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On the southwestern side of Prontera's fountain plaza is a building that has, for a long time, been a variety of places; general community center, at least a handful of stores, a tourist information spot, and more. Fairly recently, though, ownership of the building has changed yet again, and it seems that this time, the owners will be here for quite a while. The Leika Organization has taken over this building, intent on making it their base of operations. Inside, the organization has gathered all sorts of people in order to provide various services for all adventurers that walk through their doors.



Leika Manager

The head of the Leika Organization's operations, the Leika Manager isn't one to leave the Utility Room for many things. He has, however, exceptionally good organization habits and memory. He keeps track of all adventurers' points within the organization and will even offer to exchange them for currencies.

More information on his services can be found here.


Job Genie

No one is quite sure how the Leika Manager, well, managed to get two genies to work with him, but he has! The Job Genie's magical powers have given him the ability to magically alter an adventurer's Job, as if they had gone through the rigorous processes themselves!

Some say the best thing about this, aside from saving themselves a lot of work, is that he does this free of charge.


Reset Genie

Where the Job Genie goes, the Reset Genie always follows. Her own magical powers make an adventurer's mind a blank slate, essentially, allowing them to retrain either their stats, skills, or both!

Rumor has it that while she does cast her magic free of charge for adventurers starting out, once they advance enough in their training, she may charge a small fee in return. Some people say it's when an adventurer hits Base Level 130, but others aren't sure.


Guild Manager

If you are part of a guild and are in need of storage facilities--either zeny or items-- this is the man who can help you out. He also allows adventurers to form their own guilds, provided they are in a party with at least 5 other adventurers interested in forming a guild, and all interested members have at least Base Level 70.


Build Assistant

The Build Assistant can save, load, and name various stat and skill builds for adventurers. She charges 50,000 zeny to save and 25,000 to load a build. How on earth she manages to remember so much information, no one can say for sure. Some say she's written it all down while others claim she has the best memory in Midgard.


Card Master

The Card Master has the ability to remove cards that have been compounded onto adventurer's equipment. The ability to remove cards is difficult, so he does charge a considerable fee. He charges a flat 500,000 zeny fee and then an additional 250,000 zeny for each card he has to remove. He also requires a Star Crumb and a Yellow Gemstone.


Reward Distributor

The Reward Distributor allows adventurers to claim various prizes they may have redeemed in their journeys around Midgard.


Identity Dealer

This gentleman can erase your identity and provide you with a new name in exchange for a Name Change Token, available in the cash shop. It's highly illegal but he won't tell anyone if you don't.


Tamurello the Marvellous

Ancient being from when the world was young. For some reason he's able to change the physical gender of adventurers


Eden Group Officer

The Leika Organization has teamed up with the Eden Group to provide assistance to all of the citizens of Midgard. As a result, the Leika Manager has allowed the Eden Group to send one of their officers to stay in the Utility Room to get new adventurers to join up with them, too. The Eden Group Officer offers to send adventurers to the Eden Group Headquarters, free of charge.


Vending Machine

While not really a "service" per se, the Leika Manager has brought in a vending machine for adventurers and organization employees to use as they like. It may also be because the manager himself really likes soda. He won't comment on it, but most people know he's the one who uses it the most frequently.

It offers a variety of beverages at inexpensive prices.


Damaged Construction

When the moon is in trouble, this robot will transport players to the surface of the moon to help defend it. Of course, if the moon isn't in danger, you can still be transported there. The view is simply breathtaking.


Kafra Employee

This lady has been fully trained, as all other Kafra girls, and offers services including storage, rental items, repairs, login commands, and more.