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The largest port city in the Rune-Midgard Kingdom, if not all of Midgard, Alberta has become the cornerstone of travel and trade. While not as large of a location as Prontera, the city has become a popular destination for merchants and travelers alike. The streets are usually packed with civilians, dockworkers, and crews from ships and goods from all over the world typically come through the port. The Merchant Guild has set up shop here as well, hoping to profit on all of the trading and to teach Novices how to make their pockets heavy with gold and how to speak with a silver tongue.

Ships from all over Midgard frequent Alberta's docks, offering passage to various locations, including Amatsu, Ayothaya, Brasilis, Dewata, Kunlun, Louyang, Malangdo, Moscovia, and Port Malaya. A sunken ship was recently discovered not far from the city's shore and has enticed many adventurers to see what riches they can claim. Some of the city's residents talk of a mysterious island called Turtle Island, said to have mountains of treasure within its depths; others say the island's actual treasure is a potion of eternal life. (Picture of Location)

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