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September 23rd | Super Novice Revamp and Svafnir's Hoard Dungeon | Patch v17.0 23.9.2023 19:22

[General] New dungeon,Svafnir's Hoardwas added! Theaccess questcan be taken inside of Nidhoggur's Dungeon Lv.2 at level 140. Quest to obtain theDragonscale Greaves(22134) may be undertaken aft... read more

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[Event] Valentine's Day 2024 13.2.2024 19:50

Valentine's Day Event of 2024 (Who could have expected?) This year, the event spans fromFebruary 14thtoFebruary 21th. TheEXP ratesare of course increased tox20! Do not forget to aid&... read more

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Not always the same old leveling spots, the same old monsters. Experience the vast variety of maps and monsters the game has to offer through the help of our mission board.


Home Sweet Home

Looking for that everyone knows everyone type of community? We are a small server with many active veteran players who are happy to help any newcomer.


Play any Class

Rebel is a gimmick and the only way to MVP is Asura? Not here. All classes have received updates to make them competitive but not dominant.

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MVPs for Grown-Ups

Remember how exciting it was to get your first MVP? We take you back to that feeling. Our MVPs hit harder, are more sturdy, have new spells, and will more often than not require a skilled party to kill.

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Something of Value

Go on long-term adventures of gathering the many required items to craft powerful new headgears. Those headgears can not be bought through the cash shop.

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The Early Days

Some servers try to freeze the game in time, but eventually you are just a visitor to a stale past. We commit to preserving game's early days magic while still carefully evolving the game.

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