Map Database

List of all maps with monster spawns.

Map Identifier Name
1@air1 Airship's Assault F1 (Instance)
1@air2 Airship's Assault F2 (Instance)
1@cash Octopus Cave (Instance)
1@cata Sealed Shrine F1 (Instance)
1@dth1 Bios Island F1 (Instance)
1@dth2 Bios Island F2 (Instance)
1@dth3 Bios Island F3 (Instance)
1@eom Devil's Palace (Instance)
1@gl_k Old Glast Heim F1 (Instance)
1@gl_kh Old Glast Heim F1 (Hard Instance)
1@infi Infinite Space (Instance)
1@jtb Jitterbug's Nightmare (Instance)
1@lab Central Laboratory (Instance)
1@lhz Wolfchev's Secret Laboratory (Instance)
1@ma_b Bakonawa's Hideout (Instance)
1@ma_c Buwaya's Cave (Instance)
1@ma_h Bangungot's Hospital (Instance)
1@mist Misty Forest Maze (Instance)
1@nyd Nidhoggur's Nest F1 (Instance)
1@orcs Orc's Memory F1 (Instance)
1@pop1 Crescent in the Noon F1 (Instance)
1@pop2 Crescent in the Noon F2 (Instance)
1@pop3 Crescent in the Noon F3 (Instance)
1@pump Malangdo Culvert (Normal Instance)
1@rev Mors' Cave (Instance)
1@sara Memories of Sarah (Instance)
1@tower Endless Tower (Instance)
2@cata Sealed Shrine F2 (Instance)
2@gl_k Old Glast Heim F2 (Instance)
2@gl_kh Old Glast Heim F2 (Hard Instance)
2@nyd Nidhoggur's Nest F2 (Instance)
2@orcs Orc's Memory F2 (Instance)
2@pump Malangdo Culvert (Hard Instance)
2@tower Endless Tower (Instance)
3@tower Endless Tower (Instance)
4@tower Endless Tower (Instance)
5@tower Endless Tower Summit (Instance)
6@tower Endless Tower Finale (Instance)
abbey01 Cursed Abbey F1
abbey02 Cursed Abbey F2
abbey03 Cursed Abbey F3
abyss_01 Abyss Lake's Underground Cave F1
abyss_02 Abyss Lake's Underground Cave F2
abyss_03 Abyss Lake's Underground Cave F3
alde_dun01 Clock Tower B1
alde_dun02 Clock Tower B2
alde_dun03 Clock Tower B3
alde_dun04 Clock Tower B4
ama_dun01 Tatami Maze
ama_dun02 Underground Battlefield
ama_dun03 Amatsu's Underground Shrine
ama_fild01 Amatsu Field
anthell01 Ant Hell F1
anthell02 Ant Hell F2
arug_dun01 Arunafeltz Guild Dungeon
ayo_dun01 Ancient Shrine Maze
ayo_dun02 Inside of the Ancient Shrine
ayo_fild01 Ayothaya Field 1
ayo_fild02 Ayothaya Field 2
beach_dun Karu, the West Cave
beach_dun2 Ruande, the North Cave
beach_dun3 Mao, the East Cave
bif_fild01 Bifrost Bridge 1
bif_fild02 Bifrost Bridge 2
bra_dun01 Beyond the Waterfall F1
bra_dun02 Beyond the Waterfall F2
bra_fild01 Brasilis Field
cmd_fild01 Papuchicha Forest
cmd_fild02 Kokomo Beach
cmd_fild03 Zenhai Marsh
cmd_fild04 Kokomo Beach
cmd_fild05 Border of Papuchicha Forest
cmd_fild06 Fortress Saint Darmain (West)
cmd_fild07 Beacon Island, Pharos
cmd_fild08 Fortress Saint Darmain (East)
cmd_fild09 Fortress Saint Darmain (South)
com_d02_i Illusion of Ruande
c_tower1 Clock Tower F1
c_tower1_ Twisted Clock Tower F1
c_tower2 Clock Tower F2
c_tower2_ Twisted Clock Tower F2
c_tower3 Clock Tower F3
c_tower3_ Twisted Clock Tower F3
c_tower4 Clock Tower F4
c_tower4_ Twisted Clock Tower F4
dew_dun01 Volcanic Island of Krakatoa
dew_dun02 Tina Grace Cave
dew_fild01 Dewata Field (Tribal Village)
dic_dun01 Kamidal Tunnel
dic_dun02 Scaraba Hall
dic_dun03 Scaraba Hole
dic_fild01 Outskirts of Kamidal Mountain 1
dic_fild02 Outskirts of Kamidal Mountain 2
ecl_fild01 Eclage Field
ecl_tdun01 Bifrost Tower F1
ecl_tdun02 Bifrost Tower F2
ecl_tdun03 Bifrost Tower F3
ecl_tdun04 Bifrost Tower F4
ein_d02_i Illusion of Teddy Bear
ein_dun01 Einbroch's Mine F1
ein_dun02 Einbroch's Mine F2
ein_fild01 Einbroch Field 1
ein_fild02 Einbroch Field 2
ein_fild03 Einbroch Field 3
ein_fild04 Einbroch Field 4
ein_fild05 Einbroch Field 5
ein_fild06 Einbroch Field 6
ein_fild07 Einbroch Field 7
ein_fild08 Einbroch Field 8
ein_fild09 Einbroch Field 9
ein_fild10 Einbroch Field 10
gefenia01 Geffenia 1
gefenia02 Geffenia 2
gefenia03 Geffenia 2
gefenia04 Geffenia 4
gef_d01_i Illusion of Vampire
gef_dun00 Geffen Dungeon F1
gef_dun01 Geffen Dungeon F2
gef_dun02 Geffen Dungeon F3
gef_dun03 Ruined Geffenia
gef_fild00 Geffen Field 1
gef_fild01 Geffen Field 2
gef_fild02 Geffen Field 3
gef_fild03 Geffen Field 4
gef_fild04 Geffen Field 5
gef_fild05 Geffen Field 6
gef_fild06 Geffen Field 7
gef_fild07 Geffen Field 8
gef_fild08 Geffen Field 9
gef_fild09 Geffen Field 10
gef_fild10 Geffen Field 11
gef_fild11 Geffen Field 12
gef_fild12 Kordt Forest
gef_fild13 Britoniah
gef_fild14 West Orc's Village
glast_01 Glast Heim
gld2_ald Aldebaran Guild Dungeon
gld2_gef Geffen Guild Dungeon
gld2_pay Payon Guild Dungeon
gld2_prt Prontera Guild Dungeon
gl_cas01 Glast Heim's Castle F1
gl_cas02 Glast Heim's Castle F2
gl_cas02_ Nightmare Glast Heim's Castle
gl_church Glast Heim's St. Abbey
gl_chyard Glast Heim's Churchyard
gl_chyard_ Nightmare Glast Heim's Churchyard
gl_dun01 The Lowest Cave of Glast Heim F1
gl_dun02 The Lowest Cave of Glast Heim F2
gl_in01 Inside of Glast Heim
gl_knt01 Inside of Glast Heim's Chivalry F1
gl_knt02 Inside of Glast Heim's Chivalry F2
gl_prison Glast Heim's Underprison F1
gl_prison1 Glast Heim's Underprison F2
gl_sew01 Glast Heim's Culvert F1
gl_sew02 Glast Heim's Culvert F2
gl_sew03 Glast Heim's Culvert F3
gl_sew04 Glast Heim's Culvert F4
gl_step Glast Heim's Staircase Dungeon
gon_dun01 Shrine of Gonryun's Queen
gon_dun02 Hermit's Checkers
gon_dun03 Arcadia
gon_fild01 Gonryun Field
harboro1 Rockridge
harboro2 Underground Channel
hu_fild01 Hugel Field 1
hu_fild02 Hugel Field 2
hu_fild03 Hugel Field 3
hu_fild04 Hugel Field 4
hu_fild05 The Abyss Lake
hu_fild06 Hugel Field 6
hu_fild07 Hugel Field 7
ice_d03_i Illusion of Ice
ice_dun01 Ice Cave F1
ice_dun02 Ice Cave F2
ice_dun03 Ice Cave F3
in_sphinx1 Sphinx F1
in_sphinx2 Sphinx F2
in_sphinx3 Sphinx F3
in_sphinx4 Sphinx F4
in_sphinx5 Sphinx F5
iz_dun00 Undersea Tunnel F1
iz_dun01 Undersea Tunnel F2
iz_dun02 Undersea Tunnel F3
iz_dun03 Undersea Tunnel F4
iz_dun04 Undersea Tunnel F5
iz_dun05 Undersea City
juperos_01 Ruins of Juperos F1
juperos_02 Ruins of Juperos F2
jupe_core The Core of Juperos
kh_dun01 Kiel's Robot Factory F1
kh_dun02 Kiel's Robot Factory F2
lhz_dun01 Somatology Laboratory F1
lhz_dun02 Somatology Laboratory F2
lhz_dun03 Somatology Laboratory F3
lhz_dun04 Somatology Laboratory F4
lhz_dun_n Sepulchre of the Victims
lhz_fild01 Lighthalzen Field 1
lhz_fild02 Lighthalzen Field 2 (Grim Reaper's Valley)
lhz_fild03 Lighthalzen Field 3
lou_dun01 The Royal Tomb
lou_dun02 Inside of the Royal Tomb
lou_dun03 Suei Long Gon
lou_fild01 Louyang Field
mag_dun01 Nogg Road F1
mag_dun02 Nogg Road F2
mal_dun01 Starry Coral Area
man_fild01 Manuk Field 1
man_fild02 Manuk Field 2
man_fild03 Manuk Field 3
ma_dun01 Bangungot's Hospital F1
ma_fild01 Baryo Mahiwaga
ma_fild02 Rain Forest
mjolnir_01 Mt.Mjolnir 1
mjolnir_02 Mt.Mjolnir 2
mjolnir_03 Mt.Mjolnir 3
mjolnir_04 Mt.Mjolnir 4
mjolnir_05 Mt.Mjolnir 5
mjolnir_06 Mt.Mjolnir 6
mjolnir_07 Mt.Mjolnir 7
mjolnir_08 Mt.Mjolnir 8
mjolnir_09 Mt.Mjolnir 9
mjolnir_10 Mt.Mjolnir 10
mjolnir_11 Mt.Mjolnir 11
mjolnir_12 Mt.Mjolnir 12
mjo_dun01 Mjolnir's Dead Pit F1
mjo_dun02 Mjolnir's Dead Pit F2
mjo_dun03 Mjolnir's Dead Pit F3
moc_fild01 Sograt Desert 1
moc_fild02 Sograt Desert 2
moc_fild03 Sograt Desert 3
moc_fild07 Sograt Desert 7
moc_fild11 Sograt Desert 11
moc_fild12 Sograt Desert 12
moc_fild13 Sograt Desert 13
moc_fild16 Sograt Desert 16
moc_fild17 Sograt Desert 17
moc_fild18 Sograt Desert 18
moc_fild20 Continental Guard Quarantine
moc_fild21 Dimensional Gorge
moc_fild22 Dimensional Gorge
moc_pryd01 Pyramid F1
moc_pryd02 Pyramid F2
moc_pryd03 Pyramid F3
moc_pryd04 Pyramid F4
moc_pryd05 Pyramid B1
moc_pryd06 Pyramid B2
moc_prydn1 Nightmare Pyramid B1
moc_prydn2 Nightmare Pyramid B2
moro_vol Fire Basin
mosk_dun01 Forest
mosk_dun02 Temniy Forest
mosk_dun03 Dremuchiy Forest
mosk_fild01 The Whale
mosk_fild02 Okrestnosti of Moscovia
nameless_n Nameless Island
niflheim Nifelheim, Realm of the Dead
nif_fild01 Skellington, a Solitary Village in Nifelheim
nif_fild02 Valley of Gyoll
nyd_dun01 Yggdrasil's Root F1
nyd_dun02 Yggdrasil's Root F2
nyd_dun03 Svafnir's Hoard
odin_tem01 Odin's Temple F1
odin_tem02 Odin's Temple F2
odin_tem03 Odin's Temple F3
orcsdun01 Orc's Dungeon F1
orcsdun02 Orc's Dungeon F2
pay_d03_i Illusion of Moonlight
pay_dun00 Payon Cave F1
pay_dun01 Payon Cave F2
pay_dun02 Payon Cave F3
pay_dun03 Payon Cave F4
pay_dun04 Payon Cave F5
pay_fild01 Payon Forest 1
pay_fild02 Payon Forest 2
pay_fild03 Payon Forest 3
pay_fild04 Payon Forest 4
pay_fild05 Payon Forest 5
pay_fild06 Payon Forest 6
pay_fild07 Payon Forest 7
pay_fild08 Payon Forest 8
pay_fild09 Payon Forest 9
pay_fild10 Payon Forest 10
pay_fild11 Payon Forest 11
prt_fild00 Prontera Field 1
prt_fild01 Prontera Field 2
prt_fild02 Prontera Field 3
prt_fild03 Prontera Field 4
prt_fild04 Prontera Field 5
prt_fild05 Prontera Field 6
prt_fild06 Prontera Field 7
prt_fild07 Prontera Field 8
prt_fild08 Prontera Field 9
prt_fild09 Prontera Field 10
prt_fild10 Prontera Field 11
prt_fild11 Prontera Field 12
prt_maze01 Hidden Temple F1
prt_maze02 Hidden Temple F2
prt_maze03 Hidden Temple F3
prt_sewb1 Prontera's Culvert F1
prt_sewb2 Prontera's Culvert F2
prt_sewb3 Prontera's Culvert F3
prt_sewb4 Prontera's Culvert F4
ra_fild01 Aumdura Grass Land
ra_fild02 Oz Gorge 1
ra_fild03 Ida Plane 1
ra_fild04 Aumdura Grass Land 1
ra_fild05 Aumdura Grass Land 2
ra_fild06 Fort Luna
ra_fild07 Oz Gorge 2
ra_fild08 Ida Plane 2
ra_fild09 Aumdura Grass Land 3
ra_fild10 Oz Gorge 3
ra_fild11 Ida Plane 3
ra_fild12 Ida Plane 4
ra_fild13 Beach of Tears
ra_san01 Freyja's Sacred Precinct F1
ra_san02 Freyja's Sacred Precinct F2
ra_san03 Freyja's Sacred Precinct F3
ra_san04 Freyja's Sacred Precinct F4
ra_san05 Freyja's Sacred Precinct F5
rockmi1 Rockridge's Mine F1
rockmi2 Rockridge's Mine F2
rockrdg1 Kiwawa Desert 1
rockrdg2 Kiwawa Desert 2
schg_dun01 Schwarzwald Guild Dungeon
spl_fild01 Splendide Field 1
spl_fild02 Splendide Field 2
spl_fild03 Splendide Field 3
thana_boss Thanatos Tower - Summit
tha_t01 Thanatos Tower F1 - Lower Level
tha_t02 Thanatos Tower F2 - Lower Level
tha_t03 Thanatos Tower F3 - Lower Level
tha_t04 Thanatos Tower F4 - Lower Level
tha_t05 Thanatos Tower F5 - Upper Level
tha_t06 Thanatos Tower F6 - Upper Level
tha_t07 Thanatos Tower F7 - Upper Level
tha_t08 Thanatos Tower F8 - Upper Level
tha_t09 Thanatos Tower F9 - Upper Level
tha_t10 Thanatos Tower F10 - Upper Level
tha_t11 Thanatos Tower F11 - Upper Level
tha_t12 Thanatos Tower F12 - Upper Level
thor_v01 Thor's Volcano F1
thor_v02 Thor's Volcano F2
thor_v03 Thor's Volcano F3
treasure01 Sunken Ship F1
treasure02 Sunken Ship F2
tur_d03_i Illusion of Abyss F1
tur_d04_i Illusion of Abyss F2
tur_dun01 Turtle Island
tur_dun02 Turtle Island Dungeon
tur_dun03 Good Turtle's Village
tur_dun04 Turtle Palace
um_dun01 Carpenter's Shop in the Tree
um_dun02 Passage to a Foreign World
um_fild01 Luluka Forest
um_fild02 Hoomga Forest
um_fild03 Kalala Swamp
um_fild04 Hoomga Jungle
un_bunker Underground Bunker
verus01 Experimental Sector - OPTATIO
verus02 Research Block - WISH
verus03 Verus Central Square
ver_eju Eastern Juperos Ruins
ver_tunn Verus Outer Tunnel
ve_fild01 Veins Field 1
ve_fild02 Veins Field 2
ve_fild03 Veins Field 3
ve_fild04 Veins Field 4
ve_fild05 Veins Field 5
ve_fild06 Veins Field 6
ve_fild07 Veins Field 7
xmas_dun01 Toy Factory Warehouse
xmas_dun02 Toy Factory Monitoring Room
xmas_fild01 Lutie Field
yggdrasil01 Hvergelmir's Fountain (Trunk of Yggdrasil)
yuno_fild01 Border Posts
yuno_fild02 Kiel Hyre's Cottage
yuno_fild03 El Mes Plateau 1
yuno_fild04 El Mes Plateau 2
yuno_fild05 El Mes Plateau 3
yuno_fild06 El Mes Plateau 4
yuno_fild07 El Mes Gorge (Valley of Abyss)
yuno_fild08 Kiel Hyre's Academy
yuno_fild09 Schwarzwald Guard's Camp
yuno_fild10 El Mes Plateau 5
yuno_fild11 El Mes Plateau 6
yuno_fild12 Border Checkpoint