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Type: Capital
Race(s): Normans
Government: Monarchy
Ruler(s): King Tristan Gaebolg III
Population: Large
Faith(s): Church of Odin
Map(s): prontera


The capital of the Rune-Midgard Kingdom and one of the largest cities in Midgard. It's most famous for not only housing the king and the royal family but also the Prontera Church and King's Chivalry, where Priests, Knights, and Crusaders and those who aspire to follow in their footsteps live and practice.

Background and Lore

Prontera art.jpg

It has been a long-standing tradition for the Rune-Midgard royal family to reside in and rule from Prontera. There had been a brief period of time where King Schmitz von Walter insisted that he rule from Glastheim and relocated himself there, but once he was deposed, Prontera regained its status as the royal home. Naturally, a king should have his guard close by in case of need, and so the King's Chivalry set up not only an official location for the king's guard, but also used this location to train Swordsmen who wanted to become brothers in arms and to defend the king.

Of course, with the unofficially-official kingdom religion being the Church of Odin, an elaborate church had also been constructed in the city, perhaps one of the largest churches in the kingdom, save for Saint Capitolina Abbey and Glastheim Abbey in its former glory. Priests and Arch Bishops hone their holy abilities and provide sanctuary for those who come to the church's doors.

With the relatively harmless monsters outside the city walls and the booming population inside, many adventurers starting out in their careers tend to flock to Prontera in one way or another. Many of the city's citizens have things to sell or favors to ask of adventurers.

In order to ease the population density and to boost the city's defenses, the satellite town Izlude was constructed and many citizens moved out to the small, but quickly flourishing location.

The Leika Organization's main hub is also in Prontera, on the southwest side of the fountain square. In their efforts to train adventurers, they offer many services, from resetting stats and skills, to advancing Jobs, and more. They strongly suggest that all newly registered adventurers visit the Leika Utility Room for more information.


Prontera minimap.jpg

Points of Interest

1. King's Chivalry (47,344) - Knight and Crusader training base
2. Prontera Castle (156,358)
3. Prontera Church of Odin (235,315) - Acolyte training base
4. Prontera Library West (120,265)
5. Prontera Library Easy (192,265)
6. Tool Shop (133,221)
7. Weapon Shop (175,219)
8. Leika Outpost (150, 186)
9. Leika Utility Room & Mission Board (135,185)
10. Trading Post (177,186)
11. Town Office (X,Y)
12. Training Area (X,Y)
13. Pub (44,67)

Shops and Vendors

Amatsu Trader (178,244)
Butcher (64,125)
Chef Assistant (156,212)
Doll Supplier (248,183)
Flower Girl (58,182)
Flower Lady (113,42)
Fruit Gardener (104,49)
Gift Merchant (105,87)
Pet Groomer (218,211)
Rebellion Accessories (96,209)
Rebellion Weapons (92,209)
Tool Shop (133,221)
Vegetable Gardener (48,58)
Vendor from Milk Ranch (73,134)
Tool Shop (133,221)
Weapon Shop (175,219)

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