), Strawberry Prince's Crown (20452)

Charleston Crisis instance and other stuff coming soon!

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