Illusion Dungeons

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Illusion Dungeons are what you could call an evolution of Nightmare Dungeons, featuring brand new equipment, cards and other loot, while also offering an array of repeatable quests and equipment crafting.

The mechanics specific to such dungeons are:

  • Teleportation, Dimension Door, Convenio and Fly Wings are disabled.
  • Intimidate, Spider Web, Extreme Vacuum, Thorn Trap are also disabled.
  • Monsters aren't spawned randomly but within specific coordinates. They cannot enter the "safe zone" aka the NPC hub.
  • Minibosses and the MVP also have their specific spawn spot (or spots), they're bound to those and will teleport back once dragged far away enough, usually casting Full Heal right after.
  • There's a Healer NPC which will fully recover your HP every five minutes.

List of Illusion Dungeons

Illusion of Moonlight


Required Level: 120+

Illusion of Vampire


Required Level: 140+

Illusion of Ice


Required Level: 130+