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A list of the things needed to be done on the wiki as well as any general comments on them and such.

Relevant Categories:

List of Stuff to Do

Class Skill Formulas (may be inaccurate):

Misc Info (may or may not be added already)

Misc Ideas/etc.

  • Add items, maps, monster pages with DB info (if possible and not too monstrous of an idea)
  • Add "articles" on various topics, such as healing tips, content guides, etc.


  • I added a temporary template called "Blank" (Just use {{Blank}} on the page, like the Update one) that puts all empty pages with that template into a "blank pages" category, for easier identification of which pages have been created but have no information in them. -PT
  • Items and Monsters can be updated with the appropriate templates ({{Item}} and {{Monster}} respectively) (links will go to the LeikaRO DB entry pages) -PT