Points Explained

What are the different currencies on Leika?

Leika Points/Coins

When you donate you get Leika Points. Leika Coins are simply the tradeable version of Leika Points. You can convert your Leika Points into multiple other currencies at the Leika Manager NPC inside the Utility Room.


Cash Points

Cash Points are used to buy items from the ingame Cash Shop. When you vote you also get Cash Points.


Kawaii Coins

Kawaii Coins can be used to buy headgears from the Prontera Princess inside the Item Mall. Kawaii Coins can also be obtained ingame, e.g. from MVPs or events.

Exchange Ratios

1 Leika Point 1 Cash Point
1 Leika Point  1 Leika Coin
10 Leika Points  1 Kawaii Coin



Leika Points Cash Points (not reversible)
Leika Points   Leika Coins (reversible)
Leika Points   Kawaii Coins (not reversible)

What's the reason for all this?

Leika Coins allow for easy trading of Cash Points, so players don't have to bother with arranged item deals. Additionally, fraudulent voting with multiple accounts is made more difficult with this system.