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Cards are special items that can be inserted into equipment to provide beneficial effects to the players that wear them. Cards can only be placed into equipment that has slots. Weapons have up to four slots, and other equipment has typically one slot. All cards have a specific type of equipment that they can be placed into, such as a weapon or shield card; the card's description will say where the card can be placed.

Most monsters drop their cards at a very low rate, typically around 0.01%. Some items, such as Old Card Albums, create a randomly generated card for the player. Cards are not character-bound or account-bound, so adventurers with the means to do so can vend cards to other players or trade them to other players. Cards are rather rare and can be very expensive to acquire, which makes hunting them and selling them very profitable to many adventurers.

Installing Cards

To place a card into a slot, a player simply has to double-click the card in their inventory. A list of the available matching pieces of equipment will appear and once the player selects the piece of equipment of their choice, the card is compounded into the item. Only equipment that has an open, available slot and matches that card type will be displayed in the list.

To see the information on a card, simply right-click it from the inventory window. A window will pop up, describing the location the card can be compounded into and what effects it will grant the player upon doing so.

To see if a piece of equipment has any slots, simply hover over the item in question in the inventory window. If it does, it will appear with suffix [1] to [4].

Be aware that once a card has been compounded into a piece of equipment, it cannot be removed from the piece under any circumstances.

If a piece of equipment is destroyed due to a failed upgrade attempt, the equipment and all of the installed cards will be destroyed. However, if the equipment is simply damaged in battle, such damage does not harm the cards.

Removing Cards

Should you really, really want to remove a card, the Card Master can do so. He charges a flat 500,000 zeny fee and then an additional 250,000 zeny for each card he has to remove. He also requires a Star Crumb and a Yellow Gemstone.


Certain bonuses are granted when using various combinations of cards at the same time. Most cards in sets are inserted on different pieces of equipment.