Instance Reentry System

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This custom and fully automated system solves the old isssue of getting disconnecting or crashing inside an instance by allowing limited reentry, with some prohibitions.


Upon entering an instance with this system attached, you will gain an unremovable status effect of the highest priority, which sticks around until the instance has been completed or destroyed.


You're allowed to reenter up to three times when you wouldn't be able to otherwise, with the counter on the status icon's description decreasing every time, once all the counters are gone, you won't be able to reenter anymore.
There is a set of limitations in place to prevent potential abuse.

Upon the entrance, you're also notified through the chat of the remaining counters.


The counter isn't decreased if the instance features a quest which allows free reentry for 5 minutes, as long as the timer is still active.
As a general rule, bosses inside instances with this system, will heal up pretty quickly while on idle, so using the reentries to zerg down, will not work.


Those are active while you're outside of the instance with the status effect on you. Inside of the instance, the limitations are voided and normal ones are applied, such as the party lock.

  1. Prevents most operations that would let you gain or drop items. This includes picking up or dropping, trading and the use of Cute Pet looting.
  2. Disables the use of NPCs which would allow you to gain or lose items, such as Kafras or Merchants.
  3. Disallows the use of Reset Genie and Build Manager.
  4. Blocks all party-related operations for the leader, such as changing the leader, removing or inviting players.


The status effect is removed when:

  1. The instance has been completed in a normal way, exiting it through the final portal or any other intended way.
  2. The instance has been destroyed, this includes its normal expiration and destruction due to nobody entering it for over 5 minutes.
  3. Upon leaving the party, which detaches the instance from the player.
  4. Logging in without an attached instance and/or being in a party.

The automatic removal has been tested to work reliably, but if for some reason you're having issues, just leave the party to forcefully remove the status.