Important: It is advised to grant "Compatibility mode Windows XP" and "Run this program as an administrator"
to both Leika.exe and Leika Launcher.exe. 
If you have trouble installing or running the game, please visit Technical Help.

Leika Game Installer:

Download Download
(from platform MEGA)

Alternatively, you can download the installer
from Google Drive:


New to Leika?

While the game is downloading, why not check out our
New Players Guide on the wiki about your first hour on Leika?



Do you like Music?

Get the RO background music in high quality (320kbps)!
Simply override the "BGM" folder in your game folder with this:

Clean AzzyAI 1.55 for Leika

AI updated and configured for the server.
It is already included with the install so you
may download and override the folders if
the settings were messed up: