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After 1000 years of cautious relations, Rune-Midgard and Republic of Schwarzwald signed a mighty friendship treaty. Noticing the weakening of the castles, the monster armies marched and taken control of the castles in all major towns causing a real threat to the Kingdom. "The castles and the treasures on them are properties for those who deserve them. And whoever control the castles with the legendary Emperium stone, will be considered the kingdom Knights of honor." -King Tristan III

With these words the kingdom entered a new era of war: The War of Emperium.

Will the land be saved? Or is it going to get ruined by the human greed?


So what is the War of Emperium?

The War of Emperium is a game feature that allows guilds to fight in order to conquer a castle to be the headquarters for the guild, and get benefits and special advantages.

Owning a Castle gives your guild several benefits. First off, there is a special Guild Dungeon accessible to everyone in the guild. These dungeons have several strong monsters that in some cases do not spawn in the normal world. Secondly, every night, 4 or more (depending on the economy of the castle) treasure boxes will appear in the castle giving useful items and equipment.

Castle Locations

There are 5 castles in each realm of the Kingdom of Rune-Midgard:

  • North of Prontera lies the Valkyrie realm
  • West of Payon lies the Balder realm
  • One west and one south of Geffen lies the Britoniah realm
  • West of Aldebaran lies the Luina realm

The castles in these realms are currently disabled on LeikaRO, and the unique monsters of the Guild Dungeons have been distributed to publicly available maps. Additionally, there are 5 castles in the Schwartzwald Republic, and another 5 in the Arunafeltz States:

  • West of Yuno lies the Nidhoggur realm
  • Two south of Rachel lies the Valfreyja realm

Valfreyja 3, or Horn, is currently the sole enabled castle on LeikaRO.

War of Emperium can be divided into War of Emperium FE (First Edition) and War of Emperium SE (Second Edition). War of Emperium FE is held within the castles of Rune-Midgard, while War of Emperium SE is held within the castles of Schwartzwald and Arunafeltz. The two types of WoE have different mechanics to distinguish them from one another.

Rules & Mechanics

  • All players are allowed to enter WoE castles and engage in combat with other players.
  • However, only players belonging to a guild with the Official Guild Approval skill can damage an Emperium.
  • The Emperium will only be available at certain hours a week. These periods are known as WoE periods. The castles are still accessible outside of these hours, but PvP will be disabled.
Castle Number Name Day Server Time
Valfreyja 3 Horn Saturday 17:00-18:00
  • At the beginning of WoE, characters from guilds other than the castle owner will be teleported out.
  • The character to deal the last hit against the Emperium claims the castle. All characters with a different guild, allied or not, will be warped out at that point.
  • Only normal attacks can damage the Emperium, as all active skills miss. After a castle is claimed, other guilds can immediately re-enter and attempt to break the Emperium. The last owner before the Emperium disappears at the end of the WoE period holds it until the next period.
  • Guildmates and allied Guilds are considered allies in castles and can not attack each other. Members cannot be expelled, and alliances cannot be broken, by members inside a castle.
  • All castle-related entities are boss protocol. This includes the Guardians, the Guardian Stones, and the Barricades.

Disabled Skills

The follow skills cannot be cast within castles:

Skills cast outside the castle will not disappear upon entering. Using items that activate the skill will also fail, but Autocast equipment can grant the skills in a castle.

Certain skills also cannot be cast within a 7x7 area of the Emperium or Guardian Stones.

Battle Mechanic Changes

  • Flee is reduced by 20%.
  • Normal attack damage is reduced by 25%.
  • Skill-based damage is reduced by 50%.
  • Traps last 4 times as long.
  • All knock back effects are disabled. Some skills like Cicada Skin Shed, Shadow Leap, Back Slide, and Phantom Thrust may lose some functionality due to this.
  • Cast-time protection items (Phen Card and similar items) are disabled.

Disabled Cards

  • Atroce
  • Detale
  • Fallen Bishop Hibram
  • Golden Thief Bug
  • Maya Purple
  • Memory of Thanatos
  • Samurai Specter
  • Tao Gunka

Other Gameplay Changes

  • /noctrl does not work; players must hold down the mouse button for normal attacks.
  • Damage numbers do not appear.
  • /mineffect is automatically activated.
  • A character's guild emblem is shown above their head.
  • Death does not cause experience loss.

Defense & Progression

The owning guild of a castle has several defensive advantages. In WoE FE, only the defenders of the castle stand between attackers and the Emperium. In WoE SE, however, multiple layers of defenses are automatically erected at the beginning of a WoE period, and these defenses must first be destroyed before the Emperium can be reached. These defenses consist of two Guardian Stones and three layers of Barricades. These defensive structures are exclusive to WoE SE.

Guardian Stones & Flags

Guardians are summoned upon the request of the castle owner's guild leader. They will automatically attack all non-allied characters. In WoE SE, these Guardians are tied to the existence of the Guardian Stones. Destruction of a Guardian Stone will result in the death of the Guardians linked to it. Guild members can also click on Flags outside of and within the castle to be instantly teleported to a specific location inside the castle. In WoE SE, the Flag System is expanded to allow members of the defending guild to warp from the Emperium Room to specific points throughout the castle.

While the Guardian Stones are alive, the guild leader possessing the castle can choose to activate the Guardians of the castle, randomly spawning them across the map. After being activated, additional Guardians continue to spawn every 10 minutes until the end of WoE.

As long as the Guardian Stones both stand, an indestructible set of pseudo-Barricades is erected to block off further progress through the castle. The terrain around these Barricades is impassable to both attackers and defenders, and may only be circumvented by use of the Flag System. Upon destruction of both Guardian Stones, a map-wide announcement is made. Additionally, the associated pseudo-Barricades are automatically destroyed, and the terrain becomes passable. However, guildmembers of the guild that possesses the castle may travel to the sites of the Guardian Stones and reconstruct them after 8 minutes have passed since their destruction. If both Guardian Stones are successfully reconstructed (both being alive at the same time), the indestructible pseudo-Barricades will be erected once more. The materials required to reconstruct a Guardian Stone are as follows:

  • 30 Stone
  • 1 Oridecon
  • 1 Elunium
  • 5 Blue Gemstone
  • 5 Red Gemstone
  • 5 Yellow Gemstone

The HP of the Guardian Stones is affected by the defense investment level of the castle.


Past the indestructible pseudo-Barricades linked to the Guardian Stones lie the true Barricades of the castle, coming in three staggered sets of 4-8 units each. These true Barricades are vulnerable to direct attacks of any type, and must be destroyed to proceed further into the castle. Each set of Barricades is located at a choke point with several Flag points nearby, allowing the defending guild to quickly travel directly to and around them. Every Barricade in a set must be destroyed before passage through the choke point is possible. Certain defensive skills can also be used to protect them.

After a castle is taken, the new owners are allowed to reconstruct the Barricades and the Guardian Stones. For the Barricades, this is a one-time phenomenon. The Barricades can only be reconstructed by the guild leader, and they must be constructed in order from closest to the Emperium Room to furthest. The materials required to reconstruct a set of Barricades are as follows:

  • 30 Trunk
  • 10 Steel
  • 10 Emveretarcon
  • 5 Oridecon

The Emperium

The final bastion of the castle is the Emperium Room. It is the furthest chamber from the entrance of the castle, and the Emperium sits within it. The Emperium takes 1 damage from all attacks, and is only affected by normal attacks. It cannot be healed by any means, but may be protected by certain defensive skills.

The Emperium is always vulnerable to attacks, regardless of the state of the castle's other defenses. While the Guardian Stones and Barricades can obstruct attackers, they do not necessarily guarantee the safety of the Emperium...

The Emperium's HP is affected by the defense investment value of the castle.


Each realm has a Guild Dungeon area which can be accessed via an NPC in each castle. The Guild Dungeons are considered PvP environments in which death will still cause experience loss like normal dungeons. All castles within a single realm share the same dungeon, allowing players of opposing guilds the opportunity to meet and potentially fight one another.

Every day at 12:00 AM server time, the treasure boxes spawn in a room accessible only by the guild leader from a NPC in each castle. Items drop from these boxes, and drop rate-improving items may assist in obtaining rares. Steal does not function here.

Castle Management

A butler NPC is provided in each castle for the guild leader to manage the castle. The following functions may be influenced by what Guild Skills are available.

Invest in Commerce Development Invest to increase the castle's economy. Every 5 points on investment adds one new treasure box to the castle's master room. The type of treasure box alternates between the two available at that castle.
Invest in Defense Increase your castle's defense by investing in it. Each point of defense investment will improve the Guardian HP and Emperium HP by an unknown amount, and also improve the defense and attack power of the guardians by an unknown amount.
Hire Guardians Hire a guardian to ease the task of guarding your guild's castle. The guild must have the Guardian Research Skill in order to do this.
Hire Kafra Employee Hire/fire Kafra NPCs inside the castle. Through the employed Kafra NPC, guild members can use the Kafra storage free of charge. The guild must have the Contract with Kafra skill in order to do this.
Enter Master Room Enter the room where treasure boxes spawn.


Each castle has an economy value and a defense value that can be raised through the investment of zeny. These are known as the investment levels of the castle. The amount of zeny needed to raise these values is dependent on the current level of investment, and can be raised up to twice in one day, with the second investment costing extra. The defense level affects the castle-related entities that appear during WoE hours, and the economy level affects the number of treasure boxes that appear each day.

The investment levels drop by a fixed value each time the castle is broken and a new guild takes ownership.

Castle Locator (FE)

Castle Number Name Entrance 1 Entrance 2 Entrance 3 Dungeon Entrance Entrance Object Castle Active
Valkyrie 1 Kriemhild (131, 65) - - (96, 200) Podium No
Valkyrie 2 Swanhild (240, 126) - - (83, 72) Statue No
Valkyrie 3 Fadhgrindh (153, 139) - - (5, 70) Statue No
Valkyrie 4 Skoegul (109, 240) - - (56, 281) Bull's Head No
Valkyrie 5 Gondul (210, 240) - - (213, 94) Weapon Shelf No
Balder 1 Bright Arbor (121, 235) - - (101, 23) Pyramid No
Balder 2 Sacred Palace (293, 116) - - (278, 245) Pyramid No
Balder 3 Holy Shadow (321, 293) - - (39, 42) Flag No
Balder 4 Scarlet Palace (140, 158) - - (52, 47) Pot No
Balder 5 Bamboo Groove Hill (204, 268) - - (250, 14) Pot No
Britoniah 1 Repherion (212, 75) (152, 53) - (77, 84) Bookshelf No
Britoniah 2 Eeyorbriggar (308, 241) - - (167, 39) Crystal No
Britoniah 3 Yesnelph (141, 240) (114, 270) (83, 182) -or- (77, 286) (221, 42) Bucket/Flowerpot No
Britoniah 4 Bergel (195, 279) - - (58, 73) Fireplace No
Britoniah 5 Mersetzdeitz (307, 84) (254, 57) - (63,22) Table No
Luina 1 Neuschwanstein (49, 81) - - (212, 179) Statue No
Luina 2 Hohenschwangau (95, 251) - - (194, 139) Statue No
Luina 3 Nuernberg (142, 83) - - (199, 177) Statue No
Luina 4 Wuerzburg (241, 242) - - (75, 64) Book No
Luina 5 Rothenburg (261, 90) - - (23, 207) Fountain No

Castle Locator (SE)

Castle Number Name Entrance 1 Castle Active
Nidhoggur 1 Himinn (293, 90) No
Nidhoggur 2 Andlangr (288, 258) No
Nidhoggur 3 Vidblainn (97, 183) No
Nidhoggur 4 Hljod (137, 98) No
Nidhoggur 5 Skidbladnir (65, 315) No
Valfreyja 1 Mardol (155, 274) No
Valfreyja 2 Cyr (78, 47) No
Valfreyja 3 Horn (68, 150) Yes
Valfreyja 4 Gefn (289, 347) No
Valfreyja 5 Badanis (287, 107) No