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October 24th | Patch v8.5 | Halloween is Here!

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Posted 24 October 2016 - 06:15 AM

[ General ]

  • Halloween Event is now live! Besides the usual scripted quests and minigames, Scatleton Pet Quest has been implemented (check the second floor of Nifelheim's Inn) and will remain active forever. Once completed, you can get the pet's accessory as well via a short errand quest, this pet eats Haunted Salmon (31317), sold by Pet Master Taini. Besides all of that, we'll be having staff-hosted in-game and forum events. The event will last until November 7th
  • Due to a small revamp to Assassin's skill tree, all existing characters will receive a one-time reset upon logging in
  • Revamped Thief, Assassin (Cross) and Guillotine Cross skill descriptions
  • Normalized skill and multihit damage on plants,  skills always deal 1 damage, while multihit normal attacks (double attack and similar) deal damage equal to the amount of hits
  • Poison and Deadly Poison had their HP drain values corrected


[ List of Unique Headgears Available During the Event ]

  • Fantastic Pumpkin Hat  [1] (5202) - Pumpkin Loving Gramps quest
  • Costume: Orange Halloween Hat (20174) - Gloomy Jack and Cool Deviruchi quest
  • Costume: Purple Halloween Hat (19910) - Gloomy Jakk and Cool Deviruchi quest
  • Costume: Evolved Whisper Mask (19920) - Halloween Witch's Box
  • Costume: There's... Something... (20183) - Halloween Witch's Box
  • Costume: Happy Pierrot's Mask (20176) - Halloween Witch's Box
  • Costume: Diabolic Headphones (20175) - Halloween Witch's Box
  • Costume: Black Cat Hat (19916) - Halloween Witch's Box
  • Costume: Pumpkin Toque (20394) - Halloween Witch's Box
  • Costume: Lude's Hood (20173) - Halloween Witch's Box
  • Gloomy Pumpkin Hat [1] (18527) - Reward from Ragged Illusionist
  • Black Witch's Hat [0] (18883) - Reward from Ragged Illusionist
  • Witch's Shoes [0] (22067) - Reward from Ragged Illusionist
  • Dark Night Veil [0] (20220) - Reward from Ragged Illusionist
  • Pumpkin Headband [0] (20172) - Reward from Ragged Illusionist
  • Haunted Pumpkin [1] (20397) - Reward from Ragged Illusionist
  • Costume: Grim Reaper's Protection (20398) - Reward from Ragged Illusionist


[ Monsters & Maps ]

  • Revamped DEF and MDEF values of bosses, MDEF has been greatly decreased across the board while DEF values are more varied
  • NPC_VENOMFOG is no longer removable by Ganbantein and other similar effects
  • Beelzebub now drops Costume: Beelzebub's Crown (20302)


[ NPCs ]

  • Updated Marketplace's Kafra to include Guild Storage
  • Headgear Connoisseur now offers new recolored headgears: Red Heavy Injury Bandage (31312), Purple Taini's Cap (31313), Blue Taini's Cap (31314), Red Taini's Cap (31315) and Green Taini's Cap (31316)


[ Classes ]
Rune Knight:

  • Spiral Pierce no longer breaks aggro of passive monsters
  • Storm Blast no longer hits through Hiding


Royal Guard:

  • Ray of Genesis no longer hits through Hiding
  • Inspiration now correctly removes all active Chemical Protection effects
  • King's Grace now suspends all active Devotion links instead of canceling them, the effect is resumed once the status ends on the Royal Guard
  • Moonslasher's sit effect now stops the player's autoattacks beforehand to ensure that player always sits down



  • Quagmire now correctly blocks the recast of Acceleration



  • Level 1 Aqua's defensive mode skill, Water Screen was rewritten for consistent behavior, works exactly like devotion
  • Level 1 Agni's defensive mode skill, Circle of Fire was rewritten to act from the Sorcerer's and not Spirit's side, this stops monsters going after the spirit and wonky animation
  • Spirit Recovery now heals for the amount of HP/SP spent by the Sorcerer instead of Spirit's own HP/SP percentage



  • Arrow Shower lost its after-cast delay and gained 0.1 second cooldown



  • Ankle Snare's duration at all levels has been corrected to avoid negative values
  • Camouflage's damage bonus now correctly applies to all targets when canceled through an area attack and attacking plants now correctly cancels the status


Minstrel and Wanderer:

  • Great Echo no longer hits through Hiding


Arch Bishop:

  • Magnus Exorcismus now deals 150% of MATK per hit
  • Slow Poison no longer messes up with Poison/Deadly Poison timers



  • Snap now updates position to avoid visual glitches
  • Earth Shaker now scales with INT*3
  • Windmill's sit effect now stops the player's autoattacks beforehand to ensure that player always sits down
  • Crescent Elbow now correctly damages the attacker for full damage even if the Sura dies in the process



  • Magma Eruption no longer hits through Hiding



  • Spore Explosion now ignores flee and goes through guarding effects
  • Blood Sucker's hits no longer interrupt casts through Phen effects, the effective detach range has been corrected (1 cell increase)
  • Cart Tornado's damage no longer overflows when STR is greater than 200, the bonus is capped at 130
  • Hell Plant's interaction with certain magical reflect effects has been cleaned up (no longer reflectable)



  • Double Attack now correctly increases HIT with daggers (was this really missing for a decade?)


Guillotine Cross:

  • Venom Dust now only has 5 levels, duration and SP costs have been scaled down to match new values
  • Poison React now only has 5 levels, Envenom level is equal to skill level * 2 and the special hit that counters Poison property attackers deals largely increased damage and ignores flee, both portions attempt to inflict Deadly Poison if the target is already poisoned and SP cost have been scaled down to match new values
  • Meteor Assault now only has 5 levels, damage formula and SP cost have been scaled down to match new values
  • Venom Splasher now scales with Enchant Poison (+40% per level) instead of Poison React and goes through guarding effects
  • Weapon Blocking now correctly blocks Hell's Plant and no longer requires a weapon equipped to activate (you block with those gauntlet spikes or something, Shredder style)
  • Poison Smoke now inflicts Leech End that does proper damage instead of something weird
  • Leech End now heals 20% of the damage dealt as long as you're within 6 cells of the afflicted target, the damage is now fixed regardless of Research New Poison level and ticks no longer interrupt casting
  • Pyrexia's reapplication now refreshes or reapplies Blind and Hallucination effects even if the poison is still active
  • Toxin's effect that suspends Phen-like bonuses now goes through Devotion
  • All poisons that inflict effects at intervals are now signaled by an emotion


Shadow Chaser:

  • Graffiti now requires Cleaner instead of Flag Graffiti to unlock, no longer removes other Rogue ground effects and cannot be recasted (must remove the previous with Cleaner first)
  • Cleaner now consumes a Wet Brush (sold at Tool Dealer)
  • Flag Graffiti has been removed as it doesn't do anything, Graffiti took its place instead
  • Manhole now requires Graffiti instead of Flag Graffiti to unlock
  • Feint Bomb no longer hits through Hiding


Kagerou and Oboro:

  • Bakuretsu Kunai had its sp cost increased to 10 + 10 * skill level
  • Zenkai's status duration for all statuses was separated (each status has a different duration) and Sleep/Deep Sleep inflicted through it no longer shows Burning animation sometimes
  • Kyoumu now correctly suspends ALL reflect effects and grants a chance for skill activation to fail (similar to Volcanic Ash/Wall of Fog)
  • Dohu Koukai now correctly forces Earth element to all physical skills when 10 charms are summoned



  • Magical Bullet now goes through Cast-off Cicada Shell and Illusionary Shadow but is blocked by Auto Guard, Parrying and Reverse Tatami


[ Items ]

  • Black Wing, Sapha's and Nab's sets had their bonuses improved
  • Oni Horns (5906) now boost Meteor Assault instead of Phantom Menace
  • Harvester's Hat (5902) now correctly boosts Blood Sucker's damage
  • Heroic Judgement Robe (15095) now also boosts Duple Light
  • Rhyncho Card (4460) has been revamped to be a healing version of Phylla Card
  • Phylla Card (4461) had its effect boosted
  • Dolomedes Card (4506) now also works for Gunslingers
  • Bat Scarf (31311), Vampire Familiar (31309), Secret Zipper (20266), The Mad Hat (19017), Nifelheim Bunny Hat (5931), Whisper Tall Hat (20130) and Ghostring Tall Hat (31310) were added to Cash Shop for this Halloween and will be removed once it's over!



Reminder that Double EXP Weekend will be held this week! (October 29th to 30th)

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