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An instance is a specific type of dungeon. A party is required for every adventurer who desires to participate. Each party has their own version of the instance, allowing the party to proceed through the instance content by themselves. If one party is in their own instance, another party cannot join them. Each party's instance has a set amount of time in which the adventurers must complete the content before the instance is destroyed.

Each instance features an NPC-narrated quest progression. The quest itself is "one-way," meaning that adventurers cannot return to previous content and must proceed forward the entire time. If the quest is not completed during the instance's allotted time, the party's instance is destroyed and the players are returned to their save point locations.

All instances have certain restrictions, including but not limited to:

  • Teleport and Fly Wings being disabled; a player that logs out during an instance is sent back to their save point locations
  • All party members must be of a specific Base Level in order to participate, which varies depending on the instance
  • Other skills may be disabled, depending on the instance
  • Players may be required to wait for a cooldown time in order to create or participate in another instance, which varies depending on the instance