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LeikaRO Custom Commands

The following commands are available to use in-game:


Displays a list of commands that you can use

@help / @h

Usage: <command>
Shows help for specified command


Usage: <message>
Sends a message to all connected GMs (via the gm whisper system)


Displays the server's current rates

@time / @serverdate / @servertime / @date

Shows the date and time of the server


Displays how long the server has been online


Displays current levels and % progress


Starts a duel (limited to Towns, can't talk to NPCs while in a duel)


Accepts a duel request


Leaves an active duel


Usage: <character name>
Invites character to an active duel


Rejects an invitation to a duel

@mi / @monsterinfo

Usage: <monster name|ID>
Shows monster info (stats, exp, drops etc)

@ii / @iteminfo

Usage: <item name|ID>
Shows item info (type, price etc)


Usage: <monster name|ID>
Shows the maps on which the searched monster has a regular spawn and the corresponding spawn amount in parentheses


Displays homunculus info (stats, intimacy, hunger etc)


Displays your homonculus stats and the best/worst case for that stat in parentheses


Usage: <item name|ID>
Shows monsters that have that item in their droptable (MvP and special drops such as Kawaii Coins or Lockboxes won't show up)


Show/hides the "There is a delay after this skill" message


Displays/hides experience gained


Displays/hides zeny gained


Auto rejects deals/invites


Usage: <self|party|guild>
Activates/deactivates kill steal protection for yourself/party/guild

@autoloot / @aloot

Usage: <on|off|#number between 0.01 and 100>
Makes items rarer and up to your defined limit go straight into your inventory

@autoloottype / @aloottype

Usage: to add an item type +<typename>, to remove an item type -<typename>; Availabe types: <healing, usable, etc, weapon, armor, card, petegg, petarmor, ammo>
Manages a list of autolooting types

@autolootid / @alootid

Usage: to add an item to the list +<item name|ID>, to remove an item type -<item name|ID>; @alootid reset will clear your autolootitem list
Adds or removes items to an autoloot list

@autotrade / @at

Will close your client and allows you to vend while you are offline


Usage: <message>
Makes your pet say a message


Usage: <message>
Makes your homunculus say a message


Usage: <message>
Displays normal text as a message in this format: *name message* (like /me in mIRC)


Available Options:
@channel create <channel name> <channel password>
creates a new channel
@channel list
lists public channels
@channel list colors
lists colors available to select for custom channels
@channel setcolor <channel name> <color name>
changes <channel name> color to <color name>
@channel leave <channel name>
leaves <channel name>
@channel bindto <channel name>
binds your global chat to <channel name>, making anything you type in global be sent to the channel
@channel unbind
unbinds your global chat from its attached channel (if binded)
@channel ban <channel name> <character name>
bans <character name> from <channel name> channel
@channel banlist <channel name>
lists all banned characters from <channel name> channel
@channel unban <channel name> <character name>
unbans <character name> from <channel name> channel
@channel unbanall <channel name>
unbans everyone from <channel name> channel
@channel setopt <channel name> <option name> <option value>
adds or removes <option name> with <option value> to <channel name> channel

@itemshortcut / @isc

Usage: <item name|ID>
Allows you to bind a consumable to a hotkey, Ex: "@isc 504"


Usage: +<item name|ID> to add an item to your noloot list, -<item name|ID> to remove an item from your noloot list, @alootid reset will reset your list
Will prevent looting items on your list even if they would normally be looted based on your @autoloot preferences


Usage <ID>
Opens a window with a clickable link to that item which opens the description panel you would normally see by right-clicking the item


Switches between seeing the SP of your party members in the party window and under them, or their HP


Used to adobt a baby novice


Shows the remaining time you remain in jail