Undersea City

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Undersea City
Level Range: 140+
Type: Dungeon
Race(s): Fish, Demihuman
Element(s): Water
Map(s): iz_dun05


The Undersea City is an overhaul of the 5th floor of the Byalan Dungeon that was implemented on jRO. The area has become an end-game content location with opportunities for high amounts of experience gain and chances to get new equipment. Most of the monsters here are Fish race monsters with varying levels of the water elemental property. This update was brought to LeikaRO on May 23rd, 2015 with the Megapatch v2.0 update.

Background and Lore

Professor Viewt is one of the world's top archaeology professors and the foremost expert on a mysterious underwater temple within a submerged cave near Izlude, the satellite city of Prontera.

It is said that the temple is all that remains of a long-forgotten city that was destroyed and sent to the bottom of the sea some time ago. No one really knows much about the temple's purpose or what happened that caused the city to be destroyed. Professor Viewt has been studying it diligently for over a year, surveying its broken and crumbling walls every day. Although he's gathered bits and pieces of information on the temple ruins, he hasn't found anything out of the ordinary, nothing particularly special about the temple, or any evidence about the fabled city.

After yet another unsuccessful day, the professor leaned against a ruined wall, sighing deeply.

"Today marks one year since the beginning of my research..." He slid down the wall, resting with his back against it, staring at the cracked and faded ceiling. And that was when faint clicking sounds came from behind the wall.

Confused, Professor Viewt pulled himself up and turned around, not entirely sure if he was imagining things. Mechanical whirling and clicking noises echoed throughout the room and the very ground seemed to shake. Before his eyes, the wall that he had been leaning against not moments ago... Started moving!

What Professor Viewt saw on the other side of the wall, however, floored him.

"Of all the things that could have been here, I didn't expect this!" Building after building stretched out before him. "I can't believe that the city exists! Right in this very temple! I didn't think it would be possible! There's been no evidence of such a thing!" It was, quite possibly, an archaeologist's dream come true.

As he started to enter the passage to this unknown city, however, a roar came from the other end. Several glowing pairs of eyes met his now frightened ones. Whatever was here was foreign, that was for sure. And it wasn't happy to find an intruder.

Not knowing what dangers lie ahead in the mysterious undersea city, and partially out of fear for his safety, Professor Viewt fled the temple and sought out the other members of the Undersea City Investigation Team.

Related Quests

NPC Quest
Professor Viewt
Eastern Izlude
Name: Undersea City Investigation Team
Goal: Join the Undersea City Investigation Team
Reward: Experience, Access to Undersea City, Access to Istan's Workshop
Name: Cursed Mermaid Quest
Rewards: Experience, Ability to craft additional items at Istan's Workshop.
NPC Quest
Eastern Izlude
Name: The Person Who Loves Sedoras
Goal: Help Archie make a Sedora Hat
Reward: Experience, Sedora Hat


Normal monsters

Name Level HP Size Race Element
King Dramoh
149 162,800 Large Fish Water Lv. 2
Pot Dofle
147 181,266 Small Fish Water Lv. 2
146 144,350 Medium Fish Water Lv. 2
148 124,012 Medium Fish Water Lv. 2


Name Level HP Size Race Element Base EXP Job EXP Respawn Time
Abyssal Merman
155 770,577 Medium Demihuman Water Lv. 2 2,619,360 3,329,280 20 minutes
160 1,045,421 Large Fish Water Lv. 2 8,142,600 6,514,080 Comes with Takun
Baby Kraken
155 562,529 Small Fish Water Lv. 2 2,296,800 2,845,920 20 minutes
155 719,524 Large Fish Water Lv. 2 3,334,080 4,401,120 20 minutes
155 631,414 Medium Fish Water Lv. 2 2,902,560 3,753,600 20 minutes
160 1,544,293 Large Fish Water Lv. 2 8,142,600 6,514,080 1 hour


Name Level HP Size Race Element Base EXP Job EXP Respawn Time
168 8,003,500 Large Fish Water Lv. 4 104,999,880 97,233,330 Once all five Kraken's Tentacles are removed
Kraken's Tentacle
158 3,076,890 Large Fish Water Lv. 2 13,361,925 10,689,540 10 hours after Kraken's defeat

MVP Guide


Kraken must be summoned in order to fight and defeat it. On each of the red dots on the map above, one of the Kraken's Tentacles will appear. Players must defeat all five of the tentacles in order to summon Kraken. Once they are defeated, the map will shake, and Kraken will emerge from the depths in the middle of the map, as indicated by the yellow dot on the map above. The yellow dot is also the location of Kraken's tomb, regardless of where on the map it was last killed. The time written on the tomb indicates the time that the tentacles will respawn. Tentacles will not respawn until Kraken has been defeated.


Item Drops

Item Dropped By
Crystallized Water Bead Baby Kraken
Flow Manteau Poseidon
Flow Shield Abyssal Merman
Flow Shoes Siren
Jormungandr's Flower Kraken's Tentacle
Kraken's Parts Kraken
Laguz Knife Kraken
Magical Blade Kraken's Tentacle
Oxygen Tank Takun, Ankaa
Polyhedron Shoes Kraken

Istan's Workshop

More information on the materials and requirements to have Istan craft items for you can be found on the Istan's Workshop article.


Name Type Weight Level Defense Notes
Aegir's Armor [1] Armor 260 110 65 -
Aegir's Helm [1] Upper Headgear 80 110 20 -
Aegir's Mantle [1] Garment 30 110 20 -
Aegir's Shoes [1] Footgear 30 110 26 -
Hyuke's Clothes [1] Armor 90 110 66 -
Angeling Suit [1] Armor 40 110 77 -


Name Type Weight Level Attack Notes
Aion Staff [2] 2H Staff - - - -
Barbed Wire [1] Whip 120 130 140 -
Giant Conch [1] Instrument - - - -
Heitaroi's Sword [2] 2H Sword 440 130 250 -
Meteor Strike [2] Mace - - - -
Onimaru [2] 2H Sword - - - -
Pot Dofle's Axe [3] 1H Axe 180 130 190 -
Royal Bow [1] Bow 150 130 160 -
Shadow Staff [2] 1H Staff - - - MATK + 160
Takohiki Knife [3] Dagger 70 130 150 -
Undine Spear [3] 1H Spear 380 130 120 -
Wizard's Greatsword [2] 2H Sword 220 130 220 MATK +180
Soul Cutter [2] Dagger 100 150 120 MATK + 160


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