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LeikaRO has introduced server-exclusive, custom NPCs to a variety of locations. Most are there for utility purposes, such as tool dealers and those who can teleport adventurers to other locations.

Every major town or city has a Leika Outpost, with the following NPCs, typically in a central or prominent location:



The Stylists throughout Midgard provide adventurers with the ability to change their hairstyle or hair color and the colors of their clothing for a small fee.

They have numerous options available, which are listed over at the Leika Stylist guide.



If an adventurer feels under the weather or feels generally unwell, the Nurses are there to help!

They provide free healing to adventurers in need. In addition, they provide Blessing and Increase AGI for adventurers under Base Level 100.


Kafra Employee

The Kafra girls have been trained to offer a wide range of services, including new ones entirely. Their services include warping, item storage, rentals, as well as new features such as log-in commands and repairs.

For more information on the services they provide, see the Kafra Employee guide.


Tool Dealer

If you have ever wanted a single place to buy commonly used tools, such as magnifying glasses or red gemstones, these tool dealers will quickly become your new friends. They offer a selection of tools adventurers buy most frequently, buy items from adventurers, and also offer to identify an adventurer's unidentified items en masse, for a small fee of course.

For more information on these vendors' services, see the Leika Tool Dealer guide.


Sylph Cartographer

These fey-like men have traveled the world of Midgard, mapping various trading routes and natural landmarks. They offer adventurers their abilities and knowledge and can warp them to a variety of places, including even instances, nightmare dungeons, and other locations that even the Kafra girls couldn't previously provide warping to.

For more information on the locations these guys can warp adventurers to, check out the Sylph Cartographer guide.


WoE Emissary

These excellent soldiers are taking all interested recruits to the battlefield! The War of Emperium needs every able-bodied combatant, so sign up today!


Battle-Worn Veteran

Now calling for all brothers and sisters in arms, the battlegrounds recruiter has joined the Leika Outpost in the Prontera fountain plaza in hopes of finding adventurers who are capable of, and interested in, battling one another. Have you ever wanted to smack down a Priest or singe an Archer? Talk to this recruiter for your next chance!


Adventurers will find that most of the new NPCs have taken up residence in Prontera. Aside from the typical assortment of NPCs that reside in every other town or city, adventurers will also find the Event Criers, Battlegrounds Masters, and more.


Event Criers

These twins are known for their loud voices and their ability to draw in the crowds for all sorts of fun and games. They enjoy sending adventurers to a variety of locations for games and other events, including Poring Races, Dice Rolling, and more.

See the Leika Event Crier guide for what events they have running when!


Item Mall Manager

In the efforts to help make adventurers aware of the wondrous Item Mall, the Item Mall Manager himself has been seen wandering the fountain plaza of Prontera.

He'll bring you right to the Item Mall personally if you ask him to!


Utility Room

On the southwestern side of the fountain plaza in Prontera, most of the Leika NPCs have taken up residence in a building, providing a wide variety of services to adventurers, including job changing, stat resetting, point redemption, and more.

For more information on this building, see the Leika Utility Room guide.

Item Mall

If you ever have pockets sagging with zeny or a lot of Leika Points but don't know where to spend them, this is the place! The Item Mall has many vendors that have wares of all sorts to sell to adventurers, including the Prontera Princess, the Headgear Connoisseur, various Job tool merchants, and more.

For more information on the vendors and their goods, see the Item Mall guide.


So, you have a pushcart, right? Surely now you want to sell your goods to other adventurers! If you want to do so, King Tristan Gaebolg III has decreed that all adventurers who wish to sell their goods need to do so at the Marketplace, so that the streets aren't cluttered with people shouting to potential customers and pitching up signs everywhere.

For more information on how to get to and set up in the Marketplace, see the Marketplace guide.