Server Information

Leika has been up and running without any wipes since 2014. Our main focus lies on balancing all classes and encouraging party play. Each class shall have their role, usefulness and viability. Endgame content shall not be swept through by one person clicking a single button, but require a party.

Aside from the information given here, you can also check our Wiki.

Basic Information

  • Physical Location: Washington, D.C.
  • Timezone: UTC -06:00
  • Setting: Renewal+ (fixing and balancing all that's wrong)
  • Emulator: Customized Hercules
  • Base EXP/Job EXP: 15x
  • Quest EXP: 15x (not affected by Battle Manuals)
  • Item/Equip/Card drop chance: 10x (with exceptions)
  • MvP Card drop chance: 6x~10x (with exceptions)
  • Max Level: 175/60-70 (3rd, 2nd Extended and Babies)
  • Max Stats: 130 (3rd, 2nd Extended and Babies)
  • Max ASPD: 193 (3rd, 2nd Extended and Babies)
  • Party and Devotion level range: 30
  • Idle timeout for EXP and loot: 10 minutes
  • Homunculus EXP: 2x
  • Homunculus Intimacy Rate: 10x

Server Features

  • Re-balanced PVM to bring back party play
  • Re-balanced Jobs to promote build diversity
  • Re-balanced Mechanics & Equipment
  • Many changes aimed to stopping power creep
  • Classic Experience & Drop Mechanics
  • Friend Referral Program
  • Alternative Sprites for 3rd Jobs (for free)
  • 83 Female and 77 Male Hairstyles
  • Hundreds of Hair and Clothes Colors (Kamishi's pack)
  • 12 Character Slots
  • 150 Inventory Slots
  • 800 Storage and Guild Storage Slots
  • Balanced Cash Shop and Vote4Points System

Brand New Content

Custom Improvements

Custom Utility NPCs

  • Job Changer up to Third Job that also provides Platinum Skills
  • Stat and Skill Reset NPC (free for low level characters)
  • Build Assistant (saves and loads stat and skill profiles)
  • One-click Healer (also buffs low level characters)
  • Warper (cities and first floors of dungeons only)
  • Stylist
  • Card Remover
  • PvP/BG/WoE Warpers
  • Guild Manager with Guild Storage and Guild Bank functions
  • Name Changer
  • Gender Changer
  • Manager that converts voting and donation currencies
  • Item Mall with multiple dealers that sell job-related supplies (no crafted items)
  • Advanced Kafra: Storage and Guild Storage, Rental Services, Command Management, Channel Management, Equipment Repair, Emergency Teleportation (for those pesky Kafras outside of towns)


  • @commands
  • @monsterinfo or @mi
  • @iteminfo or @ii
  • @whosells or @ws
  • @whobuys or @wb
  • @whodrops or @wd
  • @whereis
  • @hominfo
  • @eleinfo
  • @noks (range equals player's view range)
  • @aloot/alootid/aloottype/nolootid (range equals player's view range)
  • @autotrade or @at
  • @pettalk
  • @homtalk
  • @me
  • @channel system (#main, #trade, #bg, etc)
  • @itemshortcut or @isc (uses a consumable item you carry)
  • @itemdesc or @id (shows in-game description of any item)
  • @showsp or @ssp (switches party member's HP and SP bars)
  • @adopt (circumvents possible client adoption issues)
  • @refresh or @rf (adjusted to prevent exploits)
  • @dressingroom or @dr (opens the Dressing Room)