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Job Base(s): Novice
Job Type: First
Changes At: Geffen
Number of Skills: 14
Total Skill Points: 121
Total Quest Skills: 1
Job Bonuses
+0 +4 +0 +8 +3 +3


Mages rely on their skills as their main source of damage, and such attacks are magically based and only take into account the target's Magical Defense, and not their Physical Defense. Furthermore, all of a Mage's spells are elemental, thus meaning the accurate use of the correct spell against the correct monsters is highly important.

Job Changing

Once you are Job Level 10, head to the Mage Guild in northwest Geffen (geffen 63, 177). Talk to the Mage Guildsman, who changes your job to Mage and rewards you with a Novice Rod [3].

High Mage

Mage transcendent.png
Once the character has been reborn as a High Novice and attained Job Level 10, they can become a High Mage. They gain the same skills and job bonuses as their non-transcendent First Job. In addition, they gain special colors in their sprites, +25% HP and SP, and automatically learn any quest skills that had been previously obtained in their non-transcendent First Class.

Job Data


See Wizard Skills or Sage Skills for Second Job skills.

Skill Description Levels Type
Cold Bolt-icon.png Cold Bolt
Launch 1~10 cold bolt(s) to target foe, each dealing MATK*1 Water-element damage. 10 Offensive
Fire Ball-icon.png Fire Ball
Attack a target and enemies in a 5×5 area around it for MATK*1.6~3.4 Fire-element damage. 10 Offensive
Fire Bolt-icon.png Fire Bolt
Launch 1~10 fire bolt(s) to target foe, each dealing MATK*1 Fire-element damage. 10 Offensive
Fire Wall-icon.png Fire Wall
Put up a small fire wall that causes 50% Fire-element damage to enemies passing through and pushes them back. 10 Offensive
Frost Diver-icon.png Frost Diver
Attack a target for up to 200% Water-element damage with a chance to freeze it, rendering it immobile and turning it to Water 1 element. 10 Offensive
Increase Spiritual Power-icon.png Increase Spiritual Power
Passively increases SP recovery speed when not moving. Also increases efficiency of SP-restoring items consumed and thrown by an Alchemist 10 Passive
Lightning Bolt-icon.png Lightning Bolt
Launch 1~10 lightning bolt(s) at target foe, each dealing MATK*1 Wind-element damage. 10 Offensive
Napalm Beat-icon.png Napalm Beat
Deal up to 170% MATK Ghost-element damage to target and all enemies in a 3×3 area around it. 10 Offensive
Safety Wall-icon.png Safety Wall
Use a Blue Gemstone to create a pillar on a cell that protects whoever stands in it from melee attacks. 10 Supportive
Sight-icon.png Sight
Reveal hidden enemies in a 7×7 area around the user. 1 Active
Soul Strike-icon.png Soul Strike
Ghost-element attack dealing up to 5× MATK damage to a single target. Does additional damage to Undead-element enemies. 10 Offensive
Stone Curse-icon.png Stone Curse
Attempt to turn target into stone, rendering it immobile and turning it to Earth 1 element. 10 Active
Thunderstorm-icon.png Thunderstorm
Foes within target 5x5 area are hit 1~10 times, each for MATK*1 Wind-element damage. 10 Offensive

Quest Skills

Skill Description Levels Type Job Level
Energy Coat-icon.png Energy Coat
Reduces damage from incoming physical attacks while consuming SP. 1 Supportive 35 Energy Coat Quest