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The ability to create items is an integral part of many adventurer's lives. Whether it's to create potions or food, Job tools, or even equipment, adventurers benefit from being able to make items for themselves and others.

Adventurers can craft items in many ways, such as:

NPC Quests

NPCs will sometimes offer adventurers the ability to create items, typically through repeatable Quests. They can range from potions and consumables to weapons and headgear. Some of these quests include:

NPC Crafting

Some NPCs can craft items for you, provided you bring them the necessary materials and, typically, some amount of money. Crafting NPCs include:

  • Headgear Connoisseur - Focuses on making headgear from a variety of materials. Most of the options he provides are considered late-game gear. He can be found in the Item Mall in the back of the room.
  • Istan's Workshop - A member of the Undersea City Investigation Team, Istan excels at creating all kinds of equipment from various items and parts of monsters found in the Undersea City. The options he provides are late-game gear, including armors and weapons.
  • Researcher Zakline - Part of a team studying Verus, Researcher Zakline has been able to take a variety of items and combine them into unique mechanical Accessories.

Job Skills

For some Jobs, item creation is an integral part of their skill set. Typically, Alchemists and Blacksmith Jobs depend on being able to create items in order to use their other skills.

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Other Forms of Item Creation

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