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Currency Types

LeikaRO offers various currency types to its players, which can be obtained in different ways and used for a variety of things.

Cash Points

Cash Points are awarded when players vote for LeikaRO on various topsites.

Kawaii Coins

Kawaii Coins are rewarded from the Friend Referral Program, Lockboxes, various events, monsters above level 124, MVP drop bags, and by exchanging Leika Points via the Leika Manager.

Kawaii Coins can be spent at the Prontera Princess to obtain headgears.

Leika Coins

Leika Coins can be exchanged at the Leika Manager for other currencies.

Leika Points

Leika Points are awarded to players who donate to the server.

Exchanging Leika Currencies

Leika Manager.png
The Leika Manager can be found in the Utility Room, found in the building in the southwest side of the Prontera Fountain area. He keeps track of your points and offers exchange rates for various currencies at LeikaRO.

The exchange rates are as follows:

Traded-in Currency Received Currency
1 Leika Point 1 Cash Point
1 Leika Point 1 Leika Coin
1 Leika Coin 1 Leika Point
10 Leika Points 1 Kawaii Coin