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The Kafra Corporation, also known as Kafra, is a company that offers various services to adventurers in the Rune-Midgard Kingdom. Their employees can be found in nearly all of the major cities and other notable locations. So far, all employees are female. Their typical uniform consists of a frilled headband, gloves, and a brown maid outfit, though employees of some locations may have different uniforms. Recently, Kafra Corporation has teamed up with Zonda Corporation to provide dungeon teleportation services. Elections are held in major cities and teleportation to dungeons depends on which company wins a particular election period.

Services that Kafra Corporation provides include:

  • Teleportation
  • Item Storage
  • Location Saving
  • Rentals
  • Repairs
  • Log-In Commands


One of the most popular services that Kafra provides is teleportation. Generally speaking, most teleportation is free of charge. Some destinations, however, like Nightmare Dungeons, do require a service fee, depending on the destination. Teleport destinations include:

  • Towns and Cities
  • Dungeons
  • Nightmare Dungeons

And the LeikaRO exclusive destinations:

  • Item Mall
  • Eden Group HQ
  • Marketplace

Item Storage

Adventurers can store and retrieve items with any Kafra employee at any time. All items that are stored with Kafra can be retrieved with any of your characters on that account. It costs 50z to open your storage with Kafra, and you may freely store or remove items from storage as long as the window is open. If you have a Free Ticket for Kafra Storage, you can open your storage without having to pay to do so. The maximum number of separate items Kafra will store for you is 600 items. You must have access to Novice Basic Skill level 6 in order to store items with Kafra.


Kafra Corporation makes renting specific items for adventurers very easy. Traditionally, Kafra only offered cart rental services for Merchants and Super Novices who had the Pushcart skill.

In LeikaRO, Kafra Corporation has expanded their rental services to provide not only the pushcart rentals, but additional rentals, including:

Location Saving

Another popular service that Kafra provides is the ability to "save" a particular location for an adventurer. This is a free service and can be used as many times as the adventurer desires. The saved location is the destination that adventurers will go to when they respawn, such as after dying or using a teleportation item, such as a Butterfly Wing, or teleportation spell, such as Teleport.

Login Commands

If a player is unsure of a command, they can speak to a Kafra employee to toggle various commands on or off, at their will. This is a free service and can be used whenever the player wants.


Kafra employees are capable of repairing adventurer's gear. Simply speak to an employee to do so.