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December 23rd | Patch v9.0 | Christmas and New Year Event

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Posted 23 December 2016 - 06:07 PM

[ General ]

  • Christmas and New Year Event is now active, for two weeks (until January 6th). Look around Prontera and Lutie for various quests!
  • EXP rates have been doubled during this period!
  • Implemented Jitterbug's Nightmare instance which is accessible from Eden Group HQ. The instance is based on jRO's version and has been customized with extra goodies as usual
  • Bleeding status was reworked, it now ticks every second but no longer interrupts casting. The base duration has been greatly reduced for all skills that inflict it, more so for area skills



[ List of Headgears Available During Christmas Event ]

  • Louise's Red Hat (20433) - Louise Kim's Quest
  • Snowman Hat [1] (5738) - Christmas Gift Delivery Quest reward (Santa's Helper)
  • Elder Crown  [1] (18812) - Strange Snowman's crafting
  • Angeling Knit Hat [1] (19047) - Strange Snowman's crafting
  • Christmas Hamster (31270) - Strange Snowman's crafting
  • Rudolph's Nose (5204) - Santa & Rudolph's Quest reward
  • Rudolph's Santa Hat (5742) - Santa & Rudolph's Quest reward
  • Red Twin Pom-pom Hat (5488) - Grinch's Quest reward
  • Blue Twin Pom-pom Hat (5390) - Grinch's Quest reward
  • Santa Poring Hat (5381) - Grinch's Quest reward
  • Antonio's Santa Hat [1] (5136) - Possible reward from Stolen Christmas Gift
  • Costume: Chocolate Mint Bonnet (20243) - Possible reward from Singles Union Christmas Gift
  • Costume: Eclipse Hat (20241) - Possible reward from Singles Union Christmas Gift
  • Costume: Mouton Earmuffs (19989) - Possible reward from Singles Union Christmas Gift
  • Costume: Shining Santa Poring (19685) - Possible reward from Singles Union Christmas Gift
  • Costume: Frozen Rose Band (20046) - Possible reward from Singles Union Christmas Gift



[ Monsters & Maps ]

  • Low level monsters no longer inflict Bleeding
  • Corrected NPC_SELFDESTRUCTION and NPC_SELFDESTRUCTION2 being blocked by some defensive effects
  • Passive monsters in Starry Coral Area (mal_dun01) now have cast detector mode
  • Added Wide Lex Aeterna to the arsenal of Reincarnated Morroc (first form)
  • Wounded Morroc now drops Devil's Wing (2948)
  • Fallen Bishop Hibram now drops Hand of Glory (28314)
  • Bacsojin now drops Holy Dagger (1244)
  • Grand Pere also drops Electric Guitar (1913), Rapture Rose (1963) and Sound Amplifier (2899) besides its normal loot
  • Giant Octopus now drops Octopus Hat (5554) (removed from Prontera Princess)
  • Mistress of Shelter now drops Golden Soul Ring (5207)
  • Imp now drops Campfire Hat (5414)
  • Angeling now drops Angeling Hairpin (5153)
  • False Angel now drops Angel's Dress (2358)



[ NPCs ]

  • Unrecognized Artist now resides inside Prontera's Refinery, he can draw for you the new cards: Sky Petite & Penomena Card (27050), Anubis & Teddy Bear Card (27051), Orc Warrior & Rafflesia Card (27052), Alnoldi & Bigfoot Card (27053) and Khalitzburg & Thara Frog Card (27054)
  • Old Notary now resides on the second floor of Eden Group HQ, he can wipe out all Eden Group Missions you can no longer complete due to the level difference
  • Expanded Mayomayo's enchanting list (Malangdo) with the following weapons:


  • Mayomayo can now enchant Rebel's weapons twice just like the rest of weapons and all prices have been adjusted
  • Seiyablem shifted the slotting of Lucius' Fierce Armor of Volcano (2344), Saphien's Armor of Ocean (2346), Aebecee's Raging Typhoon Armor (2348) and Claytos' Cracking Earth Armor (2350) from group S to group A, with the consequent price decrease
  • Weird Old Man (Biolabs gear exchange) now also offers Green Surgical Glove (28313), which is also enchantable
  • Removed all botched palettes from Stylist
  • Added weight and inventory slot checks to various New World quests (like the gems)
  • Added visual indications for The Sign's dancing challenge



[ Classes ]



  • Skills that applied SC_STOP status (Spiral Pierce, Moonslasher and Fallen Empire) now apply a canmove tick instead. This doesn't mess up with passive monsters and similar.


Royal Guard:

  • Shield Spell no longer hits through hiding



  • White Imprison no longer consumes Amplify Magical Power



  • Ranger Main now only has 5 levels



  • Repair had its range corrected to 5 cells
  • Mado Gear License now displays a visual animation upon mounting up the Mado Gear



  • Slim Potion Pitcher is now affected by Healing done +% bonuses (bHealPower)


Guillotine Cross:

  • Corrected damage done to plants when Left-Hand Mastery isn't maxed
  • Meteor Assault now correctly benefits from Ardent Weapon (Magnum Break/Hraunskrida's bonus)
  • Venom Splasher is no longer incorrectly reflectable
  • Enchant Deadly Poison now affects Grimtooth and Throw Venom Knife, this is subject to change


Kagerou and Oboro:

  • Kyoumu now correctly disables Reject Sword's reflect, the damage is still reduced, just not reflected


Wanderer and Minstrel:

  • Sound of Destruction now correctly checks for and removes all benefitial song effects
  • Apple of Idun is now affected by Healing done +% bonuses (bHealPower)


Soul Linker:

  • Rebirth Spirit is no longer removed by Blessing and Increase Agility



[ Items ]

  • Lucius' Fierce Armor of Volcano (2344), Saphien's Armor of Ocean (2346), Aebecee's Raging Typhoon Armor (2348) and Claytos' Cracking Earth Armor (2350) are now wearable by all jobs except novices, their drop rates have been adjusted and the set bonuses with Charm of Flame Heart (5926), Charm of Mystic Frozen (5927), Charm of Rough Wind (5928) and Charm of Great Nature (5929) increased
  • Jiagshi Bell (1999) and Erhu (1943) now apply their own SC status for consistent behavior
  • Heroic Hidden Clothes (15097) were improved to help Kagerou/Oboro as well
  • Ancient Golden Ornament (18570) now also works for Rebel and Kagerou/Oboro
  • Electric Guitar (1913) and Rapture Rose (1963) were beefed up
  • Vesper Gears gained some additional DEF and MDEF
  • Gigantic Blade (21011) had its ATK and ASPD penalties increased
  • Giant Bow (18122) had its ASPD penalty decreased
  • Excalibur (1137 and 13463) now has base MATK
  • Vitata Card (4053) no longer increases SP Consumption
  • Hardened Breastplate (15101) and Frozen Breastplate (15100) had their stats revamped and they're wearable by Rebel and Kagerou/Oboro
  • Removed Pendant of Harmony (2990), Pendant of Chaos (2991), New Oz's Ring (2988) and Igu's Floral Bracelet (2989) from Cash Shop. All existing ones were turned into legacy versions
  • Added Assassin's Despair (28320), Bloodied Mitten (28437) and Sapphire Wrist Guard (28410) to Cash Shop
  • Sleeping Eclipse Family (20268), Snowysnow Hat (20242) and Snow Bunny Knit Hat (19990) were added to Cash Shop for this Christmas and New Year Event and will be removed once it's over!

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