Are you interested in supporting Leika? Here's what we always need help with.

Improve the server

  • Wiki: help us update and maintain the wiki! The wiki is an important source of information for our players and is used by them daily. You are welcome to register an account and help expand the wiki or update outdated pages.
  • Feedback: what would you like to see on the server? How do you like it, what don't you like? Do you have suggestions? You are welcome to share your ideas in our #suggestions channel on Discord.
  • Organize leveling parties: yes indeed, just playing the game with others helps. Not every player has knowledge about how to best clear certain dungeons and instances. If you would like to pass on your knowledge, you can e.g. announce your plans in Discord and take other players with you.
  • Offer your talents: you're good at making banners or pixel sprites? You love planning and hosting events? You're a tool developer? You're an ace at marketing? Please contact our staff if you'd like to contribute to Leika with your skills!

Help the server grow

  • Write a Review on RMS: RMS is where most of our new players arrive from, aside from friend referrals. Writing an honest review for us there helps the server grow significantly.
  • Vote Daily: voting for Leika on our linked toplists will help attract new players. We are happy that we can offer you Leika points in return. It's a win-win!
  • Recruit your friends: this one goes without further explanation. When is the game ever more fun than when playing with friends?

Support server running costs

  • Donate: running the server comes with monthly costs. This is not only because of the costs for server hosting, but also time spent on developing new features. You can support the development and maintenance of Leika by donating.