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Come one, come all! The fun is about to begin and the Event Criers will be more than happy to take you there!

The Event Criers have a list of any active automated event going on and can teleport you there free of charge.
They also keep track of the official events, such as Bingo and Turbo Track, and can provide you with transport to those events as well.

Poring Race!

Event Times: 00:00, 04:00, 08:00, 12:00, 16:00, 20:00 Server Time, Daily
Cost to Enter/Play: 10,000 Zeny
Reward: 15 Kawaii Coins

Looking for a game of luck, rather than skill? If you're more of the betting type, give your luck a test over at Leika's Poring Race Track! Pit your stakes on 1 of the 6 iconic faces of Rune-Midgard's many faced mascot and watch them hop, hop, hop their way along towards victory. If Lady Luck smiles upon you and your Poring finishes first, you'll score an easy 15 coins!

Garden Invasion

Event Times: 01:00, 05:00, 09:00, 13:00, 17:00, 21:00 Server Time, Daily
Cost to Enter/Play: Free!
Reward: 1 Kawaii Coin per 3 Points

Not everyone in Rune-Midgard is a brave adventurer, some are just trying to keep to themselves before the need for a hero arises. Come to the aid of one such farmer as his crop is infested by invading swarms of hungry Rabbits and Caterpillars, as well as malicious Carnivorous Plants looking to dig their roots in his soil. For every Rabbit and Caterpillar dispatched, earn 1 point, with every 3 points earning you 1 Kawaii Coin for your efforts. Helping uproot those nasty Carnivorous Plants, though, gives 3 points for an instant coin. Be on the ready, though, you can't just destroy everything in the man's garden; every plant needs pollen to grow, and if you're caught harming one of the helpful Bees, you'll lose 1 point instead!


Event Times: 02:00, 06:00, 10:00, 14:00, 18:00, 22:00 Server Time, Daily
Cost to Enter/Play: Free!
Reward: 3 Kawaii Coins per correct guess

Not everyone uses their magicks for displays of awesome strength and heroism; some people prefer a more lackadaisical pastime. The Illusionist is one such eccentric soul, using his expansive knowledge and powers to host parlor games for eager adventurers. If you're looking to test your knowledge of Rune-Midgard's bestiary over the course of your adventures, step into the Illusionist's domain! The first player in his game to guess the name of whatever monster <or even object> he transforms himself into will be rewarded with 3 Kawaii Coins, over the course of a total of 10 rounds, with an extra 2 rounds for every extra participating player. Bring your friends along to keep the party going, and to show who's who of knowing what's what!

Cluck! Cluck! Boom!

Event Times: 03:00, 07:00, 11:00, 15:00, 19:00, 23:00 Server Time, Daily
Cost to Enter/Play: Free!
Reward: 40 Kawaii Coins, with a chance for more!

A pesky little chicken has bullied an inexperienced adventurer out of her bag of goods, and it's up to you to help get it back; it's Russian Roulette... but with a chicken! Be the first person to try and scare the adventurer's bag out from the chicken, but beware this mean chicken, for it'll use some of her magic items to deter would-be heroes from its hoard! This chicken will cast a variety of debuffs such as Freeze, Stone, Sleep on those who disturb it. Pay attention, strike at the right time, and you'll earn 40 Kawaii Coins for your heroic deeds. Perhaps even the angels above will smile down at you for taking on such a fearsome foe; players who go at the chicken with everything they've got while under their watchful gaze can earn a gift of 3 Kawaii Coins with every curry of their favor... but don't get too carried away, or the chicken will have his revenge!

Staff-Run Events

In addition to automated events, the staff runs events on their own periodically. There is no set schedule for these events and they occur when staff members are able to run them. Below is a list of past events held by our staff.

Bring Me a...!

The GM has a grocery list of items and needs your help getting them! Once the event starts, the GM will ask for a specific item from the participants. The first person to give the item to the GM wins a prize!

Hide and Seek

One of our staff members hides in a secret location before the start of the event. Once the event starts, they give clues to their location, and it's a race to find them! The first one to reach the staff member wins a prize!

Monster Invasion

Defend your homes from threatening monsters! Staff members will summon all sorts of monsters, from swarms of Lunatics and Porings to much more challenging monsters. Defeating them will give you some really awesome rewards.


Race against the clock and your competitors for the chance to win prizes! Multiple races have been run, including Turbo Track races and partner relay races. The first person (or team) to reach the finish line wins a prize!

Safe Cracker

Crack a safe and steal the prize! This event should be played in a location that isn't the main hangout area (fountain square in Prontera). The host will set up a "safe", which is a private chatroom with a passcode to enter and should allow only 1 other person inside. They'll announce that they have put the event rewards inside the "safe" and invite participants to attempt to crack the safe and claim the prizes for themselves. The first player to crack the combination and enter the chatroom wins the prizes!


Take a chance and possibly win a prize! This event should be played in a location that isn't the main hangout area (fountain square in Prontera). This event can have multiple rounds, depending on the number of participants. Everyone lines up in front of the host. One by one everyone will enter the "/dice" command, rolling a die above their heads. Players should also enter in the chat in what number they landed on once the roll is finished. Whomever got the highest number for that round wins a prize! If there is a tie, those who tied for highest number should re-roll until a winner is determined. The last round is usually a bonus round, where instead of rolling for the highest number, players should roll for the lowest number.

If the prize is a piece of headgear or a similar item, winning players should sit out for the remainder of the event to allow other players to participate.

Forum Events

We also host a variety of events on our forums. Typically these events run for longer periods of time, typically a couple of weeks or so, to give players as much time to participate as possible.

Screenshot Contests

Screenshot contests allow players to express their creativity and humor. The host will give a prompt or a theme, and participants submit screenshots from the game, editing them and putting captions to them.


  • Screenshots must be from LeikaRO
  • Only one entry per person
  • The person that submits the entry wins the prize, even if multiple people are present in the screenshot

Guess the Location

This event tests your knowledge of locations in RO. The host posts screenshots of themselves in a location in RO, and it's up to the participants to figure out where the host is!


  • Participants must take a screenshot of their character in the same location as the host's location
  • Participants also need to post the coordinates and map name from their screenshot
  • One one entry per person
  • All screenshots must be from LeikaRO
  • The first person to get the screenshot, map name, and coordinates right wins a prize

Seasonal & Holiday Events

For major holidays, such as Valentine's Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and others, we hold specific events. They typically last for a long period of time, often a few weeks, so that players can experience all of the content of the event.
Festivities such as headgear creation, special monster spawns, holiday quests, and special drops are frequently included in the holiday events.

Here is more detailed information on our seasonal content.