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The newest power in the kingdom trifecta, the Republic of Schwarzwald was founded around 500 A.W. in the northern region of Midgard. It shares its western border with the Arunafeltz States and its southern border with the Rune-Midgard Kingdom. The Republic is well-known for, and almost synonymous with, its industrial prowess and scientific research. Its more famous locations include Yuno and Lighthalzen. There are some rumors that the country is unofficially run by the Rekenber Corporation, as the corporation has seeped into almost every aspect of life within the Republic. There has been no official comment on such statements.


The land of the Republic is predominately mountainous terrain and rather arid across the country. Some speculate this has been caused by the excessive pollution and mining in Einbech and Einbroch. There is little vegetation, but the occasional tree and shrub can still be found. The area to the northeast of the country, particularly around the Abyss Lake and Hugel region is notably greener than the rest of the country and, as a result, as more rural activity than the rest of the country. There seems to be little rainfall, probably due to the mountain ranges that span most of the Republic.


The Republic is currently governed by President Karl Theodore Weierstrass.


Around 500 A.W., the mountainous region north of Rune-Midgard became known as the Republic of Schwarzwald. Though its population was comparatively smaller than its southern neighbor, the Republic quickly grew as it became the world's leader in industrial innovation and scientific research. Schwarzwald's near exponential growth has been tied very closely to three developments: mining in Einbech, the development of the steam engine, and the founding of the Rekenber Corporation.

The small mining town of Einbech opened many doors for the republic, both financially and technologically. When the small town's mining efforts proved to be very lucrative, many investors flooded the town with capitol and desires to expand. Initially, a small industrial sector started up just outside of the town's borders, to process the minerals and ores that were obtained from the mines. Within a short amount of time, and with higher demands, the sector experienced a population boom and the town of Einbroch soon started flourishing. Investors quickly turned their money to the new, prospering town, which formed a rivalry between Einbroch and Einbech. The materials produced by both towns, however, fueled the growth for other areas within the republic.

Of course, one of the major developments for the country was the invention of the steam engine. Once Einbroch became a thriving city, many inventors attempted to help make various processes easier, more streamlined, faster, and generally better. It was said that Lowin Ard Strahenstein had been developing a way to make transportation faster and better, tinkering in a facility in Einbroch. Eventually, he developed the steam engine, a marvelous piece of technology that fueled the beginning of Schwarzwald's Industrial Revolution. With this invention, goods and people could be transported across large distances much quicker than traditional methods.

The progress made in these small towns, however, pales in comparison to the exponential growth of the Rekenber Corporation. What originally started out as a scientific research company quickly turned into a conglomerate entity that took over almost all of Schwarzwald in just a few hundred years. The Rekenber Corporation has become the world's leading organization in many areas, including scientific and historic research. They have funded many medical advancements as well and new technologies are constantly being developed within their facilities. Rekenber's most notable--and possibly controversial--contribution is the development of Lighthalzen and the Regenschirm Laboratory. However, the corporation also funded the development of the airship which allowed for even faster--and arguably safer--transportation of goods and people than the steam engine trains ever could. Some debate on just how "safe" this method of travel really is, especially since monsters have recently begun attacking the airships periodically. The corporation has assured that all passengers are safe while using the airship services. Many of the Republic's citizens claim that the Rekenber Corporation is actually in control and not the government. How much truth is in that statement is up for debate; however, Rekenber has made its presence felt in every corner of the country and in nearly every aspect of life for its citizens.

Currently, the Republic stands as a technological and historical beacon for much of Midgard. Environmentalists continuously point to the clear lack of caring for the environment in places like Einbroch and Einbech and even for the health of the Republic's citizens in these areas as well as in the slums of Lighthalzen.