Technical Help

Here are a few issues answered that might help you troubleshoot your problem. If you can't solve it with this, please check our techsupport channel in Discord.

Trouble starting the Game

I can't start the client.

  • Run your Leika.exe and Leika Launcher.exe in compatibility mode. To run a program in compatibility mode, visit this link for a tutorial here. If you can't find these options, right-click the Patcher and look for "Troubleshoot Compatibility". Follow the on-screen instructions. It's recommended that you use WinXP SP3. Tick "run as administrator" as well.
  • If you are using an ATI gpu, rename or delete the dbghelp.dll file located in the game's root folder.

I can't find the launcher.

  • If you can't find your Leika launcher, it's probably because your antivirus thought it was malicious and quarantined it. See if you can fish it out of the quarantine bin.

I'm getting "missing MSVCP110.dll" or similar errors.

After I click play on the launcher, the game window is just white. There is no error.

  • Open opensetup.exe in your game folder. Try changing around the selected graphics device, resolution and "play in full screen" options.

Graphics Issues

Everything is all white or brown.

  • Type /lightmap or /fog

I can't change my game screen size on Windows 8.

  • Run opensetup.exe in compatibility mode the same way you did for the launcher.

My screenshots come out distorted (tilted, grayscale).

  • Usually because of a widescreen resolution. Try using a different screen size that isn't widescreen, of the same proportions as 1024x768.

Ingame Issues

I am getting resource errors ingame.

  • Make sure you installed the game properly, make sure everything is updated, deleting leika.dat file and running the launcher again will redownload all updates.

I am experiencing sprite errors and client crashes.

  • Delete the leika.dat file in your game's folder and run the launcher again, make sure there are no open clients while doing so and that your game's folder isn't set to "read only".

I can open the client, but then it just closes again with no error.

  • Make sure you're patched.
  • Make sure you have speakers or headphones plugged in (RO is temperamental and has a little hissy fit if you have no way of hearing it).
  • Make sure the correct GPU is selected in setup.exe and opensetup.exe.
  • Make sure the resolution is supported by the game.
  • Try running in windowed mode.
  • Reinstall your GPU drivers.
  • For Nvidia users, try installing Nvidia Inspector and creating a profile for the game.
  • Make sure that your sound output works and to select the correct one through opensetup.exe.
  • Rare case: Install a VM (Virtual Machine) and run the game once under emulated GPU, then try lauching the game normally.

Opening the Cash Shop causes an error.

  • If you have multiple clients open, close the extra ones and use only one while buying from the Cash Shop.

My homunculus AI isn't working.

  • You can grab the working AzziAI from the Leika download page.

I lost my chat window.

  • If your chat window has disappeared and now all you have is a battle log window, click the little + button on the top right of the chat window and add a new tab. You can move this tab and double click it to rename it. Then click on the circle beside the >>. You can make any messages you like visible from there. If you want it to be back to default, turn ON everything but Battle Message, Party Battle Message Display, and Experience Message Display.

I can't edit the guild emblem.

  • You need the guild skill 'Guild's Glory' in order to use a guild emblem.