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Censorship, Language, and General Etiquette

Here at LeikaRO, we do not believe in censorship. However, we also do not allow stalking or excessive harassment. You may say whatever you like, whenever you like, to a certain degree. This includes all kinds of derogatory statements, vulgarities, and slurs. There are 5 exceptions to this rule:

  1. If someone is politely asking you to quit saying whatever it is you're saying at the time, do so. This will not be enforced, but self-moderation will make life on the server easier for everyone.
  2. Directed towards staff. While we will tolerate friendly banter, we will not tolerate abusive demands or plain insults. Punishment for this can result in a temporary mute and may lead to a suspension or ban.
  3. You must speak English in Prontera and in #main & #map. Punishment for this will result in a warning and then a temporary mute.
  4. Server or website advertisement in any channel is not allowed and will be met with a permanent ban.
  5. Spamming skills and chats in town is not allowed and will be met with a mute.

Even though we ask you to speak English in public, populated areas, we can support you in both English and Spanish via a whisper or a @request.

Begging players or staff for items or zeny is not allowed.

Mobs and MVPs

Like most servers, MVPs on Leika are Free for All. This means that MVPs will not be "tagged" to a certain player or party. Anyone and everyone is welcome to kill the MVP. Exceptions to this include MVPs summoned by Bloody Branch and Abracadabra. These MVPs belong to the player or group that summoned them, unless they have been abandoned. The use of Safety Wall and Pneuma to attempt to fight for an MVP will be dealt with on a case by case basis. This does not mean you can Pneuma or Safety Wall the MVPs to be annoying or troll. You must be fighting for it.

Mob training for the purpose of mob dropping will not be tolerated and will result in a ban. This also applies to MVPs/Minis as well as "Dead Branching."

Kill-stealing can be prevented with @noks. Use it.

Third Party Programs, Cheating, and Exploits

  • AutoHotKey and similar programs are not allowed for general usage. Only simple macros for brewing are allowed.
  • Attempts to bot will be met with an immediate and permanent ban for all accounts accessed by that IP. Don't screw yourself or your friends over.
  • Attempts to bypass our GRF encryption will result in an immediate and permanent ban.
  • Attempts to cheat in-game of any kind will be met with an immediate and permanent ban.
  • Attempting to exploit any in-progress content or improperly implemented features will not be tolerated. Report these and you may be rewarded.
  • Attempts to avoid in-game punishment will be met with even harsher punishments. "It can't be bargained with, it can't feel pain or mercy, and will stop at absolutely nothing until you are dead."
  • Multiclienting in automated events, GM-hosted events, and Battlegrounds is not allowed.
  • Usage of multiple accounts/IPs for Voting is not allowed.

Account and Player Security

  • Your account is your own responsibility. Choose a safe, secure password.
  • If you choose to share your account or password(s) with other players or friends, you will hold only yourself responsible for the actions of others while playing your account.
  • "It was my big brother" or "it was my little sister" excuses will not cut it.
  • If you truly believe your account was "hacked" or brute forced, you may contact us on the forum.

Staff & Discretion

  • Staff members will ALWAYS try their hardest to be unbiased when dealing with situations.
  • However, certain high level staff members have the ability to act how they see fit. "But I didn't know about the rules" will never be a valid excuse.
  • Impersonating Helpers/GMs/Admins will get you banned. Don't be an idiot.
  • Use your brain for anything else that isn't listed here. If it seems like a bad idea, its probably a bad idea.