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Welcome to the Leika Wiki, a community-run wiki where you can grab the latest news and information for Leika's custom content.

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News and Updates

Current Update: Super Novice Revamp and Svafnir's Hoard Dungeon

Newest Content: Svafnir's Hoard Dungeon

Current Events: Valentine's Day

Upcoming Events: Easter

Featured Article

Instance Reentry System

This new system allows you to get back into action should your game disconnect or crash during an Instanced Dungeon run.

Click here to keep reading.

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General Information
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New Player Guides
12350.png Your First Gameplay Session
10004.png Beginner Guide

5253.png Server Information
7268.png Server Rules
741.png Basic Game Controls
743.png Everything about RO
753.png Glossary
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Character Creation

641.png Jobs
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Character Mechanics
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9068.png Rebirth Walkthrough


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Player vs. Environment
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6578.png Undersea City

Player vs. Player
714.png WoE  • 7828.png Battlegrounds

Explore the World
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25261.png World Map

18529.png Rune-Midgard Kingdom  • 18673.png Arunafeltz States  •

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1006.png History  • 1557.png Lore  • 7431.png Readable Books

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Community & Economy
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Interact with Players
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2161.png Equipment Guide  • 2228.png Headgear  • 2503.png Garments  •

2316.png Armors  • 2403.png Footgear  • 2601.png Accessories  • 2101.png Shields  •

1191.png Weapons  • 19381.png jRO and Custom Gear  • 2981.png Hero's Signet

Improving Equipment
6608.png Enchanting  • 984.png Refinement System  • 6396.png Slotting  •

4001.png Cards & Card Sets

501.png Consumables  • 31007.png Lockboxes  • 7936.png Useful Ingredients

Item Creation
7144.png Item Creation Guide  • 7134.png Brewing  • 12129.png Cooking  •

986.png Forging  • 1002.png Ore Refining

5469.png Headgear Connoisseur  • 31000.png Prontera Princess  •

1494.png Istan's Workshop  • 31239.png Lazy Quartermaster  •

18761.png Costume Magician