Coluseo Heal

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Coluseo Heal-icon.png Coluseo Heal
Coluseo Heal-screen.gif
Type: Supportive Skill
Levels: 3 (Selectable)
SP Cost: 115 + (Skill Level × 15)
Fixed Cast Time: [1.5 − (Skill Level × 0.5)] seconds
Variable Cast Time: 3 seconds
Cooldown: 2 seconds
Target: Self
Area of Effect: 7x7 ~ 31x31
(Acolyte) Heal Lv. 1


Restores HP across the entire party within the area of the skill.

Level Area of Effect SP Cost
1 7x7 130
2 15x15 145
3 31x31 160


  • Uses the highest level learned of Heal.
  • There is a healing bonus based on the amount of party members.
  • If there is someone who can't be healed (Madogear Mechanic or an Undead property player; Golden Thiefbug Card' doesn't matter), heal will only be delivered to the caster and whoever is between the party leader and the Undead property player / Madogear Mechanic in the party window.