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December 28th | Patch v13.0

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Posted 29 December 2018 - 04:48 AM

[ General ]

  • As we haven't had a formal patch for a while, these notes document all that occurred during the past few months.
    The main highlights are the Crescent in the Noon Instance, Arch Bishop revamp and notable improvements to Ranger, Genetic and Mechanic. For specific information on class changes, check here.
  • Crescent in the Noon is a big Instance which features three difficulty modes for various level ranges, dozens of unique equipment pieces, new mercenaries, three boss fights with entirely new mechanics and abilities, and other goodies.
  • Fire Cave Instance cards were added, they're Apostle Ahat Card (27322), Apostle Shenime Card (27323), Brinaranea Card (27324), Mors Card (27326), Grim Reaper Ankou Card (27327) and Birth & Death Card (27328).
  • Two-handed Axes now deal cause x1.6 damage with critical hits, up from the default x1.4.
  • Updated descriptions of Two-handed Spears, Katars and Two-handed Axes to reflect their innate bonuses.
  • Movement at higher speeds should be a smoother experience now.
  • Items obtained via equipment related bonuses and Ore Discovery are now personal and not shared among party members through Autoloot.
  • Mercenaries now inherit their master's Movement Speed and update on map change or teleportation.
  • Revamped all skill descriptions for Mercenaries.
  • Mercenary status window now displays the correct values.
  • Mercenaries are now subject to DEF/FLEE penalty when mobbed.
  • Items placed in the Favorite Tab are no longer droppable regardless of the Drop Lock being active or not.
  • Rental Equipment no longer floods the chat with expiration time messages.
  • @mobinfo/mi command now also displays monster's Movement Speed.
  • @wb/ws command's minimap signal now expires after 15 seconds.
  • Corrected party-related messages to properly display all operations, such as leadership changes. Added script commands to handle party functions to be used in certain content.
  • Attacks made with daggers had their unused sound effect implemented.
  • Added status icons to Basilica, Oratio and Venom Impress.
  • Updated monster shadows.
  • Implemented a custom Instance Reentry System, which is active for the new Crescent in the Noon Instance, and will be eventually expanded to the rest of them.

Instance Reentry System:




[ Monsters & Maps ]

  • Normalized view and chase ranges of monsters. Bosses and other special exceptions still occur.
  • Slave AI modes will now update with the master's.
  • Considerably alleviated the visual glitch which involves stunned monsters "walking" towards you. Also improved interactions between traps and knockback effects which caused a similar issue.
  • Added Champion versions of Guild Dungeon monsters to their respective fields. Those are Chief Giant Hornet, Chief Zombie Master, Furious Caterpillar and Solid Leib Olmai.
  • Increased the spawned amounts of Deviace, Sasquatch, Hell Poodle, Green Maiden, Giant Whisper, Lude, Chepet, Neraid, Frilldora, Eggyra and Petal.
  • Giant Whisper's respawn timer has been decreased and it will now spawn in gl_church.
  • Cat o' Nine Tail's respawn timer has been decreased to 15m.
  • Nidhoggur's Shadow now drops Ivory Breastplate (15168).
  • Drake now drops Drake's Coat (15209).
  • Scaraba Queen and Golden Scaraba Queen now drop Scaraba Queen's High Heels (15368).
  • Necromancer Mors now drops Hildisvini's Tusk (28521).
  • Pharaoh now drops Fall from Grace (22120).
  • Takun now drops Costume: Clay Poring Jar (31542).
  • Red Eruma now drops Costume: Erurava Hat (31543).
  • Goat now drops Costume: Sheep Horns (31567).
  • Alice now drops Costume: Alice Doll (19029).
  • Evil Snake Lord now drops Costume: Evil Snake Lord Stall (31611).
  • Orc Lord now drops Lord's Clothes (2318) instead of Ring (2621).
  • Zombie Master now drops Legbone of Ghoul (1260).
  • Bradium Golem now drops Katar of Quaking (1257).
  • Am Mut now drops Katar of Piercing Wind (1259).
  • Repair Drone now drops Wrench (1531).
  • All Scaraba Eggs now drop Imperial Guard (2153).
  • Constant now drops Detonator (1051).
  • Evil Snake Lord's drop chance of Hellfire (1471) was increased.
  • RSX-0808's drop chance of Wrench (1531) was increased.
  • Giant Hornet now drops Bee Sting (939).
  • NPC_RANDOMATTACK executes a random elemental attack skill, with its matching animation.
  • Movement skills used by monsters now properly update their new location.
  • Added a wide array of new conditions for monster's AI and targeting. Expect to see new behavior from fresh content.
  • Also added over a dozen of new skills for monsters, many of which are featured in the new Instance.


[ NPCs ]

  • Artifact Researcher (Mora) no longer has a chance to destroy +9 and above equipment upon a failed enchanting attempt.
  • Old Glast Heim's enchanting and slotting of Temporal Boots now returns them to +7 base boots upon failure instead of +0. The enchanting success chance was boosted to 60%/45%/30%/15%.
  • Istan asks for Vagabond's Skull (14574) instead of Thorn Staff of Darkness (1636) to craft the Shadow Staff (1682).
  • Mayomayo (Malangdo Enchanting) added Payon Guard's Spear (26003), Twin Edge of Naght Sieger (Blue) (13412), Twin Edge of Naght Sieger (Red) (13413), Hrist's Sword (13428),
    Pot Dofle's Axe (1318) and Tornado Axe (28101) to his list.
  • Prontera Princess added Ribbons of Life (5793), Checkered Bandana (31038), Black-Magenta Ribbons (31388), Monochrome Ribbon Hat (20478), Costume: Little Devil's Wings (20502),
    White Voluminous Low Twintails (31494) and Medium Wavy Hair (31599) to her list of articles.
  • Headgear Connoisseur added Black Hopping Rabbit Ears (31513), Tuxedo Rabbit (31512), White Neko Lady's Small Hat (31490), Black Warm Cat Muffler (31533), Pink Crow Ornament (31491),
    Orange Tabby Cat (31492), Brown Nekomimi Cape (31493), Blue Eremes Guile's Scarf (31545), Red Clock Casket (31546), Golden Angel's Scarf (31566), Cyan Lolita's Two Side Up (31575),
    Blue Under Rim Glasses (31601), and Kishu Inu (31600) to his list of Recolored Headgears.
  • Build Manager now uses character variables instead of account, meaning that the builds are specific to the character in question, and that all previous builds have been wiped.
    The wipe is a byproduct of the change but was also necessary due to all the trimmed skills we have now.
  • Mission Board quests now count the kills made inside instances.
  • Cluckers event was revamped, now you must pay attention to the different visual effects, text, and click at the right instant. There are two beneficial states, the jackpot and the stage where you may get coins with every click.
  • Disguise event adjusts the number of rounds based on the participants and announces the player with the highest score.
  • Garden Invasion event adjusts the number of spawns based on the participants, has a new type of mob which grants 3 points, timers are shortened a bit, mobs use new sprites and the highest scoring player is announced at the end.
    Removes your Homunculus/Mercenary/Elemental Spirit upon the entry.
  • Re-added the pre-renewal First Job Change Quests.
  • Being in a party is no longer required to enter the Dimensional Gorge and upper floors of Thanatos Tower.
  • Corrected Mayomayo to not delete cards above a certain ID.
  • Job Genie and Eden Group NPCs were corrected to give the correct weapon to babies.
  • Added proper inventory checks to Job Genie for when you're given items.
  • Lazy Quartermaster now sells Flowering Branch (31447).
  • Dusty and Soaked Jitterbugs spawn near the opposite end of the room as you enter, and don't walk on idle.
  • Grand Pere spawns the waves of Peres with each 15% of its missing Max HP instead of fixed intervals, and the packs are smaller.
  • Necromancer Mors spawns two additional packs of monsters as he loses HP, below 40% and in between of 41~60%.


[ Skills and Classes ]


  • Bash was replaced with Meteor Assault.
  • Monster Property was replaced with Holy Light (up to 1000% of MATK).
  • Compress was replaced with Heal.
  • Crash deals increased damage, has a bonus HIT chance and the Stun chance is increased.
  • Mental Cure now consumes 25% of Mercenary's Max SP to recover 5% of master's Max SP.
  • Regain cleanses Stun, Sleep and Bleeding.
  • Tender cleanses Freeze, Petrification and Chill.
  • Benediction cleanses Curse, Blind and Confusion.
  • Recuperate cleanses Poison, Deadly Poison, Silence and Burning.



  • Corrected Deep Sleep, Crystallization, White Imprison, Cursed Circle and Blade Stop to block interaction with NPCs.
  • Chill status now reduces ASPD by 30%.



  • Magnum Break now applies its status before dealing damage, so the skill is boosted by itself. Corrected the damage bonus to Fire element and removed the skill's Cooldown.



  • Safety Wall's Cast Time caps at level 7, just like it was before renewal.
  • Fire Ball had its area corrected to 7x7 cells and the damage is no longer reduced based on distance.



  • Cart Revolution is no longer pseudo Neutral, carries the element like a normal physical skill instead.
  • Mammonite triggered by autocast effects no longers consumes Zeny.



  • Back Sliding had its original animation restored.



  • Blessing and Increase Agility scale with Job Level just like Clementia and Canto Candidus when cast by an Arch Bishop.
  • Angelus had its maximum level trimmed to 5, the bonus goes up to 100% and also affects Soft MDEF. The amount is increased further based on the caster's Base Level if the caster is a Priest.
  • Signum Crucis had its maximum level trimmed to 5 and it works on players with Evil Druid Card. Success chance is slightly boosted and the duration is 1m.
  • Divine Protection also increases Hard DEF and the amount of Soft DEF was boosted.
  • Demon Bane also increases CRIT and the Mastery ATK's scaling off Base Level was increased. Corrected it to work against Undead race and not element.
  • Warp Portal's limit of teleportations was corrected to 8.



  • High Jump was corrected to properly update character's position after the leap.


Rune Knight:

  • Auto Counter deals up to 300% of ATK as damage and the catch time is 0.4s at all levels.
  • Crushing Strike triggers a subtle visual effect every second while active.


Royal Guard:

  • King's Grace had its Cooldown for every level corrected.
  • Exceed Break triggers a subtle visual effect every second while active.



  • Storm Gust's knockback is now correctly based on target and unit's position instead of being fixed.
  • Amplify Magical Power's status icon no longer lingers until the next cast.
  • Comet now properly shares the SP cost with another Warlock within a 7x7 area.



  • Book Study boosts Weapon MATK (similar to refine bonuses) instead of Mastery ATK.
  • Varetyr Spear is now a physical attack which scales off both MATK and ATK. It ignores FLEE, magical reflection/immunity effects and is reduced by DEF instead of MDEF.
  • The effects of Lv.3 Insignias now work with Psychic Wave endowed through Elemental Spirits.
  • Elemental Shield now only consumes one Blue Gemstone regardless of the party members shielded and its Cooldown isn't triggered on a failed cast.
  • Tidal Weapon (Aqua) grants additional 20% of damage as Water property damage to physical and magical attacks and no longer carries the endow effect.



  • Beast Bane's bonus now scales with Base Level.
  • True Sight also increases the damage Double and Beast Strafing, Charge Arrow, Phantasmic Arrow and Aimed Bolt by up to 20%.
  • Wind Walk boots FLEE by a percentage and is no longer removed upon relogging.
  • Ranger Main also reduces damage taken from monsters when a bow is equipped by up to 10%.
  • Fear Breeze now has a 30% base chance to trigger and the amount of hits is randomized evenly based on skill's level. It is also affected by effects which increase double-hit chance and damage.
    Also affects Double and Beast Strafing. Can be toggled off without Cast Time or SP Cost.
  • Aimed Bolt had its maximum level trimmed to 5 and the damage formula goes up to 1200%. Deals a fixed amount of hits on trapped targets based on their size (3/4/5).
    Only removes the trap's effect or Warg Bite if the hit connects.


Minstrel & Wanderer:

  • Humming now also increases the damage of Double Attack and other multi-hit effects.
  • Windmill Rush now increases physical damage done by a percentage instead of boosting WATK.
  • Moonlight Serenade now increases magical damage done by a percentage instead of boosting MATK.
  • Echo Song now reduces physical damage taken by a percentage instead of boosting Hard DEF.
  • Lover's Sympony now reduces magical damage taken by a percentage instead of boosting Hard MDEF.



  • Hilt Binding grants 3 STR and 10 BATK.
  • Adrenaline Rush and Mado Adrenaline Rush now also boost CRIT by 5 per skill's level.
  • Equipment Refine now adds Fame Points for everything you refined to +10/15/20, not just what you had forged. For weapons, the amount is based on their level (1/25/250/1000).
  • Research Fire and Earth was renamed to Geothermal Furnace. Has an active portion which buffs the caster for 30s, adding up to 20% additional Fire and Earth property damage to physical attacks.
    Usable on Mado Gear.
  • Axe Tornado Recovers 1% of Max HP per each damaged enemy. The Cooldown for lower levels was reduced.
  • Power Swing had its STR+DEX damage scaling boosted to x2, and the chance to Stun increased up to 20%.
  • Magma Eruption had the damage of its initial slam increased up to 1200% of ATK, and the damage of eruption's ticks scales with Base Level, going up to 3600.
  • Flare Launcher can be used without being on the Mado Gear.
  • Knuckle Boost had its DEX damage scaling boosted to x2, and Base Level scaling is /100.
  • Arm Vulcan had its DEX damage scaling boosted to x2, and Base Level scaling is /100.
  • Arm Cannon's Base Level scaling is now /100.
  • Pile Bunker's base damage formula goes up to 800% of ATK.
  • Hovering boosts FLEE by 10% instead of increasing Movement Speed, which didn't stack with Acceleration anyway.
  • Analyze only shows its visual animation upon success. No longer triggers a "hit" sound.
  • Infrared Scan's duration was increased to 4s. No longer triggers a "hit" sound.
  • Magnetic Field now correctly works on Hovering.
  • Elemental Shift now has a different status icon for each element.
  • Repair is usable without being on Mado Gear and can be used on FAWs, and the recovery is doubled in this case. The casting animation no longer gets you "stuck" and the healed amount is displayed.
  • FAW - Silver Sniper and FAW - Magic Decoy scale with caster's ATK (/2), MATK (x2) and copy caster's Base Level. Their HP and DEF/MDEF were boosted a bit. They no longer copy caster's name.
  • FAW - Magic Decoy casts level 10 Heal on the master every 10s when the master is below 90% of Max HP.
  • Remove FAW recovers one Steel or Brigan.



  • Sphere Mine copies caster's Base Level.
  • Plants summoned through Bio Cannibalize had their MATK values increased and they also copy caster's Base Level. They keep their own name instead of copying master's.
  • Twilight Alchemy III's Acid Bottle + Bottled Grenade recipe no longer incorrectly consumes 150 Medicine Bowls.
  • Create Bomb had its material requirement lowered in most cases. Apple Bomb uses Yellow Powder (6246), Coconut Bomb uses White Powder (6247), Pineapple Bomb uses Black Powder (6245).
  • Cart Cannon had its Cast Time greatly reduced.
  • Cart Tornado's base damage modifier was increased to 100% + 100% per level.
  • Spore Explosion's INT damage scaling was boosted to INT*3.
  • Demonic Fire's effect is 7x7 cells to match the visual. Units no longer can overlap. Ticks every second and consumes a Concentrated Bottled Grenade instead of its normal catalyst.
  • Fire Expansion's effect is 7x7 cells, the units are now placed on top of Demonic Fire instead of the targeted cell. The visual effects do not overlap (previous is removed).
    The damage formula for Lv.1 and 2 was improved and the duration extension of Lv.1 was corrected, and capped to 28s. No longer consumes its catalyst upon a failed cast.
  • Illusion Doping reduces HIT by 10%.
  • Crazy Weed received a STR*3 damage scaling.
  • Thorn Trap is now usable inside Instances since it doesn't affect Bosses anyway.
  • Castling (Amistr) forces the master to stand up when sitting to avoid visual glitches.
  • Goldene Ferse (Bayeri) boosts FLEE by a percentage and overrides Angriffs Modus.
  • Angriffs Modus (Bayeri) no longer reduces DEF and FLEE, grants more ATK and also a DEF piercing effect to Stahl Horn. Overrides Goldene Ferse.
  • Heilige Stange (Bayeri), Poison Mist (Sera), Eraser Cutter (Eira) and Xeno Slasher (Eira) now take into account the ATK boosts the Homunculus may receive for their damage formulas.
  • Sling Item shouts the name of the item tossed instead of skill's name and there are visual effects for different items.
  • Fruit Bombs used through Sling Item had their damage formulas, effects, success chances and durations improved.
  • Throwing Potions used through Sling Item had their duration increased by x1.5 and recovery bonuses (if any) also boosted.
  • In all cases, the complete information is available through item's description.


Guillotine Cross:

  • Cross Impact no longer requires any skill to unlock.


Shadow Chaser:

  • Preserve is now a permanent toggle which can be dispelled by players but not monsters.
  • Fatal Menace causes an instant aggro drop. Triggers a smooth fade out/in, properly updating the character on everybody's client.
  • Feint Fomb causes an instant aggro drop, the damage formula relies less on Job Level so you deal more early on. Triggers a smooth fade out/in, properly updating the character on everybody's client.
  • Triangle Shot's knockback chance was doubled.
  • Body Painting shows a visual animation on the enemy upon success (the ASPD portion).
  • Masquerade: Ignorance now also recovers SP when used against a monster, the amount is equal to twice the monster's level.
  • Malestrom can now be recast on top of itself and the sp recovery is based on benefactor's Job Level and the amount is no longer halved.
  • Chaos Panic can now be recast on top of itself.


Arch Bishop:

  • Safety Wall's Cast Time caps at level 7, just like it was before renewal.
  • Slow Poison had its duration boosted by 10s at all levels.
  • Magnus Exorcismus now deals dual physical+magical damage, the physical scaling is 75% of ATK per hit. After-cast Delay was reduced to 3s.
    Requires level 4 Safety Wall and no longer requires Turn Undead to unlock.
  • Impositio Manus increases the final HIT and CRIT rates by up to 10% instead of boosting Mastery ATK. Is no longer castable on monsters. After-cast Delay was reduced to 2s.
  • Suffragium also reduces After-cast Delay of the next skill by up to 100% and the Variable Cast Time reduction goes up to 50%. Is no longer castable on monsters.
  • B.S Sacramenti No longer triggers Holy armor, instead it places a buff on party members and yourself which reduces magical damage taken by a percentage,
    recovering a certain amount of HP when damaged. Also deals Holy property and MDEF ignoring magical damage to Demons and Undeads.
    It is castable by default, consuming a Yellow Gemstone, and this cost is voided with another Acolyte within a 7x7 area, and the SP cost is split.
    No longer requires Aspersio to unlock.
  • Lex Divina got an increased success chance past level 5, going up to 200%.
  • Sanctuary's healed amount scales with caster's Base Level if the caster is a Priest.
  • Mace Mastery was renamed to Arma Iusta and instead of its original effect, it adds additional magical damage to physical attacks, which scales with MATK, Base Level and increases further as your SP depletes.
  • Assumptio is now castable of FAWs and Alchemist's Plants, and can be dispelled from those.
  • Basilica's behavior was corrected to behave as it should. It is now castable with units inside of the area, and pushes them out. Removes Land Protector cells inside its area and blocks Songs from working.
    Cast Time was greatly reduced and the After-cast Delay removed. Triggers a 3s Cooldown upon canceling the effect manually.
  • Mana Recharge was renamed to Frepta Armaiti and besides its original effect, it also enables the use of an active skill which consumes a percentage of your own SP to deal miscellaneous damage around yourself,
    burning SP of enemies and recovering it to allies.
    No longer requires Demon Bane to unlock.
  • Odin's Power was made level selectable.
  • Coluceo Heal's healed value is now based on that of level 10 Heal, regardless of the learned level.
  • Praefatio's Cooldown was made the same at all levels, using that of level 1. The duration increases with level.
  • Expiatio's value is now 10 + 4 per level.
    Requires level 5 Praefatio and Oratio to unlock.
  • Ancilla requires level 3 Praefatio to unlock.
  • Convenio requires Ancilla to unlock.
  • Silentium requires Lex Aeterna to unlock, and no longer needs Clearance.
  • Vituperatum requires level 5 Oratio and level 3 Silentium to unlock.
  • Adoramus now also shares its SP cost with another Priest within a 7x7 area.
  • Oratio's success chance goes up to 100%, the damage bonus up to 30% and it also enables melee attacks to recover a certain amount of SP by a chance.
    Requires level 1 Aspersio to unlock.
  • Duple Light's trigger chance goes up to 40%. The physical portion is able to critically and double hit, and the magical portion follows weapon's element. Improved the damage display to tone down overlapping.
  • Required level 5 Oratio to unlock.
  • Clearance only shows its visual effect upon success.
  • Eucharistica's now works against Demon and Undead race monsters. Has an active portion which doubles the base effects and places on yourself a buff that adds additional effects to all Arch Bishop buffs you have on you.
  • Castigatio is a new skill that's mechanically similar to Exceed Break, but half of the damage splashes in a 5x5 area around the target, and there's an additional CRIT chance.
    Successful hit triggers Metanoia state which removes Cast Time of the next skill and boosts the healing of High Heal and Coluceo Heal by 50%.
    Requires level 5 Duple Light and level 3 Vituperatum to unlock.



  • Triple Attack is now affected by effects which increase double-hit chance and damage.
  • Chain Crush Combo had its maximum level trimmed to 5 and the damage formula scaled down.
  • Steel Body no longer reduces miscellaneous damage.
  • Knuckle Arrow deals additional damage equal to its second portion to bosses in all cases, and this damage comes in a single bundle.
  • Pressure Point: Silence had its Silence chance increased.
  • Pressure Point: Cure had its base healing value increased.


Kagerou & Oboro:

  • Throw Huuma Shuriken is able to overlap itself now, so no damage is lost during consecurtive quick casts. It's After-cast Delay was reduced to 1.5s.
  • Falling Ice Pillar had its area boosted to 9x9 so it matches the visual effect.
  • Water Escape Technique was corrected to double the damage of Lightning Spear of Ice when cast from inside.
  • Zanzou copies caster's Base Level.
  • Meikyo Shisui now ticks once and insantly upon the activation so no tick is lost.
  • Jyumonjikiri's debuff duration was increased to 3.5s for a smoother interaction with latency.



  • Heat Barrel's damage boost was slightly increased, going up to 50%.
  • Quick Draw Shot was corrected to behave like a fully ranged attack.
  • Slug Shot now correctly consumes its special ammunition on a miss.


[ Items ]

  • Costumed Headgears can no longer be divested/broken in certain situations or refined by a Whitesmith, and you can freely equip or swap them with the Divest Helm status active.
  • All equipment which boosts Healing Received, now also works for consumable items.
  • bAutoSpellOnSkill no longer procs off auto-cast effects in the case of certain items.
  • Corrected the damage bonus of bDoubleAtkRate.
  • bAtkRate bonus now boosts all attack values combined.
  • Novice Butterfly Wing (12324) no longer incorrectly works on maps it isn't supposed to.
  • Added a new item, Flowering Branch (31447), which summons a randon miniboss monster, including Instance-only monsters and other high level ones that can not spawn from Dead Branches.
  • Bloody Branch (12103) is now able to spawn normal Uber tier MVPs at a low chance.
  • Greatly reduced the chance of non-miniboss monsters spawning from Poring Box (12109).
  • Hero's Signet (2981) first stage Base Stat enchantments now go from 2 to 6.
  • Reduced the costs of most Eidolic gear that isn't dropped by MVPs, and of Eidolic Ballista (18149).
  • Eidolic Combo Battle Glove (1846), Eidolic Ancient Cape (20840) and Eidolic Moonlight Dagger (13099) were buffed.
  • Temporal Boots of Agility (22002/22010) had their refine bonus changes to 3 AGI per 3 Refine Levels. The bonus for having 120 base AGI is FLEE +20 and ASPD +1.
  • Katar of Frozen Icicle (1256/1275), Katar of Quaking (1257/1276), Katar of Raging Blaze (1258/1277) and Katar of Piercing Wind (1259/1278) had their ATK boosted.
  • Flash Claw (1833) has 3 slots now.
  • Boosted the drop rates of Infiltrator (1261), Legbone of Ghoul (1260), Katar of Quaking (1257) and Katar of Piercing Wind (1259), Pendant of Harmony (31333) and Pendant of Chaos (31334).
  • Buffed Argos Card (4075), Megalodon Card (4067), Ambernite Card (4032), Sting Card (4226), Baby Desert Wolf Card (4023), Dark Illusion Card (4169), Tendrillion Card (4463),
    Hardrock Mammoth Card (4462) and Hateful Archer Skeleton Card (27086).
  • Benevolent Guardian (18542), Mental Stick (1654), Kandura (2388), Dragon Vest (2399), Dragon Manteau (2553), Improved Tights (2390), Armor of Naga (2389), Sprint Mail (2387), Meteo Plate Armor (2364),
    Mage's Coat (2334/2372), Robe of Casting (2343/2360), Blessed Holy Robe (2356), Krieg (13046), Sucsamad (1236/13018), Ebon Armor (15014), Divine Cloth (2366), Improved Variant Shoes (22014),
    DEX Supplement Device (2995),  Lord's Clothes (2318) and Musika (2545) were buffed.
  • Cold Heart (2746) and Black Cat (2747) now have slots.
  • Hunter's Cloak (20723) bonus now works for Rebels.
  • Thorny Boots (22064) had its base and set bonuses boosted.
  • Yellow Powder (6246), White Powder (6247),  Black Powder (6245) and Lord's Clothes (2318) had their drop chances increased.
  • Divine Cross (2001/2017) had its ATK increased.
  • Dea Staff (2005) had its ATK greatly increased and received additional bonuses.
  • Ledger of Death (1565) autocasts Wide Blood Drain for Priest and had its MATK boosted a bit.
  • Golden Mace (1524/1539) now also boosts MATK, increases damage done to Undeads and autocasts a high level of Holy Light.
  • Heroic Judgement Robe (15095) autocasts Chain Combo and Absorb Spirits for Arch Bishop, and the default skills for Sura.
  • Wrench (1531) had its weight greatly increased and also boosts Critical Damage.
  • Removed Checkered Bandana (31038), Black-Magenta Ribbons (31388) and Monochrome Ribbon Hat (20478) from Cash Shop.
  • Added Rental Wrench Box (13514), Theurgist's Signet (28430), Striker's Cap (19379), The Fox (31614), Calico Coffee Cup (31481), Oiran's Makeup (31615), Rune Helm (5970) and Hopping Rabbit Ears (31518) to Cash Shop.

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